Venice The Series Season Two: Episode Two.

Monday, October 25th, 2010

Sami is watched, Guya once again sees the mystery woman, and Gina and Ani spend time together.

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Sami and Owen wake up after a long night filled with sex. Owen realizes he has ten voice mails from Gina and when he calls her he’s astounded to learn his father has had a stroke.


Ani very sweetly drops by Lara’s place with a specialty coffee and says after her photo shoot she’s off to lend Gina support because of John’s stroke. Lara knows Gina’s her past and doesn’t seem threatened so they decide to meet for dinner.


Owen and Sami sit on Gina’s patio where Gina explains that she was there when the stroke happened. Owen’s surprised and questions why she was at their father’s house at all. Gina makes light of it and Sami reminds Owen the important thing is that he’s alright. Gina lets them know he’ll require around the clock care so Sami offers to find them a nurse and takes off to the beach. As she leaves, a man watches. Back outside, Owen can tell Gina’s hiding something and wants to know what it is.


Guya (Jane) takes a call from Gina about the Colonel’s care. She thinks he’d be better off at home with all of his war memorabilia instead of a rehab facility. She can’t care for him because mercury is in retrograde and her biorhythms are out of whack. Van’s coming home and hopes to work things out with John. They hang up and Guya turns to find a redheaded woman staring at her. She asks if she has an appointment but the woman doesn’t speak. When Guya turns to get her appointment book, the woman disappears.


Katherine dines outside at HIGH bar. After Jamie brings her coffee, she gazes at a nearby blonde and considers different ways to ask the blonde for company such as complimenting her on her handbag or shoes. Before she can say a thing, Alan drops by her table and jokes with her about talking to herself. He calls her Elizabeth and she giggles. He’s the only person who calls her that. He takes her hand and grins, thinking they should keep it this way.


Gina and Jamie walk the beach as Gina apologizes for bringing him into her problems. He’s really freaked out he admits but reminds her they’re family. He tells her he moved the prostitute’s body and cleaned the house. He took the woman’s phone and her book and stashed it in his safe. Colonel’s name was all over the place he says and noted that she was hired from a service. This doesn’t bode well. Jamie and Gina are morose until Jamie gives Gina the woman’s name. Candy Cane. They can’t help but break out into giggles. Later, Gina’s alone when Ani arrives. They hold hands and stare into each other’s eyes.


Sami’s reading on the beach when a hyper man rushes over to retrieve a Frisbee. He comments on her reading material which is one of the best political autobiographies he has ever read. They discuss time spent in South Africa and learn they’ve both travelled a lot. Sami opens up about her time in Zambia and the Peace Corps and he confesses he’s an adrenaline junkie. She laughingly suggests he tone it down for safety and thinks he should help out at the same soup kitchen as her. When she brings up having a beau, the man takes his leave.


The scene that stood out for me most this episode is with Jamie and Gina laughing over the call girl’s name. They needed that release considering all that has happened. I couldn’t help but wonder what Jamie did with the body, and what’s to come for John, Gina and Jamie in the aftermath. My biggest question is why didn’t Candy have a guard sent out with her on calls? It’s such a dangerous profession and I felt bad for her. It’s an undignified way to die let alone being dumped somewhere. Nice to see Alan back. I still want to see more of him. We’re seeing a little mystery with the man following Sami and the man at the beach (same person?). We're delving into this mystery with Guya and the redhead. Very bizarre and intriguing! What did you think about this last episode?

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