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Venice, The Series starts out with gorgeous scenery and haunting music that we come to expect. It relaxes me each time I sit down to watch. The first scene in Gina’s bedroom, with Gina and Ani waking up together and making out must have validated the most earnest Guiding Light Otalia fan who felt unfulfilled after the treatment of Otalia on what was the oldest and also an uber conservative and now defunct soap opera, Guiding Light to write in. Why they didn’t is beyond me.

That this soap is not only filled with lesbians, but it’s based on lesbians, for the most part, is refreshing. The main players aren’t the same tired old straight people we see day in and day out in all other soaps that doesn’t reflect on reality. Not that there’s anything wrong with being straight but not having a diverse cast of characters, especially in this day, hinders growth.

We got to know the characters just a little in season one, with episodes averaging 8 minutes in length. There are a few supporting characters such as Michelle, who isn’t just Gina’s assistant. She’s also a confidant. Then there’s Jamie, who owns the Loft and so far is one-dimensional. Even though their parts are small, they fit well into the story.

Gina’s the main character and focus of the show. She’s a strong business woman who owns her own design company. She sabotages intimate relationships when she’s outside her element. It’s possible her feeling of abandonment from her homophobic father has caused a lot of her intimacy issues. Perhaps an ex-girlfriend hurt her as well. She’s overbearingly protective of Owen, but it’s to be expected considering what a daft shadow of a man their father is. (May I say Jordan Clarke is perfect for this part and doing wonders with it?) I am not endeared to her at all. Perhaps in season two, we’ll get to explore her vulnerability more.

Owen’s likeable and makes me smile, though I can’t pinpoint why. Perhaps I feel that brotherly presence. We know very little about him so far, due to the time restriction of the show, and with this many characters and short episodes, character development will take time. His new girlfriend, Sami, hopefully will have a secret. She’s a little too perfect.

Ani is Gina’s sometime lover and a photographer who wears her heart on her sleeve. Her vulnerability is appealing and it appears she pressured Gina, who she was just good friends with, into a relationship that Gina couldn’t handle. Ani met charming and pleasant Lara, the writer/author who has a sweetness about her combined with a seductive confidence, and I found myself rooting for this Lani pairing. At the moment I think it’s important for Gina to move on, much like Michelle says, but on the Venice Facebook page, Crystal Chappell said Gani were "soulmates," and after seeing the season finale, it’s likely they’re not over by a long shot.

Tracy is a bit of a mystery. She’s a lawyer with an incredibly poor British accent that appears and disappears. She knows what she wants and isn’t afraid to go after it, but is exceedingly insecure. The fact that she’s in love with Gina after knowing her for such a short time doesn’t surprise me. It’s more surprising they’re not already shacked up and shopping at Home Depot. I’m not interested in this pairing as I was when the heat was turned up in their first scenes. I’m a fan of taking things slow and I think Tracy scared me away with the last scene on the beach!

We’ve seen a little of Katherine and Guya, and though I’m not yet sure where Katherine fits in, only knowing she lost her husband and hired Guya for spiritual consultation, Guya’s real name is Jane, and she’s Owen and Gina’s aunt, who obviously loves them dearly. The sleep over showed her great connection to them, especially in the absence of their own mother who is out of the picture – dead. I’d love to see more of her – as Jane.

Though we’ve only seen Alan the entrepreneur briefly, he was intriguing and I’d love to see more of him. His bio says he’s happily married and to a woman, yet was thrilled with the "fabulous" silver lame platform boots. What’s the deal?

Either way, I’d like to see more of him and yeah, I admit I hope he’s gay. Please make him gay. There are very few gay and absolutely no flamboyant gay characters in soaps and it irks the crap out of me. Okay, there may be one. Chris, Kate’s secretary from Days of Our Lives, but he’s never around.

Questions about season one to ponder:

Why did John pick up the tube of lipstick on his counter when Owen and Gina arrived at his place? How does that fit in with who he is, sexually? Does he wear it privately or did he simply not want to answer questions about his woman, who could be and likely is, the body found at the end of season one. What a shocker! Exciting.

Why did John contact Gina instead of the police or even Owen, to show her the body? What was with the hand cuffs? I want to assume kinky sex, but assumptions are never good, so I’ll happily wait for the season two to learn more!

When opened four years ago, we made the decision not to include any profanity on our recaps. We’ve stuck to it, even though we often want to change our rule! This show makes my fingers itch to write in the profanity, which works well in the show, but you’ll find that out of respect for our readers I will stick to my own rule and leave it out. The written word can sound more harsh than when viewing!

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Crystal Chappell revealed that Season 2 of the web soap is already in preproduction. "We will probably shoot end of May and beginning June and launch it at the end of June. Ideally, I would like to get three seasons in this year, if I could manage that." Watch for three new faces of actors you’ve seen Crystal work with in the past.

That’s it for Season One of Venice The Series, and my thoughts on the show. I looked forward to watching it each week and look forward to watching it and recapping it for you next season. To learn more about the show, please visit the link above, or head over to the place where it all happens, Venice The Series. I'd also love to hear your thoughts on Season One. Please feel free to leave me a comment below!

- Christine Fix