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    Do Not Go Gentle.

    Thursday, April 26 2012
    Esther launches another plan to kill Klaus using Ric and Elena asks Stefan to the dance.

    Rebekah/Esther goes back to Klaus' with the stake. He chucks it in the fire and tells her to pack her bags. She wants to go to the dance and goads him about Caroline. He gives in, "One last hurrah." Meanwhile, Ric calls Damon and tells him that he's leaving town. The vampire doesn't think this is the best time for a spirit quest. When Ric shows up, Esther/Rebekah comes out. She reveals that she didn't burn the real stake. They look at Esther's body in a coffin. She offers him a blade. Once he stabs her, she goes back into the appropriate body. She and Ric go to the place where Klaus once killed her. It's now a little chapel. She asks for his ring so she can cast a spell to make the white oak indestructible and reusable. The stake develops something that looks like white veins. "The ultimate weapon for the ultimate hunter," she declares.

    Over at the school, Matt and Jeremy are hanging ornaments for the dance while Caroline is teasing Elena about Damon. She reveals that Jamie is taking Bonnie so she should take Stefan. Elena thinks that's awkward but Caroline pushes. Elena goes home and rambles to Stefan on the phone, eventually asking him to the dance. He'd love to go. Damon snarks at his brother and then heads over to the hospital to annoy Meredith. He tells her that Ric is off his meds.

    Stefan gets dapper and picks up Elena for the dance, where Caroline is warning Matt off of Elena. They spot Tyler and panic. She tells him he shouldn't be there. He won't hide from Klaus. He's feeling jealous and competitive. Stefan and Elena arrive for the slow dance. She wants to tell him what happened in Denver, but he says he doesn't need to know unless they end up back together again. They keep dancing until Damon shows up. He tells them about the Ric problem and suggests they kill him. Jeremy interrupts to shoot down that idea and then mopes off. His sister chases him and assures him no one will hurt Ric. Esther pops up and asks Elena to come with her. Jer runs off to get the brothers while Esther drags Elena off. The vampires quickly discover they can't leave the school grounds.

    Klaus shows up at the dance. He's not happy to see Tyler and pulls Caroline into a dance. He tells her she would have loved the 20s. He's leaving town but hopes she'll come find him one day. She shoots him down. He walks out and discovers he can't leave. Stefan tells him his mom is back. Down the hall, Jaime has impressed Bonnie with his dance moves. They talk about how crazy things are in Mystic Falls and then kiss. As they make out, Damon interrupts to say they have a problem. Klaus, Stefan and Jer join them. They start threatening each other and trying to come up with a plan. Damon and Bonnie bicker about her mom. Klaus pushes them into action and quickly realizes where his mother is. They send Matt and Jeremy since they can get past the barrier. Meanwhile, Stefan worries with Caroline and Tyler. She tries to be optimistic. He thinks they should just let Esther kill Klaus. She tells him that isn't an option and kisses him.

    Esther takes Elena out to the woods to meet Ric. She explains that she is going to remake Ric and make him indestructible. Elena thinks that's a bad idea. Esther explains that she's known Ric from all the deaths that took him to the other side. He rants about the evil of vampires. The witch makes Elena spill her blood and Ric drinks it. Esther skewers him. Elena thinks this is all evil. The witch explains that she's rigged things so Ric will die as soon as he kills her children. Jer and Matt pop up with weapons. As Esther commands them to kill each other, Ric runs up and stabs her, breaking her control.

    Back at the school, Klaus and Stefan bicker about Esther and then the original gets nostalgic about when they were friends in the 20s. Damon shows up to bicker and Bonnie reveals that the boundary spell is broken. Klaus runs off. Meanwhile, back in the chapel, Ric tells Elena and Jer that he won't finish the transition. He wants them to lock him in there to die. He gives Jer a hug. Elena blames herself for all of this but Ric insists that looking after her and Jer has been the closest he's ever come to the life he always wanted. When they go outside, everyone has gathered around to sadly see him off. Ric locks himself in.

    Klaus goes home and undaggers his sister before taunting his dead mother to come after him again. "You will never destroy me!" he yells at her. Across town, Jamie drives Bonnie home. He thanks her for protecting him. "Apparently it's what I do," she says. He thinks she's amazing. She's upset so he offers to stay the night. As they sleep, Esther appears in her dream and says that her sisters need her to finish what she started. Meanwhile, Jer and Matt have a toast to Ric at The Grill while Elena is clearing out his locker at school. Stefan tells her she can do that later but she needs to stay busy. He takes her by the hand and walks her around the gym. When Klaus made him turn on her, it was the lowest he'd ever sunk. She stopped him from losing all hope. When she weeps about not having anyone, he says she has him. Back in the woods, Meredith has given Ric a sedative. Damon is drinking. She encourages him not to let his friend die alone. Damon goes inside and Ric asks him if he will give him a dream. "Sorry I killed you, twice," the vampire says. After a few joke and drinks, Damon goes outside. Bonnie has arrived in trance. She knocks Damon out and then feeds Ric her blood. He turns and bites her before trudging out with the stake.

    Cryptic commentary: Another decade dance and more dead bodies. Poor Ric. How many times can this guy die? They built it up so nicely that it was almost disappointing that they flipped it back into a generic horror movie move at the end. All the human scenes were actually really good tonight. It's the first time in a long time, however, that I thought the leap back into the supernatural stuff just seemed jarring.

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    Posted by Chrissi at Friday, April 27 2012 12:42 PM

    Stupid ending with Ric. I too thought it was good up until that. Same old... blah.

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