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    By The Light Of The Moon. - Vampire Diaries Daily Updates -

    By The Light Of The Moon.

    Thursday, December 09 2010
    Tyler goes through his first transformation, a new wolf arrives in town and Elijah makes a deal.

    Tyler packs up his chains as he watches the footage of his uncle transforming. He tries calling Mason and leaves a voice mail. His girl friend, Jules, gets it. She heads straight over and finds Tyler, informing him and his mom that Mason never arrived in Florida. He heads off and finds Caroline, telling her the latest. They rush off, right by Alaric. They go down to the crypt and he begins setting up the chains as she prepares the wolfsbane. He strips down and chains himself up. She watches as he tries to choke down the diluted wolfsbane. As he begins to turn, he tells her to leave, but she won't. She holds him as he convulses. When he gets out of control, she runs out and locks him in as he leaps around the room. Once he's transformed into a wolf, he claws at the door. She runs into the woods and later returns as the night goes on. She finds Tyler turned back into a person and huddled on the floor.

    Damon goes down to the crypt to see his brother and drop off a care package. Stefan asks him to keep Elena safe. When Damon is gone, Katherine begins taunting Stefan. She strips down and tells him they should make the best of the situation while Damon is with Elena. They start to make out but then he snaps out of it and barks at Katherine to stay out of his head. After a lot of silence, he challenges her to prove he can trust her. She offers to help him find Klaus and explains that Elena's mother found her once.

    Bonnie fills Elena in on the latest twists with the stone. Elena is more worried about Stefan being stuck in the pit with Katherine. Jeremy interrupts and Bonnie makes herself scarce. Elena swipes the moonstone and heads out. Bonnie intercepts her but Elena won't let them stop her on her suicide mission. Bonnie casts a spell to trap her in the house. Damon shows up and makes light of trapping her in. Jeremy worries about the full moon. Damon says 'vampire Barbie' is looking after Tyler. Alaric calls and tips him off about Mason's friend showing up. After the vampire leaves, Jenna shows up and tells her that one of her mom's old friends has roped her into helping out with the historical society. Elena's shocked to see this 'friend' is Elijah. "I hope to see you again some time soon," he tells Elena as he leaves. She runs upstairs and finds him there. He explains that he's not interested in breaking the curse and doesn't want vamps rushing around trying to take her to Klaus. He wants to use her to draw Klaus out himself. Elijah tells her to do nothing until he needs her. Then he'll draw Klaus out and kill him. Elijah goes down to the crypt and tells Stefan and Katherine that Elena requested his release. He lets Stefan out says Elena can explain the rest. Katherine begs him not to go but he does. He goes straight to Elena.

    Damon and Alaric are at the grill discussing the Lockwood situation. They spot Mason's mystery woman, Jules. Alaric swans over to be 'friendly' and then Damon pops over to tell him to get lost. They slip woolfsbane into her drink. They chat and he tells her he knows Mason. She won't drink the booze. They start grilling each other and he tells her to leave town. She say she smelled him the moment she met him and he's marked. After she storms off, Damon and Alaric run out. Ric warns him not to risk getting attacked and tells him to go home. He does. Rose is there to apologize... and she has nowhere else to go. A window breaks so he grabs a sword. A wolf jumps her and bites. He stabs it and it runs off. They're surprised when her wound starts to heal. They guess it must have been Jules. He's glad that a bite isn't killing her and they assume that must have just been a myth. She wants to stay and help him. They make out until he notices that her wound is festering.

    Bonnie goes to see Luka to give him his chains back. He's angry that she was channeling, but lets her in and shows her all the spell books his father has collected. They go out back and set up some candles to unbind a talisman. She pulls out the moonstone and they start the spell. The stone hovers and then blows up. He heads back in and tells his father that Bonnie fell for the whole show. Luka hands him the stone.

    Cryptic Commentary: I didn't expect a deal with Elijah but that makes sense, though it makes you wonder what he really wants. It can't be that straightword. It was nice to Alaric having a little more to do. Also good was the whole Tyler transformation scene. He and Caroline are really consistently interesting together. But damn them for making Stefan and Katherine's make out a fake. I mean, come on: can't the guy do anything interesting?

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    Posted by nat21 at Thursday, December 09 2010 06:50 PM

    I loved how Caroline stayed by Tyler's side until it was unsafe for her to do so. She's come a long way since becoming a baby vamp. I am loving the friendship between these two. I flinched every time Tyler's limbs were pulled during his transformation.

    Will Damon ever learn? His mouth keeps getting him into trouble! Now he's the reason running Rose has that nasty wound on her back and Jules will bring a whole bunch of wolves into the town. She might even try to turn Tyler against Caroline as she will smell what Caroline as soon as she sees her...Wait, how is Jules a wolf? Isn't the gene carried on the "Y" chromosome?

    Elena was starting to annoy me and I am happy that they locked her in the house. Poor Bonnie, it's obvious that he has lots of experience compared to her and is pulling the wool over her eyes. I though that the Bennet witches were some of the most powerful witches? Maybe I am wrong...

    For some reason, Elijah's little boy haircut is growing on me. I am anxious to know what is happening to Rose and her nasty dog bite...

    Posted by brownchick at Friday, December 10 2010 05:14 AM

    Great show last night. Loved the scences with Caroline and Tyler, I love their friendship and I hope it blossom into romance they will make a great pair.

    Luka (Bryton) needs to go back to Y&R unless he grows a backbone and help Bonnie. I also feel some linger feeling between Bonnie and Jeremy also another great pair.

    Love Damon and his one liners, he can be very bad, and good but still love him.

    I almost jumped out of my chair when Elijah showed up at Elena's I still call him Mr. Little Man, he is growing on me and hope they keep him around as a good bad vampire both works for me.

    Less of Elena finally, I felt kinda bad for Katherine when she told Stefan "don't leave me in her" well it kinda suit you now that you're in there.

    Wondering what is going to happen to Rose.

    Another great show, another cliff hanger can't wait for it to return, will watch the re-runs again.

    Posted by WatFan at Friday, December 10 2010 09:38 AM

    I agree. Tyler and Caroline are great together. I hope they keep them as a couple.

    I loved they shielded Elaina into the house. That was awesome, now other people can actually have a life.

    Too bad Bonnie was a sucker and lost the moonstone. She might be powerful but she just doesn't have the experience to know when she is being played.

    I'm interest to see if they cure Rose or not. I like her charater. Actually I like most of the female charaters except Elaina. The writers do a great job of making them equal to the male counterparts instead of inferior or always needing rescuing. Again - Elaina is the exception.

    Posted by scorpion110282 at Friday, December 10 2010 02:09 PM

    i loved the episode... I hope caroline and tyler become a couple... How it was more of a close up for tyler to transform into werewolf.. Ya we need more werewolves on the show other than mason and tyler, love the actress who played friend of masons.. Still hoping somehow elena and damon will hook up.
    what will happen to rose since she was bit?

    guess have to wait til the new year, see u all in the new year

    Posted by StraightTalker at Friday, December 10 2010 05:14 PM

    I have to agree that the Caroline and Tyler scenes were the highlights of the show. The actor's portrayal of the transformation was breath-taking and phenominal. The imagery and sound of his bones popping and cracking was so well done that I was in pain watching him. These scenes were so suspenseful that I found myself holding my breath because I was afraid he was going to accidentally hurt Caroline or pull free of the chains. As for vampire barbie, she did an amazing job as well. Her compassion, empathy and heart break watching how much pain Ty was in was so palpable. This was definitely a bonding moment between these two; an experience that will forever link them together and serves to bring them closer, whether as just friends or more, is something that we will just have to wait and see.

    The resident witch was summarily played last night by Luka. On one hand I am dissapointed in her for trusting a relative stranger with something as vital as the moonstone, but on the other I understand her naivete. She is the only witch in town and among her friends while everyone else have others who are like them. So when one of her kind hit town who understands who and what she is, she just jump right ahead into bonding mode. Unfortunately she or someone else or a lot of someones will pay the price.

    I was dissapointed that Stefan was released so quickly; this was a missed opportunity on tptb part to explore both Kat and Stef's characters. I did not doubt for one minute that Stefan would make out with Katherine, that's not the type of person he is; he's better than that. I was glad to see him reunite with Elena only because I did not want any type of bonding goind on with her and Damion. I wish that there was a better pairing for Stefan because Elena bores me to tears.

    Aww, Rose, I hope that this is not the end of her. I will pick her over Elena anyday; she is much more interesting and full of potential. Damion needs someone like her... someone who is no wilting lily but who has a soft spot her and there.

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