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    Our Town.

    Thursday, January 12 2012
    Stefan bests Klaus and Caroline's birthday ends unexpectedly.

    Damon has a shower and whistles round the house when his brother shows up, eager to get to work on the Klaus plan. He's disturbed Damon is so chipper. They head to the old house. Damon senses something is up. Inside, Bonnie is casting spells to get the coffin open. That fails and they vanish. The brothers search around outside. A hybrid leaps out at Stefan and Damon rips out his heart. They go inside and try to figure out who is in the locked box. They bicker about strategy and Stefan challenges him to call Klaus' bluff.

    At home, Elena is punching the bag while Alaric listens to her moan. He says Jeremy is packing. Elena heads to school and helps Bonnie decorate Caroline's locker for her birthday. She explains that she's having her brother sent away and suggest she say goodbye before he's gone. The witch heads down the hall to ask Jer if he was going to say goodbye. He thinks leaving could be a good thing. She's sorry he has to go.

    Klaus is at his place when Stefan shows up. He wants the hybrids gone. Klaus is hurt by his attitude. Stefan repeats his demand. Klaus threatens to start killing people so Stefan threatens to drop Elijah in the arctic. Mindy comes in so Stefan takes off her head and wanders off. Klaus calls Tyler over. He's not happy and doesn't want to be there. Klaus orders him to kill Caroline. Tyler refuses. Klaus shrugs it off and lets him go.

    Caroline drives to school. She gets pensive. Tyler approaches her. They argue about his bond with Klaus. He can't do anything about it and understands why she can't be with him because of that. "I'm so sorry," he says. So is she. He presses a gift into her hand and walks away. It's a charm bracelet. She heads home. Matt, Elena and Bonnie leap out to surprise her. They put a tiara on her and promise her smores and tequila. She doesn't want to celebrate her birthday because it's just a reminder that she's stuck in the 'filler year' before 18 for eternity. They take her down to a cemetery so she can have a funeral for her old life. They give eulogies to her and then let her blow out her candles. As they swig down some tequila, Caroline sends a text to Tyler. Elena questions this. Bonnie snaps at her and says she can't be a control freak all the time. She threatens to tell Jer he's been compelled. Bonnie leaves in a huff. Tyler shows up and asks Caroline outside. When they leave, Elena worries to Matt about what to do next. Outside, Tyler tells Caroline he won't let Klaus keep him away from her. He loves her and kisses her. As they make out, he bites her and leaps back. "Oh no," he says. She yells at him to go and slumps into a tree.

    Damon meets up with Alaric. He worries that his brother's humanity seems to have a dimmer switch. They go to a council meeting. Dr. Meredith Fell finds Ric and she she makes it clear to him that she's on the founder's council. Across the room, Klaus is flirting with Carol when Damon notices him. She explains that Klaus has promised to protect Tyler and the town. The council is backing him and he will leave everyone alone as long as Stefan stops attacking his hybrids. "C'mon mate, give peace a chance," Klaus says. Damon mopes off and complains to Liz. She tells him to make sure his brother stands down. Outside, Ric catches Fell arguing with some guy, Brian. He warns Ric that she's a psycho and walks off. Meredith gets called back to work. Stefan wanders into the party and grabs a knife. He's about to decapitate a hybrid when his brother rushes up to stop him. Stefan says that he doesn't care about protecting Elena or anyone else. "To beat the villain, you've got to be the better villain," he says.

    As Matt and Elena look for Caroline in the woods, Stefan leaps out and knocks them down. He throws her in his car and they speed off. When Damon calls her, he grabs the phone, makes threats and throws it. When Stefan threatens to turn Elena into a vampire she yelps. Across town, Damon begs Klaus to call off his hybrids and warns him that his brother is operating on 'crazy' right now. Stefan calls Klaus and threatens to kill Elena. He makes her drink his blood and warns him he'll dump the coffins. Klaus caves and Stefan stops his speeding car just before killing himself and Elena. She gets out of the car and rails at him. He says that he needed to make it believable to get to Klaus. Destroying him is all he has left. She cries. He drives away. Damon comes to pick her up and drive her home. He says that Stefan won today. He's a little proud of him. He holds her chin and she tells him he can't kiss her again because it's not right. "It's right, just not right now," he says.

    Matt takes Caroline home. While Liz treats her wound, Klaus shows up at the door, saying that he is there to help. He asks Liz to invite him in so he can do that. She agrees. He goes to see Caroline. She wonders if he's there to kill her. "On your birthday? Do you think that low of me?" he asks. He checks out her wound and apologizes before telling her how much he loves birthdays. "What are you like a billion or something?" she asks. He tells her that if she believes her existence has no meaning, he can let her die, but then she will miss out on the genuine beauty of life. She doesn't want to die so he lets her feed off of him. She wakes up the next morning and her wound is gone. Klaus left a gift by her bed. It's a bracelet.

    At home, Elena says goodbye to Jeremy. After they hug, Bonnie shows up to say goodbye. They hug. He takes his bag and goes off with Alaric. Elena heads to the bridge. She calls Matt to meet her and she admits that she feels stuck, like she's been holding on to the girl who was supposed to die with her parents. She feels like she's disappointed them. He tells her that she's doing a lot better than she thinks. He gives her a eulogy and throws some dandelions in the water. Across town, Meredith finds Ric drinking at the Grill. Her patient just died so she wants him to buy her a beer. Meanwhile, Liz takes Damon to a crime scene. Brian was murdered by a stake through his heart, but he wasn't a vampire.

    Cryptic Commentary: Damon's shower scenes are back. I'm glad someone finally called Elena out for being a control freak. I did really enjoy her scenes with Matt though. They need more person to person scenes. Klaus showed how clever he can get by out-manoeuvring his rivals yet again. His verbal sparring with Damon is always a highlight. But the real highlight was getting Caroline back. Not only back, but now she's a hybrid too? That can only be good. Maybe this means she can be with Tyler after all.

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    Posted by dairymaid at Thursday, January 12 2012 07:28 PM

    I do not think that Caroline is now a hybrid because she drank Klaus' blood. The same thing happened to both Damon and Stefan when bitten by werewolf and Tyler still has werewolf in him that is why his bite is dangerous to vampires. So, Klaus' blood is the cure-all for vampires when bitten by werewolves.

    Posted by bb_fan2010 at Friday, January 13 2012 05:58 AM

    Only werewolves can become hybrids. Klaus gave Caroline his blood in order in heal her from Tyler's werewolf bite which kills vampires

    Posted by BabetteUpshaw at Friday, January 13 2012 06:25 AM

    the final thing to make a vampire a hybird is Elena's blood. Klaus just cured her with his blood.

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