Venice The Series Season Two: Episode One.

Wednesday, September 29th, 2010

Gina helps cover up a death, Owen and Sami have sex, and Ana and Lara spend time together.

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Gina gazes in disgust at the body covered in a blanket, festooned with handcuffs, lying in John’s garage. Gina makes a mad dash for the door as the Colonel tries to explain that while he was having kinky sex with the prostitute she just up and died. He needs her help but Gina’s not interested and refuses him. He reminds her he’s a decorated man and this can’t get out but Gina doesn’t care. He plays the family card, knowing it’ll get to her but she moves toward the door. John has a heart attack and falls to the floor so Gina calls 911 and makes one more call for somebody to clean the place up.

Later, Jamie’s busy at work cleaning up any prints and belongings of the prostitute. He wonders solemnly what he has gotten himself into and leaves.

Meanwhile, Gina’s outside, crying, looking at old photos of her childhood.


Ani fixes dinner as Lara swears at her editor on the phone. After Lara hangs up, they nibble on some food and Lara complains about her editor and starts drinking. Ani sits agape and starts to massage Lara. Talk turns to Ani’s job and they get close and kiss. Lara’s mood becomes playful, so they start dancing and making out.


Guya talks silkily to somebody on the phone, purring about how good of a time she had tonight. They hang up and she sips a martini on her balcony. She spots a redheaded woman below and seems intrigued but a call comes in and she rushes off.


In his apartment, Owen has decorated his place in an African motif. He lights candles before Sami arrives and when she does, she’s touched. They kiss and drink wine and discuss dinner. Sami tells a story about climbing a tree in Africa order to get photos of a hippo with her baby and how she had to make a run for it when the hippo stared her down. They start laughing and making out and the clothes come off as they get busy.


Michelle is hard at work when interrupted by an English woman who hands over some contracts for the first phase of the Tuscany project. Michelle’s sure Gina will give it her all, even though the deadline is tight.


The theme this week was booze. It was everywhere!

Last season we saw John picking up a tube of lipstick and hiding it. We learned he didn’t want his kids privy to his kinky side. The hooker likely died of asphyxiation and he being a decorated hero cares more about hiding his sex life than he does the person he paid for sex. I can’t say I felt much for him when he dropped. He's manipulative and I wondered what else Gina has had to deal with concerning him in her past. Things could have always been as thorny as it is now. Her crying over the photographs could have been over the loss of her mother or the man her dad once was or perhaps he passed on. I found the amount of profanity used by Lara to be astonishing since we didn't see that last season. I guess we're getting to know the real Lara! Orange body, white hands and all! (Self-tanning lotion didn't work with the lighting, unfortunately.)

Care to see the entire episode of Venice The Series Season Opener?

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