The Vampire Diaries Recap: The Cell.

Thursday, December 5th, 2013

Caroline and Katherine help Stefan overcome his PTSD, Wes passes down Aaron's family legacy to him, and Elena finds herself locked up next to Damon.

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In 1953, Damon visits Joseph Salvatore at the boarding house. Joseph vervains Damon and apologizes. He couldn't pass up the money. Damon stabs him before Dr. Whitmore enters. He thanks Damon. Now he won't have to pay Joseph. Present day…Damon thinks Wes is inviting bad karma as he's dosed with vervain. As Damon recalls, it didn't end well for the last Augustines when Dr. Whitmore tortured him for medical purposes. Wes points out he's ready to take his research to the next level after losing Jesse.

At the Salvatores, Katherine forces herself to journal per Stefan's instructions until she's bored. She doesn't know how he'll keep her alive when he can't help himself with his panic attacks. Katherine admits calling for backup when Caroline arrives with the safe Stefan was entombed in. Stefan thinks she's projecting her problems over the loss of Jesse. Caroline's there to cure his PTSD and opens the safe. Locked inside, Stefan asks if she knows what she's doing as she looks through her textbook. Katherine asks Caroline if she's slept with Stefan – he's good in bed. They argue until Katherine comes up with an idea while Stefan's freaking out. Later, Stefan wakes up with Katherine inside the safe. He begs Caroline to let him out before he hurts Katherine. Katherine reminds him she's dying and says, "You're Stefan Salvatore. Suck it up." Stefan can't breathe. Katherine can't stop talking. She thinks Stefan's using her to stay in Mystic Falls instead of coming to terms with Elena being with Damon. He fights the urge to hurt her. They're about to kiss when Caroline opens the safe, worried because they're too quiet. After, Stefan tells Katherine she was right all along. It's time for him to move on. She approaches him and they kiss. Meanwhile, Caroline leaves Elena a message to call ASAP as she overhears Stefan and Katherine making out.


Aaron thinks Elena heard Jesse killed himself when she comes to his apartment. She asks about his guardian Wes and is worried that he and Damon haven't been seen since last night. Aaron takes her to Whitmore House. On their way, Elena asks if Aaron thinks it's weird that his two friends committed suicide. She saw Megan's death certificate but knows she was murdered and Wes is involved somehow. Aaron will wait to see what Wes has to say. Elena's surprised when they get to Whitmore. Aaron admits he is a Whitmore after inviting her in. She's sees her father in a picture before Wes joins them. Wes remembers her father as being one of the best doctors the Augustines ever had. Aaron is shocked when Wes vervains Elena, and freaks out. Wes confesses, "I study vampires." He worked for Aaron's father. This is Aaron's legacy. Aaron realizes vampires killed his parents. It was Wes' reason for continuing Whitmore's work. He hopes Aaron will join him. Aaron punches him and grabs a gun and the family watch before leaving.


Elena wakes up in a cell next to Damon. He explains Wes' involvement in vampire torture, something he suffered at the hands of Dr. Whitmore in 1953. Elena wonders how Damon didn't go crazy in his five years there. He met a friend, Enzo, who had been there for 10 years by the time Damon was imprisoned. Elena cries. She can't believe her father would be part of this. Damon promises to get her out and tells her about his time with Enzo. They shared stories of revenge to keep each other going. Enzo baited Whitmore once to take him instead of Damon for torture. Elena thinks Stefan will come for them when he realizes they are missing but Damon confides that he never told anyone about this. Stefan wouldn't know. She's curious as to how he escaped the first time. He remembered being let out once a year on New Year's Eve and used to demonstrate the healing power of vampire blood to Whitmore's guests. Enzo came up with the plan for one of them to drink both of their blood rations. They played paper, feathers, rock to decide. Damon won. Damon's reluctant to tell her more but Elena thinks it's important before they become the next Augustine experiments. She promises not to judge him. He tells her about the next Whitmore party in 1958 after he had been drinking Enzo's rations for a year. Damon attacked the partiers but couldn't save Enzo from his cell after the house caught on fire. The vervain on the bars stopped him. If he didn't save himself they would have both died. Damon flipped the switch and left Enzo behind, screaming for help. Suddenly, Aaron's there, fumbling with a gun. He's ready to kill Elena for killing Megan or his parents as she denies both crimes. Damon confesses he killed Aaron's parents. The revenge he outlined to Enzo included killing every member of the Whitmore family except one who would bring another generation for Damon to extract revenge upon…and so on and so on, he always left one. Aaron wants to know how many Whitmore's Damon killed. Since 1958? Damon can't remember. Elena asks Damon who the last one was. It was Sara. Elena's upset, she didn't know. Damon says, "I told you it wasn't pretty." Aaron shoots Damon and Elena screams.


At his apartment, Aaron calls Wes. He worries that Damon and Elena's friends will come after him. Wes is sorry he's involved and tells Aaron to go to school and live his life.

Damon wakes up in his cell and guesses he had that coming. He realizes Elena's not there and screams her name. In the lab, Elena is strapped down. The patient next to her welcomes her and says, "My name is Enzo."

Violette's views:

I love how Caroline has taken on Lexi's role as Stefan's bestie now when he needs it the most but loved Katherine's help even more in this episode. Talk about getting cozy. At Whitmore, though, WOW! I guess we couldn't expect Aaron to want to save Elena, and as Damon said…he had it coming when he got shot, but the kid just rushed off as if he'd let bygones be bygones. What the heck? The best part of the episode, which was chilling to the bone, was when Enzo introduced himself to Elena. Looks like Damon will have another enemy.

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- Violette DeSantis

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