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    The Hybrid.

    Thursday, September 22 2011
    Klaus' plan doesn't pan out, Caroline gets a surprise and Jeremy gets conflicting messages.

    At the Lockwood's, Carol has a drink and then drugs Tyler's coffee. He comes in and drinks it but it doesn't seem to affect him. She teases him about his girlfriend sneaking out. After he leaves, she calls Bill to say she's in a 'vampire situation'. Later, Bill arrives. She asks him how they can handle Caroline. He tells her they'll do what they have to do with vampires.

    Elena goes to see Damon since he's been dodging her calls. He tells her Stefan killed Andi and she tells him he called her last night. Damon repeats that his brother isn't coming back. She goes to see Alaric and demands to know what's been going on with Stefan. Ric tells her this isn't safe but she's determined to save Stefan. She goes to the Grill and talks to Tyler about where werewolves hang out. He figures he owes her one. Elena tips Alaric off and threatens to hunt down the tip on her own if he won't go. "Fine. You're driving," he groans.

    Klaus and Stefan carry Ray out to the woods. Klaus teases him for being so emo. They find the werewolf pack setting up camp. They quickly realize who Klaus is. He sits down and tells them about being a hybrid. The vampires recognize that one of them is a human still so they tear him open and feed him to Ray. Klaus starts feeding on the pack one by one. He tells Stefan that he's building an army so that no one will ever pick a fight with him. After some bickering with Stefan, he notices that Ray's eyes are bleeding. As the wolves start reviving, Ray runs off so Stefan is sent after him. Ray bites him and runs. Stefan can hear Elena and the others. Klaus pops up and tells Stefan that he won't heal him until he hunts down Ray.

    Jeremy heads to work and tells Matt that he saw Vicky again. He wants them to try and contact her but Matt is reluctant. With some pushing, he agrees. Matt starts waiting tables and runs into Tyler. They snipe at each other over Caroline. Matt offers to tie him up for the full moon but Tyler declines. He heads home and asks his mother why she put vervane in his coffee to see if he was a vampire. "I had to know for sure," she admits. He wonders what she did with Caroline. "You can't be with her. She's a monster," she says.

    Elena and Ric head out to the woods. He gives her a grenade and she gives him John's ring. He's reluctant to take it but does. Damon rushes in and throws her into the river. "You sold me out!" she yells at Ric. They bicker about her safety. She pleads with him to help find Stefan. He gets flirty and caves in. They trudge through the woods until Ray shows up. He lunges at Damon. Alaric shoots him and Elena throws a wolfsbane grenade at his head. They douse some ropes in Vervane and strap Ray to a tree. He starts turning so they run away through the woods until night falls. Elena trips and ends up facing the werewolf. Damon distracts the wolf. As he and Ray fight in the moonlight, Stefan pops up and skewers the wolf. He tells his brother again to stop following him and take Elena home because he's never going back.

    Elena and Alaric sit in his car. She says they aren't lost causes, they're just loss and that's why they fit together. Damon arrives as Stefan sadly watches in the distance. After they drive home, Damon admits to Elena that his brother can be saved and he's realized that he can't turn his back on him. He demands to know why she turned away from the fight when she didn't have to. She confesses that it was because she worries about it. Holding her face, he says he wants her to remember how she felt while Stefan was gone.

    Matt and Jeremy start searching through Vicky's stuff in the garage. All the memories are depressing Matt but Jeremy says this is his chance to help his sister. "No, you gotta go," Matt says. As soon as Jeremy leaves, a photo vanishes. Later, Matt goes to see his friend with some beer. They talk about Vicki and starts going through some of her stuff. Jeremy explains how his last moments with her were taken away. Matt can't remember the last moments when she was just his sister. Vicky appears for a moment to Jeremy. She asks him to help her come back. Before he can tell Matt this, the windows shatter. Anna appears and begs him not to trust Vicki.

    Night falls, Klaus kills off the hybrids because they're all botched. Stefan arrives as Klaus complains that they went rabid. He screams and can't understand why his plan isn't working. When he mentions killing the doppelganger, he stops and starts to think. Stefan says he's failed him and asks him to do what he has to do. Klaus squeezes his blood into a beer bottle and hands it to Stefan. "It appears you're the only comrade I have left," he says. Stefan drinks the blood.

    Tyler take his mom down to the crypt and tells her that Caroline isn't the only monster. He locks her in the cell as he starts to turn as he explains the family curse. In the morning, he wakes up and his mom is in tears. She promises to make sure nothing happens to Caroline. When she gets home, she calls Bill and asks him to back off. He hangs up. Meanwhile, Caroline comes to in a dungeon. Bill comes in. "Daddy?" she asks.

    Cryptic commentary: More Stefan and Klaus bickering please. At least Klaus has a sense of humor. The male relationships on the show are actually getting more convincing all the time. Matt and Jeremy's scenes were good too. And they dropped in enough to keep Damon-Elena fans happy. Still, something seemed to be missing in the episode. There was a weird lack of tension and build-up. All the same, the last scene with Caroline was a nice ending.

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    Posted by Chrissi at Friday, September 23 2011 07:17 AM

    Great recap. I loved the male relationships as well and it was nice not to have this episode be all about Elena.

    Posted by WatFan at Friday, September 23 2011 09:47 AM

    Pretty good episode last night. So apparently if a wolf is bitten by clause it will make them go rabid but if a vampire is bitten by a wolf they can be cured by Klaus but doesn't make them a high bred. Interesting.

    Why can't they leave Caroline alone? Poor thing has gone thru just about enough. She gets happy and someone has try and hurt her. Now her dad? WTF You would think her dad would be like Tyler's mom. Whatever...

    Stephan is so much hotter since he turned bad. Elena and Damon are way better together then her and Stephen. Storyline for the future... They get Stephen back but Elena has already fallen for Damon, so now he has to let her go or try to win her back.

    Where the heck is Bonnie?

    Posted by Canastia at Friday, September 23 2011 09:57 AM

    No...the were's turned rabid because Klaus hasn't actually broken the spell (i.e. killed the doppleganger Elena) so that is why spells not working. I thought this ep was pretty good and am curious about Vicki being "evil" and also why Caroline's dad seems like a wacko. Why hasn't he even been mentioned before? Anyway, not thrilled by the obvious storyline of Elena and Damon and am a little disappointed that clever Klaus hasnt figured out that Elena is still alive (and why in the hell didnt HE hear them talking and only Stefan?!). Also, bring back Elijah!

    Posted by nat21 at Friday, September 23 2011 08:57 PM

    Canastia: Caroline's dad has been mentioned in season one. Her mom offered to listen to her "relationship" issues (when Damon used to feed off of her) and she said if she wanted advise about men, she would call her dad as he knows how to keep a man.

    Posted by Harriette2 at Monday, October 03 2011 01:41 AM

    Yes TO everything you just said!!!!

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