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    The Vampire Diaries Teaser Poll: Burning Up.

    Monday, January 10 2011

    What's in the fire?

    In this still from the upcoming episode "The Descent," Jules appears to be burning something, or, at least, watching something be burned away. What do you think needed to be gotten rid of like that?

    For more on what's coming up when the show returns at the end of the month, please check out The Vampire Diaries Spoilers For January 27. » Read More

    The Vampire Diaries Spoilers For January 27.

    Friday, January 07 2011

    Finally something to sink your teeth into.

    The wait already feels like it has gone on forever, but it will still be a few more weeks until the CW airs another fresh episode of The Vampire Diaries . Luckily, however, they did release a preview into what viewers can expect of the January 27 episode, "The Descent."

    Things are chaotic in Mystic Falls and Elena's attempts to take control of things and get everyone else... » Read More

    Video Interview: The Vampire Diaries' Candice Accola Talks Caroline.

    Thursday, January 06 2011

    "I think Caroline always had a heart."

    Candice Accola (Caroline) talked to TV Guide 's Robyn Ross about what she's enjoyed as an actor compared to as a person and how her character has gained perspective as a result of being undead. » Read More

    The Vampire Diaries' Katerina Graham To Release Janet Jackson Cover...

    Wednesday, January 05 2011

    New single in the works.

    The Vampire Diaries fans can look forward to something special from Katerina Graham (Bonnie) soon. The actress has been busy paying more attention to her music career and has recorded a new cover of a Janet Jackson song, though she has yet to reveal which tune she has made her own.

    The song will soon be released as a video. Graham told ZapIt , "We had Laurieann Gibson, who is an amazing... » Read More

    The Vampire Diaries Casting For Klaus.

    Tuesday, January 04 2011

    Klaus is coming.

    Although The Vampire Diaries may be on a hiatus that feels like it's lasting forever, that doesn't mean that the people at the show are on holiday. In fact, they're working hard finishing off this season's episodes and putting the pieces together for the arrival of Klaus, the ancient vamp who is destined to come to town for a blood bath some time in the near future.

    Although lots of names have... » Read More

    2010 The Vampire Diaries Season 2 Commentary. (Poll Included)

    Friday, December 31 2010

    Things got fleshed out and torn apart.

    The second year of The Vampire Diaries has proven to be just about as blood soaked and fast paced as the first. There have been plenty more vampires and witches added into the mix but the game changer so far has been the addition of werewolves to the world of Mystic Falls.

    Spicing up the triangle.
    Although the unending Damon, Stefan and Elena triangle is still a... » Read More

    The Vampire Diaries Alum Trent Ford In Possessions.

    Tuesday, December 28 2010

    A different kind of supernatural experience.

    He didn't last very long on The Vampire Diaries , in fact, Elijah took off his head after two episodes, but Trent Ford (ex-Trevor) likely left a lasting impression on some viewers. If you were one of them, you'll be happy to know that the actor recently wrapped up a starring role in the upcoming feature film "Possessions." Ford plays the role of Orlando, an alcoholic salesman who wakes... » Read More

    The Vampire Diaries Poll: Christmas Wishes.

    Thursday, December 23 2010

    Christmas in Mystic Falls.

    Although vampires are hardly a festive lot, particularly when it comes to cross related holidays like the one happening this weekend, there could still be plenty of fun to be had in Mystic Falls, whether with one of the vamps or the other members of the town.

    Happy holidays everyone! » Read More

    The Vampire Diaries Books: Nightfall Available Free Online.

    Wednesday, December 22 2010

    Reading material.

    If you're looking for something to read over the holidays, and another way to get your The Vampire Diaries fix, you can read "Nightfall," the first part of The Vampire Diaries: The Return trilogy by L.J. Smith.

    Published last year, the novel follows Elena as she deals with her special powers. While Stefan tries to keep her safe, Damon attempts to lure her into power games and his bed. But things... » Read More

    The Vampire Diaries Video Interviews: Holiday Plans.

    Wednesday, December 22 2010

    "I love the taste of eggnog. It's so amazing."

    Members of the cast of The Vampire Diaries took a moment to let Zap2it in on what they are planning, and not planning, to do over the holidays, share their New Year's resolutions, talk about tobogganing and they even got Kat Graham (Bonnie) to show off her Santa socks. » Read More

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