Venice The Series Episode Five.

Wednesday, November 10th, 2010

Guya reminisces about her sister, Ani realizes Lara might have a drinking problem, and John co-operates with Gina.

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Guya and Gina sit at the beach together. They’ve missed one another and need another sleep over with Owen soon. Guya admits she’s been thinking a lot about Katie (Gina’s mother) lately. Gina remembers that her mom’s birthday is coming up and wonders what life would be like if she was still around. Guya tells a story about how John used to giggle at Katie’s jokes, causing Gina to shake her head in disbelief. She just can’t see the Colonel that way! He’s such a pain in the ass. Guya reminds Gina that he’s a proud man who has to rely on his daughter with whom he has a tenuous relationship with at best. She should cut him some slack.


At Lara’s apartment, Ani notices a bin full of emptied wine bottles as she’s preparing dinner. Lara goes into the kitchen and tests the food. It’s heaven. She admits her own family eats Burger King. They make out a little and Lara suggests opening wine. Ani distracts her with a kiss and they wind up in the shower for a little lovin'.


At the soup kitchen, Van and Sami discuss her book and how she’d love to take off on a plane somewhere new. He encourages her to do so and she in turn urges him to volunteer more often and then tells him she’s got a date and must go.


Gina arrives at John’s house and tells herself the old man isn’t going to break her. She goes into the house and makes him soup. She wants to work on the mobility of his fingers. He doesn’t want to. She thinks he should be excited because he’ll be able to flip her off. He’s only interested in eating a burger but Gina warns him the doctors want him to eat healthy. He does as he’s told which makes Gina grin.


From home, Owen leaves Sami a few messages on her phone. She’s an hour late for their date. He studies a script and then the hippo he gave Sami.

Guya sits at home upset she lost her aura. Last time it happened is when her husband ran off with that 'skank whore bitch'. She reads from her old diary, and sips wine, reminiscing about better days with Katie when they attended a Grateful Dead concert together.

I love how things moved right along with this episode. Guya gave Gina a new lease on life with the Colonel which will further help her take care of him and understand how proud he is. John actually listened to Gina which really floored me. Well done! Ani noticed that Lara’s likely an alcoholic and instead of confronting her about it she decided to distract her with sex. That enabler behaviour worries me but I’m glad Gina is on to Lara. That could come in handy. I’m not sure what’s going on with Van and Sami but they had a lot of great banter and she was a whole hour late for her date with Owen, and didn’t call, which doesn’t bode well. On the whole, I'm not very interested in these two as much as the other characters. What are your thoughts about what happened in this episode? Did you watch it?!

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