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    The Ties That Bind. - Vampire Diaries Daily Updates -

    The Ties That Bind.

    Thursday, January 19 2012
    Tyler tries to change, Elena has a confession for Stefan and Bonnie meets her mom.

    At the old house, Bonnie tells Elena about the dreams she's been having. She's trapped in the coffin and freaks out until it opens. She shows Elena the coffins and explains how her dreams could be the clue to how to kill Klaus. Stefan arrives and he's not happy Elena is there. Bonnie insists she needs her help. She explains that she has to find her mom, Abby. They go to Elena's and start going through all the Abby Bennett files they got from the police. Damon shows up with the goods they need. He used a compulsion spell to get it. Elena tells him he has to stay behind with his snarkiness. The witch sense something is up between them so he explains that they kissed and now it's weird. The ladies drive off and the witch starts teasing her about Damon.

    Caroline goes home and is surprised that Tyler is there. He wants to apologize and explains that he had no choice about biting her. He called her dad in to teach him how to resist the sire bond. They take Tyler down to the cave cells. Bill explains that Tyler needs to turn again so that he can break the bond. This terrifies Tyler but he goes along with it as they chain him up. Tyler tries forcing himself to turn but it's excruciating. Caroline can't take it and leaves. The second she's gone, Bill hits him with an axe to anger him. As Tyler changes, he tears the chains out of the wall. He yells at Bill to run and then lunges at him.

    Meredith and Alaric finish lunch at the Grill and he asks her to dinner. She heads off to work and Damon shows up. They chat about Dr. Fell and Damon explains that her ex was staked. Damon heads over to the hospital to chat with Meredith. He points out that she signed the death certificate on her ex. She takes him aside and he tells her that psychos are high maintenance and he wants better for his friend. When he turns his back, she stabs him. While he's out, she takes his blood. Later, Damon goes to check on Ric and tells him that he was 'bloodjacked' by the doctor. Ric goes to the hospital to see the doctor. She's busy since Bill was just wheeled in, a bloody mess. Meredith says he can't make it on his own so she injects him with vampire blood. Once Bill revives, Tyler shows up to apologize. Bill tells him he'll need to keep turning until it's painless. Tyler won't do that. Bill won't let him near his daughter then. Meanwhile, Ric takes Meredith home and tells her he's a vampire hunter with a magical ring.

    Stefan goes home and finds Klaus there. The original points out that the hybrids are gone but his relatives aren't back. Stefan tells him to leave for a few years. Klaus wants a reasonable deal. Later, Stefan calls for an update. Elena tries to fob him off but he's antsy and goes to her place to find out where they went. Meanwhile, Klaus has one of his minions running an errand. He heads to Abby's place. Soon after, Elena and Bonnie drive up. They ring the bell but there's no answer. A young man approaches them and Bonnie introduces herself. His name is Jamie and he takes them inside, explaining that Abby took him in after she broke up with hid dad and he had nowhere to go. Abby returns. Things are tense during the introductions. Abby makes them food and explains that she was best friends with Elena's mom. She says that a vampire came to town fifteen years ago looking for the doppelganger and it took all of her power to get rid of him. That was Michael, and putting him down cost her all of her magic. Bonnie wants to go but Elena leaves them to talk. Abby tries distracting her daughter with muffins but she wants answers. Abby wanted a new life and she's not proud of running. Bonnie breaks the news that her grandma is dead. Her mom offers to help any way she can.

    Outside, Stefan sneaks up on Elena. As they bicker, Jamie gets between them. Stefan threatens to tear his head off. Jamie returns with a shotgun. Stefan realizes he's been compelled, but he's not fast enough to prevent getting shot. Inside, they hear the shot so Abby knocks her daughter out. She calls Jamie and they throw Bonnie in a car after tying Elena up. The witches drive off and night falls. Jamie explains what happened that day. When he tries to adjust Elena's ropes, she breaks free and knocks him out. Stefan is still twisting in pain. She starts yanking out the buckshot. He senses that she's become tougher. "I kissed Damon," she confesses. He goes quiet for a long time before getting up to walk away. She follows him. He's sorry for kidnapping her and tells her that she's better than him and his brother. He drives off.

    Abby meets with Klaus' minion to tell him Bonnie won't reveal where the coffins are. She tries to get it out of her again and says that Jamie's been compelled to kill himself if she doesn't. Bonnie won't. As they argue, they pass texts back and forth in the dark. Abby urges her to warn her friends. Later, Bonnie gets an update from Elena. Her mom tells her that she still cares and wants to help. Bonnie doesn't trust her. "Maybe you can help me get my magic back?" she suggests.

    Damon goes to the old house and finds Klaus is already there. The witches aren't happy about either of them being there. They try attacking Klaus so he threatens them into submission before making them reveal the coffins. He notices one is missing. Damon explains that he moved it. Klaus makes threats but Damon isn't bothered. Damon goes home. Stefan shows up and gets an update. When Damon asks how Elena is, he gets a punch in the face. Damon picks his jaw up and then shows him the dagger he got. Across town, Elena walks in on Ric kissing Dr. Fell. Meredith runs off and he starts apologizing. She tells him that he's allowed to move on. Meanwhile, Klaus also returns home and is shocked when Elijah suddenly pops up and tears out his minion's heart.

    Cryptic Commentary: Is Dr. Fell a psycho? She certainly seems off-kilter. I was more interested in the way that Elena and Ric interacted over the awkwardness of her seeing them together though. Good to hear a Jenna reference. Elena's scene with Stefan was also good. Nice and quiet. He didn't get as many good scenes with Klaus though. Damon got those, but his snarling makes it less interesting. More exciting was that Elijah is back. Now that's some brotherly fighting to loom forward to.

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    Posted by StraightTalker at Thursday, January 19 2012 07:40 PM

    It’s about time that Stefen soccered Damion. I was hoping he would have punched him a second time just for good measure. And Stefen was wrong when he said that Elena was better than him, that’s the other way around.

    I guess it’s time for Elena and Damion to hook up now that she told Stefen about the kiss. I say let them go for it b/c Elna does not deserve Stefen.

    Posted by butterfly affect at Thursday, January 19 2012 08:49 PM

    @StriaghtTalker I couldn't agree with you more! How is elena better than them when she stepped the same low as katherine? The writers are always dumbing down characters and as long as fans have been waiting for stefan to find out about the kiss and this is what we get?! Guess stefan will be dumbed down,but yet he and damon always talk about how evil katherine was for messing with both of them but elena's not? I'm confused and the show should be called History repeats itself.

    Posted by dairymaid at Friday, January 20 2012 06:08 AM

    I disagree with the previous comments regarding the comparison of Elena to Katherine. Since the beginning of Season 3 when Stefan was with Klaus, he told Elena (the episode entitled "End of the Affair" in Chicago) that he did not want to see her anymore and not be with her anymore. This gives her the "ticket" to be with anyone else! It is not called "cheating", etc. And, she is being honest with him by telling him about the kiss. It was only a kiss - she has not slept with Damon. Plus, Katherine does not really care about anyone despite what she said during the "homecoming" episode about a vampire's humanity, etc. Elena has feelings and cares a lot about others feelings above her own. I am just glad that Elijah is now free and hopefully he will keep Klaus in check.

    Posted by Chrissi at Friday, January 20 2012 10:52 AM

    I agree with Matt's comments. Also didn't think it was cheating for Elena to kiss Damon since Stefan and her aren't together. It's awkward though because of the 'brotherly factor'. :P

    Posted by Nuttytaylorhater at Sunday, January 22 2012 11:33 AM

    How is Elna at fault in regards to the kiss? Wasn't it Damon that went in for the kiss? She also made it clear that it can't happen again, so I don't think Elna is at fault at all.

    If anything Stefan is at fault for keeping Elna at arms length. What is she to do wait for him for the rest of her existence? I don't think so. IMHO, I think Damon and Elna is hot as hell together. They've always had chemistry.

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