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    The Reckoning.

    Thursday, October 13 2011
    Matt drowns, Tyler gets bitten, Damon gets some useful information and Elena has her blood sucked.

    Matt is at school working out. He hears a noise although the place should be empty. He trails through the hallways and into a classroom. A hundred mousetraps go off. The lights come on. Caroline, Elena, Bonnie and Tyler are all annoyed he set them off. They remind him that it's senior prank night. He thinks they're lame. Tyler starts passing out prank tools. Elena wanders off and bumps straight into Klaus. "You are supposed to be dead," he says. He drags her to the gym. Sends out most of the kids but commands two teens to stay.

    Stefan wakes up in the back of the truck. Rebecca confronts him for not telling them the doppelganger is alive. He leaps on her. She kicks back and skewers him on a crowbar. "Consider me jealous," she says. Back in the school, Tyler tries making out with Caroline but she's worried about Matt. He loves how big her heart is. As they make out, Rebecca interrupts them. She knows who they are. "I'm the new girl," she says before lunging at Caroline. Meanwhile, Bonnie and Matt are throwing toilet paper over the pool. She admits she knows about the ghosts. He talks about how screwed up things have become. He goes to get more rolls and finds his sister's name on the stall. She appears but he can't see her. He rejoins Bonnie and they enter the gym. Klaus corners them as his sister drags in Tyler. Klaus bluntly explains that his plan hasn't been working, bites himself, forces Tyler to drink the blood and then breaks his neck. He orders Bonnie to fix things so he can make a hybrid. Bonnie and Matt run off to get grimoires as Rebecca drags off Tyler. Stefan soon shows up and asks Klaus to forgive him. He offers to do anything. Klaus tells him to kill the teens and then pounds on Elena. That makes Stefan angry so Klaus chokes him and commands him to obey. Elena watches as Stefan kills the two teens.

    Katherine and Damon are driving around aimlessly. She feels him up and they make out until he pushes her back, saying she doesn't do it for him anymore. He gets tired of driving and pulls over, demanding she spill her guts. She tells him about the necklace and then reveals she has Jeremy in the trunk. He wakes up and starts talking to Anna. She's not keen to help the vamps so Damon starts pummeling Jeremy. She explains about the vampire hunter and says they would be idiots to wake him. Damon looks at his phone and sees that Bonnie has been texting him about Klaus. He decides to head back alone.

    Back at the school, Caroline wakes up beside 'deadish' Tyler. Rebecca tells her what's going on. As she looks through Caroline's phone she finds picture of Elena wearing her necklace. Storming into the gym, she confronts Elena and then tears into her. Klaus gets her to back off and Elena admits that Katherine stole it. He decides to give Bonnie twenty minutes and orders Stefan to feed on Elena if they don't have a result by then. Stefan paces and explains that he won't be able to stop when he starts feeding on her. She's sure that their love can beat compulsion. "I can't help what I am," he says. As time runs down, he tells her to run. She does and he bolts after her. Klaus catches her as Stefan is trying to impale himself on a broom. Klaus compels him to turn off his feelings and then offers him Elena's neck. Back in a classroom, Tyler revives. Caroline tells him he's becoming a hybrid. Rebecca warns him he could be pretty much dead.

    Bonnie realizes she needs to contact the dead, but she can't do that. However, Jeremy can. Matt goes to get his bag and finds his clothes have been strewn out all the way to the pool. His sister sends him a ghostly text message. He calls Bonnie to tell her and suggests she bring him back from the dead so he can see ghosts too. Matt ties on a weight and leaps into the pool. Bonnie runs in and swims down to him. She pulls him out and starts reviving him. He can see his sister. She gives him a message for Bonnie. When he revives, he tells her what his sister said. They realize either Elena or Tyler have to die. Klaus interrupts and says there's another option. Klaus brings a vial of Elena's blood to Tyler. Caroline begs him not to drink it but he does. He begins convulsing and screaming before sprouting fangs. "That's a good sign," Klaus says. He goes outside with his sister and explains why he didn't need to kill the doppeleganger yet. He needs her blood to breed a race of hybrids. He sends her off to get the truck as Damon arrives. Klaus is about to take his head off when Damon claims that he's found Michael, the vampire hunter. Klaus vanishes.

    Elena wakes up in the hospital. She notices that they are taking her blood. "It's for your friend Klaus," the nurse says before knocking her out. Later, Damon arrives and sneaks her out. He takes her home and offers to erase some of her memories from tonight. She wants to remember them all and shivers about how Stefan is really gone this time. He promises that he will never leave her again. Stefan shows up. "Isn't this cosy!" he says. He explains that Klaus asked him to watch them until he comes back. Back at the school, Bonnie tells Matt that what he did was stupid. He knows, but it worked. She thinks he should stick with being normal. He can feel his sister watching him. As soon as the witch leaves, he sees Vicky and smiles. Meanwhile, Tyler happily tells Caroline how amazing he feels. Twirling her around, he says that this will be an amazing year.

    The next day, Katherine and Jeremy end up further south in a cemetery. They break into a tomb and find Michael, the vampire hunter. When they pop the lid, his eyes open.

    Cryptic commentary: Matt realized that being normal can be the most screwed up thing of all. Thankfully, his character is getting flushed out a lot more. Tyler learned that being undead is more exciting than being alive. Seeing what a hybrid can do should be fun. Elena realized that there really are stronger things than love. It was a really strong episode. I'm sure Damon and Elena fans were thrilled by the ending. Having Stefan live with them should be fun. Damon is proving to be far more interesting as a supporting character.

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    Posted by radmommy at Wednesday, October 19 2011 10:59 AM

    I'm surprised no one is commenting. I love this show. Damon is so bad...that he's good. It's intersting to see the softer side of him. Humans relate better to humans and he's certainly been showing his human side lately. Stefan, poor tortured Stefan. I'm liking him playing it mean. It's cool to see these two reverse roles.

    This show always surprises me. I like Tyler embrassing his hybrid self. So much better then all the others who hate themselves for who they are. I see lots for him and Caroline.

    The Founding families board is dwindling in their pursuit of vampires since a couple on the board now have vampires as children and one is a vampire himself.

    I wonder what Alaric has up his sleeve. He's totally miserable I am sure that vampires have cost him two women that he loved. His wife is now a vampire and he lost Jenna to Klaus. I love his character but am ready for him to start doing more than moping. It looks promising.

    Love the recaps!

    Posted by terrylee45 at Wednesday, October 19 2011 03:49 PM

    damon is hot and much more interesting a person than stefan.let catherine have stefan and let damon have elena. he deserves a little happiness; he "grudges" having to do good things but does it anyway-for elena's happiness. go damon

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