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    Vampire Diaries - DAILY UPDATES

    Vampire Diaries Daily Updates -

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    The Homecoming.

    Thursday, November 10 2011

    The plan to take down Klaus heads in an unexpected direction. » Read More

    Ordinary People.

    Thursday, November 03 2011

    Rebecca tells the story of the Originals and Mikael tracks down the Salvatore brothers. » Read More

    Ghost World.

    Thursday, October 27 2011

    Many ghosts return to town for revenge and to help, but this leads to more difficult choices. » Read More

    Smells Like Teen Spirit.

    Thursday, October 20 2011

    School stars, Rebecca shows up, Vicki comes back from the beyond and she's not the only one. » Read More

    The Reckoning.

    Thursday, October 13 2011

    Matt drowns, Tyler gets bitten, Damon gets some useful information and Elena has her blood sucked. » Read More

    Disturbing Behavior.

    Thursday, October 06 2011

    Katherine gets involved, Alaric gets annoyed with Damon and Stefan's plan goes awry. » Read More

    The End Of The Affair.

    Thursday, September 29 2011

    Klaus and Stefan revisit their past while Elena and Damon try to hunt them down. » Read More

    The Hybrid.

    Thursday, September 22 2011

    Klaus' plan doesn't pan out, Caroline gets a surprise and Jeremy gets conflicting messages. » Read More

    The Birthday.

    Thursday, September 15 2011

    Tyler and Caroline give in, Elena turns 18 and Stefan sends his brother a message. » Read More

    As I Lay Dying.

    Thursday, May 12 2011

    Stefan makes a sacrifice to save his brother and Jeremy dies. » Read More

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