Venice The Series Season Two: Episode Six.

Wednesday, November 17th, 2010

Gina attempts to get John to exercise, Guya receives a visit from the mystery woman, and Lara and Ani picnic.

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At John’s, Gina tries to encourage John to exercise but he’s not interested. She offers to give him a salty snack if he goes on the bike for fifteen minutes but he’d prefer a burger. She refuses him and wonders exasperatedly if he’ll get on the bike if she goes out with a man. He won’t so she stalks off in a fit of frustration.


Ani returns to Lara’s pad after a yoga class and they make out and reminisce about how amazing the sex was last night. Lara wants to take Ani to bed but Ani knows Lara’s in the middle of work so they agree to have a picnic at the beach later.


At Guya’s place, she’s flitting around the garden with incense when she spots the mystery woman again. The woman admits she ran off the last time she showed up because she’s a skeptic and frightened. She apologizes and introduces herself as Amber. She has no purpose so Guya does a reading on her from her Tarot deck. She basically comes up empty handed and admits this is the second time this week it happened. She’d like to make another appointment with Amber but when she turns to get her book, Amber runs away and standing in her place is Brandon. Later, she thinks about Katie and how much she misses her sister.


At Michelle’s place, she and Jamie talk about Michelle’s dream to design something of her own. Jamie is in awe when he looks at her designs and tries to persuade her to show them to Gina. They discuss Jamie foraging into the online dating world and he tells her about "Drew," who he met on Twitter. He’s giddy when Drew tweets him.


Ani takes photos of Lara on the beach and suggests she go topless. She doesn't but they find it funny and later have a snack. Lara notices Ani’s lack of appetite and Ani shares how she ballooned up after a bad break up and was humiliated about it from an aunt so she's still trying to lose that weight. Lara's surprised and thinks Ani looks gorgeous. They start making out.

The mystery woman is back which intrigues me and honestly kind of frustrates me because there is only one episode per week and I’m dying to know what’s going on with her! I found it odd that Brandon showed up as Amber left and honestly I wondered if the woman wasn’t a ghost! I know that’s probably really far-fetched but I do watch Days of our Lives and these ideas pop up! Gina made me bloody laugh with her offers to John to exercise. She even went to the extreme of offering to date a guy but he’s too busy wallowing in self-pity to do anything. I understand it’s a rough road ahead for him so I can’t be too hard on him but boy I love that she is! Not much to say on the Lani or Jamie and Michelle except maybe that Jamie was adorable when his new possibility Drew called! I’d love to hear your thoughts on the show this week or just the recap. Hope everyone is tuning in on!

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