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    Vampire Diaries - DAILY UPDATES

    Vampire Diaries Daily Updates -

    There were no daily updates for selected period, you are looking at the latest updates.
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    The Vampire Diaries Recap: True Lies.

    Thursday, October 10 2013

    Jeremy and Matt are on the run with Katherine, Silas gets in Elena's head, and Caroline connects with Jesse. » Read More

    Vampire Diaries: I Know What You Did Last Summer.

    Thursday, October 03 2013

    Elena and Caroline lose a roommate, Stefan talks to imaginary Damon and Elena, and Matt meets a strange fate. » Read More

    The Vampire Diaries: Graduation.

    Thursday, May 16 2013

    Bonnie closes the veil while the undead fight to stop her and Katherine finally gets what she wants. » Read More

    The Vampire Diaries: The Walking Dead.

    Thursday, May 09 2013

    Bonnie drops the veil and Mystic Falls is swamped with spirits. » Read More

    The Vampire Diaries: She's Come Undone.

    Thursday, May 02 2013

    Katherine makes a deal with Bonnie and the Salvatores get desperate with their intervention. » Read More

    The Vampire Diaries: The Originals.

    Thursday, April 25 2013

    Klaus and Elijah head to New Orleans and discover something they were not expecting. » Read More

    The Vampire Diaries: Pictures Of You.

    Thursday, April 18 2013

    The prom comes to Mystic Falls, Silas makes many appearances, and someone gets their hands on the cure. » Read More

    The Vampire Diaries Pre-Empted Until April 18.

    Thursday, April 04 2013

    The Vampire Diaries will be pre-empted this week. » Read More

    The Vampire Diaries: American Gothic.

    Thursday, March 28 2013

    Beks and Elena hunt down Katherine, but she has more tricks up her sleeve. » Read More

    The Vampire Diaries: Because The Night.

    Thursday, March 21 2013

    Damon searches for the cure, Elena teams up with Rebekah and Caroline slips up. » Read More

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