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    Know Thy Enemy.

    Thursday, April 07 2011
    Isobel returned to town on a mission from Klaus, Bonnie unlocked her powers and Matt and Caroline talked.

    At the Salvatore's, Katherine is taunting the brothers but assures them that she is on their side until Klaus is dead. Meanwhile, Elena and Jenna are shocked when Isobel shows up on their doorstep. Elena slams the door. Jenna's furious that everyone knew she was still alive. She goes to her room to cry. Alaric shows up the next day. Jenna tells him to get lost. She packs up to go and stay on campus. Ric wants to explain but she doesn't give him a chance and storms off. John wanders in and Ric punches him before leaving. Stefan arrives and John brings them both to see Isobel. She explains that she's been trying to find Klaus. Elena refuses to believe that she wants to help. John explains that she has been helping all along. Isobel offers to take her to a safe house but Elena orders her out.

    When Isobel goes to her new place, Katherine is waiting for her. They wrestle around. Isobel explains that she's been trying to make a deal with Klaus to save her. They drink some vintage blood and Isobel says she's managed to get in touch with one of Klaus' witches. Klaus will set her free is she gives up the doppelganger. That sounds good to Katherine. She goes off to join the brothers and Elena and prods them to fill them in on their plans but they won't talk to her. She goes upstairs and starts digging around for the moonstone, which she finds hidden under some soap.

    Caroline calls Stefan and worries about Matt freaking out. She gets in her car and explains that she's been slipping him vervane. She goes over to the Lockwood house looking for Matt but he's not there. Tyler's mother adds that she hasn't heard from him either. She joins Stefan and Elena as they arrive for the scholarship presentation. They all worry about what's up with Matt.

    Bonnie, Jeremy and Damon go to Luka's place. His corpse is still there. They start sorting through his books. She casts a spell to narrow down the search. Damon takes them out to where the witches used to be burned. They go into the decaying house and Damon suddenly freezes. He starts to melt. Bonnie tells him the witches don't like him there. He goes outside, gets bored waiting and leaves. Bonnie and Jeremy kiss and then she starts her spell. They can hear the spirit of the witches who died there. Fire starts spurting out and Bonnie screams like she's possessed. They go outside and she starts commanding the wind. He's impressed. He's not happy to learn that using her powers could kill her though. She insists that's her decision.

    Alaric finds Isobel waiting at his car. She claims she's trying to make amends and tells him how much she loved him. Her goon knocks him out. She heads over to the Lockwoods and bites John before shoving him down the stairs to the scholarship reception. As everyone rushes out to see, Katherine grabs Elena. Moments later, Stefan starts searching for Elena and they rush off. As they leave, he guesses she's really Katherine and demands to know where Elena is. She stabs him and leaps in a car. Back in the house, Damon arrives and drags off John's body, assuring everyone he's not dead. Outside, Matt confronts Sheriff Forbes about his sister being killed by a vampire.

    Damon brings John home. Stefan calls to tell him what happened and he notices the moonstone is gone. Meanwhile, Katherine goes to Isobel's and calls her to get an update. Isobel apologizes and then a warlock pops up and attacks Katherine. Stefan and Damon show up moments later. They look around but no one is there.

    Isobel brings Elena out to a cemetery. They visit her grave and she explains that the human part of her is buried there. The warlock calls and tells her to let the doppelganger go. Isobel apologizes to her daughter. She tears off her ring and burns up. When Elena goes home, she admits to Stefan that she feels bad that her mom is dead. They try to figure out what Klaus is up to. Damon says that they've all been played. John suddenly revives and starts apologizing for what Isobel did. Elena says they need to talk. He tells her how heartbroken her mother was to give her up. She was the first girl he ever loved and he wanted to believe her. He offers to do anything he can to help her. "You screw up everything... but you're the only parent I have left," she says.

    Caroline keeps calling Matt. When she goes home, he's there. She approaches him but he backs away. He wants to know more about what happened to his sister. Slowly, she explains everything and tells him how much she loves him. He begs her to make him forget all that she's told him. Reluctantly, she does. He leaves and joins Sheriff Forbes. He tells her everything. "I feel like she died," he says. "She did," she points out.

    Katherine wakes up on the floor somewhere and sees the warlock performing a ritual on Alaric. He gets up and takes Katherine's face in his hands, saying he's missed her. "Klaus!" she gasps.

    Cryptic commentary: Damon had another compulsory shirtless scene. Bonnie showed off more of her mojo and John more-or-less got killed again. The episode really belonged to Isobel though and it made me wish she'd been a much bigger part of the show. It all felt kind of rushed, especially after the hiatus, but I'm really looking forward to seeing Alaric possessed by Klaus next week. That should be awesome.

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    Posted by WatFan at Friday, April 08 2011 06:57 AM

    Great Recap! I'm still trying to wrap my mind around all the double crossing that was going on last night. So, was Isobel compelled to kill herself or did she just decide to do that on her own? As for Aleric now being Klaus, I love that twist. That should be interesting. I don't like that Matt and Mom know about Caroline. I hope she didn't tell Matt about the Salvatore brothers or Bonnie.......

    Posted by WatFan at Friday, April 08 2011 06:59 AM

    One other thing... Elaina got Isobel's necklace. So is that foreshawdowing or what? I can't believe she kept it just for sentimental reasons............

    Posted by scorpion110282 at Friday, April 08 2011 08:15 AM

    i thought last night`s episode was great, still confusing but great... its starting to get good.... but most of all it got me wondering, is klaus a evil spirit instead of a vampire thats what has me more confused. why did isobel have alaric get taken and possessed, whats gonna happen to him.... either way now more then ever i cant wait til thurs to come.

    Posted by Lakshmi37 at Friday, April 08 2011 09:06 AM

    The title of this episode said it all. "Know Thy Enemy" is correct. This episode also left me with a few questions. How much of the story did Caroline reveal to Matt? Since Alaric is now being possessed by Klaus what is going to happen to him once Klaus shows up in the flesh? Will his character be killed off. And what exactly will Matt and Carolines mother do now? They both know the truth so what happens next? Was Isobel still under the powers of compulsion when she set herself ablaze? And when the heck are they going to just tell Aunt Jenna the truth!
    I can't wait until next week, the dance looks great.

    Enjoy the weekend everyone.

    Posted by WatFan at Friday, April 08 2011 01:32 PM

    I was wondering about the whole Klaus/Aleric thing too. It looked like he was putting blood in and taking it out of Aleric but the warlock was also saying a chant.

    So, is there suppose to be somebody else for Klaus? I really don't see too many spoilers for VD.

    SPOILER** The dance looked awesome, especially with Bonnie flinging her powers at Klaus/Aleric. I heard somewhere there is suppose to be a funeral by the end of the season. Makes me nervous... who are they going to kill off?

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