Venice The Series Season Two: Episode Four.

Wednesday, November 3rd, 2010

We meet Brandon, Guya's new beau, Gina moves in with the Colonel, and Gina spots Lara passed out on the beach.

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Wine in hand at home, Guya moans and groans happily as her date Brandon massages her feet. Brandon wonders why she waited four glasses of wine to call him and she confesses she’s gun shy. Her husband screwed her over. Brandon compliments her beauty and tells her they can enjoy themselves with no labels. They move in for a kiss but a photo falls and the moment is lost. She opens up about her sister – her best friend and says she died twenty years ago.


In his kitchen, Owen and Sami discuss his pain in the ass father. She reminds him he’s the only dad he has and thinks he should lighten up. Owen disagrees. The Colonel has never approved of Gina’s sexuality and it made it hard on them all. They discuss work and Sami tells him about meeting (Van) a passionate man on the beach. Owen hands Sami a rhino toy which makes her burst into laughter. Gina calls and explains the Colonel has run off every nurse hired and the service is requesting double time tonight.


Gina takes a call from Ani, and tells her she has to move in with her father. They laugh and think that it could be a good reality show. Ani’s making Lara Gina’s favorite dish and agrees to save her some. They hang up.

Gina heads into the Colonel’s place and tells Michelle on the phone that she’ll be in the office soon. Colonel learns she’s moving in and Gina asks him to do some hand exercises with her. He doesn’t want to.


Outside at Guya’s she and Katherine discuss the last time they met when Guya said there’d be a woman in her life. Katherine saw one but briefly. Maybe it was supposed to be a man. Guya says it takes time. Katherine admits she’s not a believer, causing Guya to tell her that she’s a blocker. They argue and Guya takes a call that upsets her. She tries to reschedule when her aura leaves her after the call. Katherine wants to hear about her new love and be open to the universe. Guya can't give her a reading. The dog drags his arse across the patio while they talk.


At the beach, Lara takes a call from Krista, her editor. She appears to be stressed after and takes few drinks from a flash. Gina comes upon her sleeping and wakes her up. Gina notices the flask and her face falls. Lara tries to hide it and tells Gina she’s got to head to Ani’s for dinner.


Later, Van arrives at the soup kitchen and helps Sami do dishes. She’s happy to see him. He introduces himself and when asked where he calls home, he says home is wherever he lands.

I was glad to learn a little history on today’s show with Guya mentioning Gina and Owen’s mum died 20 years ago. Brandon is much younger than Guya which intrigues me. I’m interested to see where this goes. I don’t know what the devil Gina’s going to do with the Colonel if he won’t cooperate with her. How frustrating. He should be grateful she helped him at all considering the way he has treated her over the years, the old goat! I think the “Gani” fans will be intrigued by Lara’s mid-afternoon drinking and Gina catching her passed out with a flask in her bag. Is this going to be a problem or does she from time to time simply enjoy a little sippy of the ole fire water? As I said in the beginning, I have always thought something was off with Lara and hope it’s true! You simply have to watch today’s episode and have a good laugh with that dog dragging it’s ass around during Guya and Katherine’s appointment. I had to watch it twice, thinking I was seeing things! Thoughts on the episode? The recap?

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