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    The Departed.

    Thursday, May 10 2012
    Ric attempts to kill all vampires and Elena finally makes a choice.

    Elena wakes up and gets into her cheerleading outfit. She goes downstairs and yaks with Jenna about Jerry's bathroom habits. When her mom shows up, Elena wakes up. She's in the hospital. Dr. Fell tells Jer that his sister has been under a lot of stress. He calls the Salvatores to tell them. They think he's an idiot for bringing her to the hospital. They roll their eyes and decide that one of them needs to turn around. Ric is already at the hospital. He surprises Meredith in her office. As he pours out her stash of vampire blood, he explains that she's being fired as are Mayor Lockwood and Sheriff Forbes. When he walks down the hall to get Elena, she's gone.

    Caroline and Matt take Elena home. She starts flashing back to her cheerleading days when all they cared about was flared jeans. Matt kisses her and walks off. Bonnie lectures her for stringing him along. She wakes up. Matt's sitting beside her. She apologizes for stringing him along and worries she's making the same mistakes with the Salvatores. Stefan arrives. She's getting tired of being coddled by everyone. All of a sudden, Elijah shows up, looking for his brother. He promises that his family will scatter once they've disarmed Ric... And he promises to bring Klaus back to life after she is dead. Damon has been listening on the phone and moans. Elijah promises his siblings will honor the deal. She agrees to it.

    Ric surprises Jer at The Grill. He wants to know where Klaus is and offers to cut the vampires out of Elena's life with his help. He'll kill all of the originals and then himself once Elena is gone. "Be on the right side of this," he says. Jeremy goes home. He and Matt fill each other in. Matt thinks they should give Ric what he wants. Moments later, Jeremy calls and tips Ric off about where Damon is burying Klaus. However, he actually did this at the suggestion of Elijah.

    Stefan and Elena go upstairs. She gets emo. He promises that everyone will be safe tonight. After an awkward moment, he kisses her. "Just in case there is no later," he says. She goes downstairs. Matt makes her tea. She tells him that Stefan saved her life and he reminded her of why she should be alive. But when she's with Damon, he consumes her. Choosing one means losing the other. "I wish I had my mom," she says. She passes out and flashes back to having a fight with Matt. She called her mom to talk about it. She wakes up in a truck. The tea was drugged. Matt explains he's getting her out of town to keep her safe.

    Damon takes Bonnie down to the storage unit where he left 'the beef jerkified original'. When he opens the coffin, Bonnie asks for a minute alone to enjoy watching Klaus in misery. She wishes she could let him burn in hell but killing him would kill all of her friends. After she does her thing and leaves, Ric shows up and grabs Damon. He snaps his neck. Moments later, Rebekah arrives. She calls out for Damon. As she searches for him, Ric begins tracking her. Damon revives and pulls her into a corner. They try smuggling Klaus out. Ric catches up, grabs the coffin and stakes Klaus. He starts burning. As Beks screams, Damon tells her to run. Ric chases after. Damon calls Stefan and they start to worry that this will be their only goodbye. The news spreads fast. Elena yells at Matt that they have to go back. He tells her they can turn around or drive to Damon. She has to choose. She calls Damon to see how he is and then explains that she's going home... and not just to Stefan. He asks her who it would be if she had to choose between just the two of them. "No matter what I feel for you, I never unfell for him," she says. As she tells him he'll be okay, Ric pokes up again and begins pummeling him. He flashes back to meeting Elena in the past and mistaking her for Katherine. They have small talk and flirt. He tells her she wants a love that consumes her and then commands her to forget that this happened. He snaps out of it and fights Ric off. Ric suddenly starts dying.

    Caroline and Tyler find the sheriff and mayor. They explain what's going on and tell them they need to leave town or they'll end up dead. Caroline pouts. She doesn't know. Tyler talks her into it. They decide she will help her fired and then they will run together, even forever. "I just need you and maybe a curling iron," she says. Later, they meet in the crypt. She hysterically tells him Klaus is dead. He gulps and tells her she'll be fine. When he starts feeling pain, he asks her to go. She runs as he begins turning. Bonnie arrives. He congratulates her on her spell. He's actually Klaus. She says she only saved him to save her friends and she's sick of ghosts telling her what to do. Meanwhile, Rebekah calls Stefan and tells him that without her brother, she's not running. Ric needs to die.

    Matt and Elena are driving over the bridge. Rebekah jumps in front of them. They swerve to miss her and go over the edge. She remembers crashing with her parents and being trapped under water. Back in the present, she and Matt are trapped under water. Stefan swims down. She makes him save Matt first. When he pulls Elena up, she's rushed to the hospital. Damon runs over. Meredith stops him. She explains that Elena had a cerebral hemorrhage so she had to help her in the only way she could. Down the corridor, Elena suddenly revives. Meanwhile, Ric surprises Jeremy at home. He tells him he will always look after him. Jer doesn't understand. "Oh my god! You're a ghost?" he realizes.

    Cryptic Commentary: WTH? That leaves so many questions. So who is really dead? Ric? He's a ghost at least. Tyler? Or is Klaus just borrowing his body for awhile? Is that the only way he can get with Caroline? I think I'm actually looking forward to what's ahead for Bonnie. I don't even know what to say about the rest of it.

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    Posted by dairymaid at Thursday, May 10 2012 06:11 PM

    Yes, this final episode has left us with many questions! I am wondering if Matt is okay as well. So, it seems that Elena will be a vampire after all. So, if Klaus is possessing Tyler, where is Tyler??? Is he dead? Also, since Elena may be a vampire, will Bonnie make her a "daylight" ring, too? So, at least Kol, Rebekah and Elijah are still alive, too. Bonnie seems to be going on a different tangent and becoming a really tough girl and will not make it easy for anyone anymore! I am also hoping that Elena (vampire Elena) remembers that Damon compelled her to forget that she met him first! Maybe she will change her mind and choose Damon!

    Posted by allmylovingdays at Saturday, May 12 2012 08:10 AM

    I don't normally watch this show but my local station has a contest during sweeps so I watched and I ended up loving the Damon & Elena and wondered why she can't choose him! AND I knew she was drowning herself to break that and I was hoping that with cpr they could revive her.

    Posted by sandee1977 at Friday, September 28 2012 09:04 AM

    I started watching on Netflix. Elena kind of get on my nerves. She always thinks she knows what is great for everyone. I wonder if now that she is a vampire will she have the same sense of control she demands from and Stephen?

    Posted by jk jn fan forever at Saturday, October 06 2012 06:52 PM

    As a Delena because of the build up i was very disappointed in season 3. It seems Stefan can do no wrong but the minute Damon does one thing they treat him like its the end of the world .hope season 4 is better !

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