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    The Descent.

    Thursday, January 27 2011
    Rose falls apart after being bitten by a werewolf, Tyler kisses Caroline and Damon struggles.

    Jules wakes up naked in the woods with blood in her mouth and wanders over to a campsite. There are human limbs scattered around so she piles them and burns them. A cop drives up and approaches her so she starts crying over what's left of the corpses and claims a wolf attacked them. When he turns his back, she smashes his head open with a log. She goes to see Sheriff Forbes to ask about the investigation into Mason. Forbes fobs her off.

    At the Salvatore's, a shirtless Stefan surprises Elena and they make out. She wants to be together all the time. He worries about Elijah's plans for her and then drinks down his diluted verbane. Downstairs, Rose tells Damon that she's more than 500 and ready to die. He tries giving her some blood to help heal her but her scabs only get worse. Elena walks in and worries about Stefan. Damon asks her to play nurse to Rose while he works on something with his brother. He admits that Rose will die. "We come, we go. The sooner she dies, the better," he says. Elena takes her up to Damon's bedroom and looks around, surprised to see the room nearly empty except for his copy of "Gone With The Wind." Rose quizzes her about Elijah and assumes that she really is determined to die. The vampire starts hallucinating and then asks for more blood. She chokes when she drinks it and then jumps her. Elena yells that she isn't Katherine and the vamp snaps out of it. She calms down for a minute and then runs off. Elena finds her in the basement drinking blood and Rose starts to think she's Katherine again. When Rose jumps on her, Elena pulls down a drape and the sun burns her. Then Elena digs her fingernails into her scabs until she collapses. She barricades herself into a room.

    Stefan meets Alaric at the bar and they talk about a cure for Rose and then he digs for info on Klaus. He gets Isabella's number and calls her, leaving a message. Damon shows up and his brother grabs him before he can go after Jules. Stefan takes a call as Damon confronts Jules. They exchange threats. He offers not to kill her if she'll tell him how to cure a wolf bite. "Take a stake and drive it through her heart," she says, walking out.

    At school, Caroline tells Tyler how great he was for handling his transformation without hurting anyone. He thanks her for her help. She's awkward and tells him that a bite from a wolf can kill a vampire. He wants more information but Matt shows up so Tyler heads off. Caroline assures him nothing is going on between her and Tyler. He mutters and then kisses her. She pulls away. He follows her inside and asks her what happened. She says she loves him. He's confused. She disappears to avoid explaining.

    Damon goes home and finds Elena walking around with a stake in her hand. Meanwhile, Rose is on the street puking behind a dumpster. A man approaches and she bites him. The cops soon arrive and call Damon in. He soon finds Rose biting some woman. He jumps on her and tries to calm her. She's disoriented, cries and begs for this to stop. Damon carries her home and puts her to bed. She soon wakes up and apologizes. Rose begins talking about the pleasure of killing. She tells Elena that Damon wants to care but he runs away when he does. She's still haunted by memories of being human. As she screams in pain, Damon sends Elena out. He cradles Rose and gets her to sleep. She dreams of her life as a person. Damon is there. They enjoy the sun and she misses being human. He doesn't think it's all it's cracked up to be. As he holds her, she tells him she's not afraid of dying anymore. Once her body is relaxed, he puts the stake through her heart and cries. He loads her body into the car and drives her to the sheriff, though he insists on burying the body himself. When he gets home, Elena is waiting for him. He claims he didn't care about Rose but she can see he's lying. "It was supposed to be me," he says, ordering her to go home. She gives him a hug. As she leaves, she runs into Stefan and he tells her that he called Isabelle. Uncle John suddenly walks out of the shadows.

    When Caroline gets home, Tyler is waiting for her. He wants to know why she would risk her life by helping him. When she becomes defensive, he kisses her. Eventually, she pulls away and tells him he can't do that. "Everyone needs to stop kissing me," she says, running inside. He goes to meet Jules at the bar. She tells him that she knew about Mason and she knows he's a werewolf too. She's shocked to discover he's brand new at this and offers to help him. He's not happy when she tells him that Caroline killed his uncle and the town is crawling with vampires.

    A woman drives up and stops as she approaches a body in the middle of the road. She gets out to see it. It's Damon. He tells her that he's lost and drunk. As he swigs from his flask, he rants about how he can never be good or adopt a puppy. He can never be who 'she' wants him to be. He debates killing her but he has to because he misses being human so much. He tries to let her go but then lunges at her and kills her.

    Cryptic commentary: It was a long wait. Was it full of surprises? Not really, although Damon's "Gone With The Wind" fetish was both spooky and funny. There were some more good moments between Tyler and Caroline but the real kicker of the episode was Rose's deathbed scene with Damon that gave them both a lot more soul than they usually show. It was especially potent coming after the whole heroin withdrawal style disintegration she went through.

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    Posted by StraightTalker at Thursday, January 27 2011 06:21 PM

    By the time the show ended all I could say was crap, crap, crap. That is not to say that the show was bad but rather that a lot of sh!t went down. Man, I was hoping that Rose would survive the bite but I wasn’t expecting it to go down like it did. I thought she was a great fit for Damion and the dream sequence where she and Damion were at her favorite childhood place was incredibly sweet. Rose added a much dimension to the show and I am going to miss not seeing her.

    Oh, Damion’s “heart” was breaking into tiny little pieces. It was great to glimpse a side of his humanity. The fact that Rose was the one to bring out that side of him was just perfect. I thought he was going to let the girl go w/o hurting her but I can’t say that I was all that surprise that he didn’t. As he said, he misses being human and he fighting it because he sees it as a weakness to want something that is impossible to have. What he did just affirmed to himself that he is all vamp without a soul, heart or conscience.

    I wonder what Ty is going to do with the news about Caroline. Talk about a sticky situation.

    Posted by scorpion110282 at Thursday, January 27 2011 06:55 PM

    elena what are u doing to damon hes trying to make u happy by changing his ways, hes in love with u and ur head games.. so i was surprised he gone back to his old ways but then again im not lol..

    tyler of course caroline would ie shes a vampire. Werewolves and vamps dont get along, but like i said before i would be great if these two get together to prove otherwise. They have alittle more in common, sorry matt.

    But im still hoping elena will come to her senses and be with damon, but we will have to see.

    Posted by WatFan at Friday, January 28 2011 07:31 AM

    I haven't watched the show yet, got home too late last night.
    But now that I have read this - I am mad mad mad!

    I thought Rose was great! My god, they get such great charaters on this show and then they kill them off. I've killed less spiders in the last year!

    I hope the little lie Jules told Tyler doesn't put an end to Tyler's and Caroline's relationship. It is one of my favorite parts of the show.

    Posted by Potts3ep at Friday, January 28 2011 08:38 AM

    WOW!!! There is always so much packed into each episode that it's hard to take it all in the first time! Where to begin?

    Jules--I was a little taken aback by that opening scene. The woman is absolutely gorgeous laying on the ground and then the camera scans around the carnage she has wrought on an unsuspecting campsite. I think my mouth was literally laying on the ground as she is taking body parts and piling them up to burn. I hadn't realized that werewolves killed humans....I assumed only vampires. That's what I get for assuming. I'm anxious to learn more about the life of a werewolf...or not.

    Caroline--I really have to say that I have enjoyed Caroline so much more as a vampire than I did as a human. She seems to have more depth and compassion now as vamp than she did as a human. Ironic. I truly admire her strength at trying to protect Matt and her compassion for trying to help Tyler get through a difficult tranformation. I feel she is trying to be very grown-up and responsible in her decisions and maybe trying to earn the respect of Stefan in her choices, but the boys are going to make things hard.

    Matt--clueless. At some point I really wish someone would clue the poor boy into what all of his good buddies and girl gal pals already know. Trust me, it's not fun being the last to know a big secret or being left out of the loop.

    Stefan--at some point I really wish the writers would give him an opportunity to carry some of load and experience a little growth. I really think that Stefan has more issues than anyone knows about it's just that he is obviously so much better at hiding it. IMO that makes him more dangerous than Damon. Katherine has said many things to him this season that I'm hoping will ring true as the season goes on. I certainly hope that all of the things Elena and Stefan are doing (ingesting vervain) they have shared with Damon.

    Uncle John--really bad hair cut...did they reattach his fingers or does he just have nubs now? I'm not sure I'm glad he's back in town. Would have much rather seen Isobel.

    Alaric--Can we please see more of him....I really like him.
    That narky little teacher. I like that he works with the supernatural elements in town and yet dates one of the clueless.

    Tyler--I would run like heck from Jules. I'm not sure she is a good friend to have. Mason seemed like a peaceful, zen wolf. If there are more like Jules coming to Mystic Falls, someone better be talking to Elijah about how to protect the three remaining vamps from extinction. I'm sure Tyler will not react well to the one sided version of events that Jules is presenting to him, but I'm sure that Stefan will smooth things over in his debonair way and Tyler will help to protect his friends. Or at least that's what my fingers are crossed for.

    Rose--I'm really sad to see her leave this existence. I really liked her with Damon. I think she gave us a glimpse into the truly sad, lonely, existence of a vampire. What's the saying...the grass is always greener and yet once you get over there you find it's full of thistles, clover, and sticker bushes. 560 years old, with only one friend, and running, did she even ask to be vampire? I really felt for her and I appreciate how the writers gave her peaceful end to a stark life.

    Damon--we have been given glimpses into Damon's humanity throughout season one and now season two, but tonight's episode was by far the most heartwrenching for me. I truly expected Damon to attack this problem in his usual non-chalant manner that he usually does. Eh-let's stake her, be done with it, and move on. But he didn't. I'm not even sure that Damon realized how much Rose meant to him. I don't even feel like his relationship with Rose was about getting points with Elena in the end. He gave Rose a peaceful death and made her feel she mattered in this world. Then he reached his breaking point and honestly I expected nothing less of him. Truly even a human man can only take so much pain. I don't really think he killed his "existental crisis." I think he'll toy with her for a couple episodes and I'll have to find new ways to excuse his behavior.

    Overall, I again loved the episode. A lot of "doom, gloom, and personal growth" but worth the wait.

    Posted by Chrissi at Friday, January 28 2011 11:06 AM

    Great recap. I didn't think it was worth the wait but that was pretty funny about the Gone With The Wind book. Unexpected.

    I too thought Rose might survive but I forgot that on this show, there will always be loads of death!

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