Venice The Series Season Two: Episode Three.

Wednesday, October 27th, 2010

Ani and Lara get cozy at the beach, Gina and Guya look after John, and Guya's son returns.

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At the beach, Gina finds Ani’s presence comforting. They hold hands and Ani says Jamie told her where to find her. Gina’s eyes are red from crying and she admits she didn’t realize how much she cared about her dad. Ani mocks her for being a toughie and they start laughing. Ani comments how happy she is with Lara and learns Tracy went back to London so Gina’s single again. Ani admits she misses Gina and smiles. She feels the same and once Ani leaves, she flashes back to better times dating and kissing Ani.


At John’s place, Guya tries to get him to be nicer to the nurses. John complains the woman tried to wash him. Guya playfully asks if he’d rather she wash him and gives him some herbs to help oxygenate the blood, and provide balance. He snarls that it’s bull. Later, Gina bumps into the nurse on her way in. The woman’s quitting. Gina tempts her to stay with a free house design but it’s not worth it to the nurse. She leaves so Gina heads in and cleans up an upturned tray as she rants to John that they’ve gone through three nursing companies. He’ll get better if he just does what needs to be done.


Outside Gina’s place, Michelle talks to Alan on the phone about a delivery. Jamie drops by and Michelle says she’s working on Gina’s to do list. Jamie asks what’s going on with her love life and launches into a discussion on how he needs a man but can’t find one that’s good enough. She teases him and they banter about men as they drink beer.


Outside on her patio, Guya meditates. Van, her son, sneaks up behind her and she jumps up happily for a hug. He says he’s staying with friends much to her dismay but tells her he needs her. She apologizes for not being there for him and making bad choices. Van knows Owen and Gina needed him after Aunt Katie died. Guya tells him about Colonel’s stroke but assures him he’ll be alright. Van thinks he can bridge the gap between him and Owen.


On the beach, Lara and Ani nibble on lunch while Lara complains about her book editor. Lara pokes fun at the stick figure models at work but is happy she got a shoot on the Queen Elizabeth with the cast of Glee. Lara’s impressed and wishes she had her job! Ani says it’s stressful and they’re all so skinny that she thinks she needs to work out more. Lara assures her that she’s delectable and they make out.


The main thing that stuck out for me is that Michelle looked like a completely different actress. Great chemistry between her and Jamie. Did I somehow miss that he was gay from the last season? I realize we barely saw him but he didn’t seem queer in the least. It works and he’s almost as cute as Lafayette from “True Blood.” Almost. Missing Alan in this episode but did enjoy Ani and Lara's sexy snuggle at the beach. Their mocking of the models was pretty funny. John's certainly used to being a man in charge of himself so it was understandable that he'd find it hard to acclimatize to the nurses. Boy is he stubborn. Guya though? What a freak! I couldn’t help shake my head at her misinformed thoughts that holding an herb in one’s pockets would somehow help oxygenate the blood or aid balance. Oy. What are your thoughts on the episode? Did you purchase your subscription at Venice, The Series?

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