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    The Vampire Diaries: Upcoming Spoilers. - Vampire Diaries News -

    The Vampire Diaries: Upcoming Spoilers.

    Tuesday, October 12 2010

    Mason vs. Damon (
    Here's a look at what's coming up on The Vampire Diaries.

    Stefan and Damon launch their latest plan on how to take down Katherine when the Lockwood’s masquerade ball rolls around. They recruit Bonnie, Jeremy and Alaric to back them up but she's already one step ahead of them. Jeremy will become a more central character as he joins forces with Alaric. He's tired of being pushed around and treated like a second rate character so he marshals up all his frustration and puts that energy into the fight that's brewing. Meanwhile, the Lockwoods continue to lose the grip on their carefully controlled lives. Matt and Tyler start doing shots and this leads to trouble.

    Katherine and Mason get to display some of their chemistry (and skin) while their enemies are teaming up to take them down. She proves that age hasn't mellowed her at all though and that she is willing to sacrifice anyone to get what she wants. Future episodes will also dig all the way back to 1492 in Bulgaria to unearth her origins as a vampire. Digging up the past will also explain a lot more about her history with the Salvatore brothers and where things could be headed.

    Aside from all of the blood and bloodlust, there will also be some more just plain lust around. Our friends at TV Fanatic asked producer Julie Plec what fans could expect from Damon. Here's a sampling:

    "Might Bonnie get it on with Damon? Plec did joke that 'by the time the series is over, Damon will have slept with every man, woman, and child.'”

    Read more of what she had to say through TV Fanatic's Ahead on The Vampire Diaries: Romance for Bonnie, Lots of Sex for Damon and More!

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    Posted by Chrissi at Tuesday, October 12 2010 10:45 AM

    I voted yes. Sure. Why not!! As long as he is kept busy and having sex. :P

    Posted by babyshan211 at Tuesday, October 12 2010 10:53 AM

    YES YES YES YESSSSSSSSSSSS. BAMON BAMON BAMON BAMON.I love them together. So much fire and passion and they're just arguing right now. Can u imagine when they get together.

    Posted by nat21 at Tuesday, October 12 2010 03:27 PM

    babyshan211: even though Damon has chemistry with just about everyone else on the show, his chemistry with Bonnie is off the charts!!

    Posted by nat21 at Tuesday, October 12 2010 05:49 PM

    I was on the CW site and was looking at pictures for the next two episodes and from the pictures, it looks like there are a lot of screen time between Bonnie and Jeremy. Kinda creepy I my opinion as he's her "ex-bff's" little brother. Maybe he will be one of her love interest?!?!

    Posted by Lakshmi37 at Thursday, October 14 2010 11:07 AM

    I haven't cast my vote yet. I'll wait to see what happens on the 10/21 episode. But I do agree that Damon & Bonnie have chemistry, it's a "love hate" situation with those two. Remember in Season 1 he attacked her and she would have died if it wasn't for Stefan giving her some of his blood, and she blames him for her "grams" death. But I love when they go "toe to toe". But I'm kind of in agreement with *nat21, I have a feeling that her and Jeremy will start to see each other in a romantic way. He's been through alot also, every girl he gets involved with dies (Vicki,Anna), and I think that Bonnie could toughen him up a bit. Unless the writers pull a 360 degree turn and get her together with Tyler to keep his wolf tendencies in check. Eventhough I read somewhere that 2 new characters a father & son will be introduced later on in the season, and the son takes an interest in Bonnie. Now I wonder if it's true what supernatural abilities does he have.

    Posted by Lakshmi37 at Thursday, October 14 2010 01:29 PM

    Hi there good people,

    I just read something very intersting on A character is going to bite the dust. The cast and writers were here in NY for Comic Con, and they said that someone this season will die.

    Okay, start the guessing game, who do you think it might be?
    My money is on aunt Jenna, only because her character is not seen that often, or maybe Matt. I like him though.

    Until 10/21

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