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Spoilers for the Week of October 17, 2016

10/17/2016 12:00am

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Season Eight - to be the show's last...

On Saturday July 23, Executive Producers Kevin Williamson and Julie Plec confirmed at the San Diego Comic-Con® that the upcoming season of “The Vampire Diaries” will be the show’s last. Watch the farewell video as the cast and crew recall the past seven years, what they’ve learned by being a part of the CW family and more… “We are one giant family, every single person here,” says Ian Somerhalder (Damon). “There’s something very special about that.”

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Friday October 21 8:00 PM:

"Hello Brother."

Season premiere!

Months after Damon and Enzo mysteriously vanished from the Armory vault, Stefan tirelessly pushes forward with their search.

Bonnie struggles holding onto hope that they will be found.

A dangerous encounter with an unexpected visitor leaves Caroline and Alaric fearing that someone – or something – may be targeting their family.

After following some mysterious clues, Stefan realizes that whatever has a hold of his brother may have a more damaging grip over him than he could have ever imagined.

Friday October 28 8:00 PM:

“Today will be Different.”

After learning that someone from Stefan’s past may be Damon and Enzo’s next target, Stefan, Bonnie and Caroline head to North Carolina.

There, Bonnie takes drastic measures in an attempt to break Enzo free of whatever has a hold over him.

At the Armory, Alaric and Georgie stumble upon a mysterious symbol that may be related to the supernatural force controlling Damon and Enzo.

Finally, Caroline gets an unexpected surprise from Stefan.

Friday November 4 8:00 PM:

Enzo continues to fight the control over him.

Bonnie finds herself at the center of a deadly game and forced to make a heart wrenching decision involving two of the most important people in her life.

At the Armory, Alaric researches a mysterious artifact that he hopes will help in their fight to get Damon and Enzo back.

Damon’s downward spiral leads him to Tyler Lockwood who attempts to talk some sense into him before it’s too late.

Friday November 11 8:00 PM:

"An Eternity of Misery."

Tasked with finding a mysterious artifact, Damon’s latest mission takes him to Texas where a violent run-in with Peter Maxwell leads to a surprising revelation.

After gaining the upper hand in their fight to save Damon and Enzo, Stefan and Alaric team up and uncover the origins of the mysterious force they’re up against.

Matt returns to the fray after his past and present collide in an unexpected way.

Spoilers, with more to come...

Tyler tries to save Damon from himself.

Look for many to set out on Damon and Enzo's trail in order to save them from the Armory's evil grip.

Bonnie struggles with how to help her best friend (Damon) and lover (Enzo).

Stefan leans on Caroline in his quest to save his brother.

Alaric and the twins will remain a presence.


Michael Trevino will return for the final season as Tyler Lockwood beginning in episode three.

CW President Mark Pedowitz announced at the Television Critics Association Summer Press Tour that they are in talks with Nina Dobrev to return to “The Vampire Diaries” as Elena for the show’s final season.

TVLine has confirmed that Tristin Mays will return as Sarah Salvatore.

"General Hospital's" Rick Hearst will guest star on The Vampire Diaries.

Nathalie Kelley has been cast in the recurring role of the evil Sybil - aka Evil Herself.

Allison Scagliotti has landed a recurring role as Georgie, someone driven by a darkness from her past, as reported by TVLine. She’ll first appear during the season eight premiere.

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Spoilers for the Week of May 09, 2016

05/09/2016 12:00am

May Vampire Diaries Spoilers image

Friday May 6 8:00 PM:

"Requiem for a Dream."

When Damon’s risky attempt to save Bonnie takes an unexpected turn, the consequences of his actions forces everyone to band together to help her pull through.

Meanwhile, when a new threat leaves Caroline’s life in jeopardy, Stefan makes a rash decision that ultimately forces them to face the fallout from their relationship.

Elsewhere, Enzo tries to hold it together as he painfully watch Bonnie in the fight of her life.

Matt takes matters into his own hands to save one of his closest friends.

Friday May 13 8:00 PM:

Season finale!

"Gods & Monsters."

Despite their best efforts to help Bonnie through the harrowing predicament she now faces, Damon, Enzo and Caroline realize their options are running out and drastic measures need to be taken.

With their only chance of saving their friend lying inside the Armory, Stefan breaks the news to Caroline that they may need help from an unlikely source – her and Alaric’s twin daughters.

Enzo keeps Bonnie preoccupied by bringing her back to their cabin but when his plan takes an unexpected turn, it’ll be up to Damon to make the ultimate sacrifice to save his closest friends.

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- Amy Mistretta