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    The Last Day. - Vampire Diaries Daily Updates -

    The Last Day.

    Thursday, April 28 2011
    Elena drinks Damon's blood, Tyler returns and Klaus pushes his plan ahead.

    Damon lies in bed. When he goes downstairs, he finds Elijah explaining the curse to Stefan. Damon thinks they should just break the curse and kill Klaus today. Elijah explains the ritual involves Klaus drinking Elena's blood to the point of death. Then Elijah would save her by giving her a mystical cure. Damon's not impressed but Elena's willing to take the risk. The brothers go outside and debate the plan. Stefan's putting his faith in Elena's choice but Damon thinks this is stupid. Jenna appears with a crossbow and threatens to shoot Alaric as he arrives. He makes it clear that he's not Klaus anymore and announces that the sacrifice happens tonight. As Stefan questions Alaric, Elena follows Damon upstairs to explain her choice. "I can't lose you," he says. His eyes dart around and then he says there's another way. After biting himself, he shoves his bloody wrist in her mouth. Stefan runs in and shoves them apart. Damon says that at least they're sure she'll come back from the dead now. The brothers pound on each other until Damon stabs Stefan. Elena tries to keep him calm while blood is fetched for him. Damon goes downstairs and bickers with Elijah, who reminds him that he doesn't actually know what's going on. He's sure that Elena will never forgive him for what he just did.

    Alaric and Jenna walk down the hall. He wishes he had told her everything earlier. She's glad he's okay and kisses him. Meanwhile, Stefan tries to tell Elena what being a vampire means. He takes her out to the woods and shows her a waterfall. She can't talk about how she feels. He starts leading her up to the top so they can enjoy her last day as a human. As they walk, he tells her about the heightened life of a vampire but also what a downer it can be. When they get to the top, they admire the view. He admits that he always wanted to give her his blood so they could be together forever, but that would be selfish of him. This is all too much for her. She was supposed to grow up and have a lifetime of choices but it's all gone. "I don't want to be a vampire," she says. They hug.

    Caroline startles Matt at work and they arrange to meet up later. He sits down with her mom and says he can't lie anymore. She reminds him of all the things the vampires have done. He thinks they should go after Damon but she refuses and leaves. Later, Damon shows up at The Grill. Alaric joins him. As they mope, Klaus suddenly shows up and reminds them not to do anything they'll regret. He insists that the ritual will happen tonight. After he leaves, Damon tries to think of a way to get rid of the werewolf. Alaric thinks going up against Klaus will only get him killed but he agrees to help.

    At the bidding of Maddox, Tyler's mom calls him and asks him to come home. The warlock shoves her down the stairs. When she wakes up in the hospital, her son is there. She falls back asleep and Jules shows up. She drags him away so they can lock themselves up. As they leave, they run into Caroline and Jules leaves them alone for a few minutes. Awkwardly, they talk and he says he has to leave again. As he turns away, they both starts convulsing. Maddox and his cohort knock them out and drag them off. The vampire and werewolf wake up in a dungeon. "You shouldn't have come back here," she says before explaining everything. She asks why he left her. He thought she deserved better than him.

    Alaric and Damon return to his place to see Katherine. Damon sends Ric away and questions Katherine, who forbids him to get involved in this. She tells him that Caroline is the vampire Klaus will be killing. He breaks the news that Elena has vampire blood now so she tells him where Caroline and Tyler are being kept. Later, Klaus shows up. He makes her take off her bracelet and walk into the sunlight. He lets her burn for awhile and then stops.

    Maddox finds Damon in the woods. They throw each other around until Matt suddenly shoots the warlock. When he demands to know where Caroline is, Damon knocks him out. He goes down to the crypts to release Caroline, who makes him release Tyler as well. When they get outside, it's dark. Caroline picks Matt up off the ground and Tyler starts to feel the effects of the moon. As he starts to change, he yells at them to go and then leaps on Damon. He kicks him off and they all run as the werewolf convulses. Caroline and Matt run down to the Lockwood crypt to lock themselves in. Tyler arrives, fully transformed into a snarling wolf.

    Stefan and Elena go home. Klaus is waiting for them. "You ready my dear," he says. Stefan forbids it but Elena kisses him, saying there is no reason for him to get hurt. She makes him close his eyes and then vanishes with Klaus. Stefan runs inside and calls his brother to tell him what happened. Meanwhile, Klaus sends Elena off with Greta and returns to Alaric's. Damon shows up to proudly announce that he's screwed up his plan. Klaus sends Katherine away. He taunts Damon and shows him the video of Jules being held in his dungeon. "Always have a back-up," he says before pouncing on Damon. He comes to later when Katherine slaps him. She explains that she lured out another vampire and points out that he has a werewolf bite. Meanwhile, Greta takes Elena out to the woods. She finds Jenna's body on the ground. She's not dead though. "She's in transition," Greta explains.

    Cryptic commentary: Tyler's back! Talk about bad timing for him. I really missed his scenes with Caroline though. It was a weird episode. It didn't have the larger arc that they normally do but seems to be building to something bigger in the coming weeks. That's why it was a lot less violent than usual. Still, lots of nice moments between Stefan and Elena. Not enough Elijah but plenty of Klaus which was a definite plus. Throwing Jenna in at the end was a great surprise.

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    Posted by dairymaid at Thursday, April 28 2011 06:44 PM

    Okay, I am hoping that Bonnie will show up and fix that no-good witch, Greta! It seems that all of the worry and concern that her father and brother (Dr. Jonas Martin and Luka) had for her, she is not showing any concern or grief over their deaths. She even stated to Elena that she was "not lost". So, it seems that all the effort that her family had to get her away from Klaus was for nothing.

    Posted by dairymaid at Thursday, April 28 2011 06:45 PM

    Also, does this mean that Jenna is a vampire????

    Posted by nat21 at Thursday, April 28 2011 10:01 PM

    I did not see Jenna turning. That was a major surprise for me. I knew that Tyler bit Damon but they were struggling. I think that they only way to save Damon would be for Bonnie to case a spell to cure him or for him to drink some of Elijah's blood.

    I was wondering what happened to Jules when Tyler and Caroline were on the floor and if the witches got her. Guess they did. I hope someone kicks her a$$ before killing her as I find her too cocky for words.

    Where is Bonnie? Are they going to pull her out at the last minute when Klaus is transforming as the big surprise? I was expecting them to get her as she would have come in handy.

    Posted by kelly r at Friday, April 29 2011 10:42 AM

    I thought the show was awesome...a lot of surprises.I didn't want the show to end.I cant wait for Thursday to get here.

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