The Vampire Diaries Recap: Dead Man On Campus.

Thursday, November 21st, 2013

Elena and Caroline throw Bonnie a party, Damon tries to get answers from Maxfield, and Bonnie deals with being the anchor.

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Jesse is shackled in the lab when Maxfield feeds him undiluted Augustine blood. Jesse's strength surprises Maxfield as he breaks free and drinks the blood bag on his own. Maxfield fails to activate the emergency procedures in time.

Bonnie makes a video for her mom in the dorm when Caroline and Elena arrive. They don't care about Augustine wanting them gone and prepare to party. Bonnie goes to Jeremy on campus and is disturbed when she sees an old lady watching her. The woman appears in front of Bonnie as she tries to leave and says, "I'm ready." She touches Bonnie and disappears. Bonnie doubles over in pain.

In Mystic Falls, Damon overhears Elena invite Aaron to their party while he holds the phone. She then invites him and Stefan. After, Damon relays the message to Stefan who's remembering dying in the safe over and over again. He's not up for a party. At The Grill, Matt won't cut Katherine off if she translates the language he spoke in his video. She warns him that he's been activated by the traveler. Later she talks Stefan into a drink and offers to help him with his PTSD if he helps her with something. Soon Nadia arrives, followed by Matt with the traveler's knife. He hands it to Nadia who touches his face and asks Gregor why he's in Mystic falls. Gregor replies, and is surprised to see the knife. He was supposed to kill Katherine after Silas died. Katherine knows travelers are ruthless, manipulative hypocrites, like the traveler Nadia's grandfather was. Katherine stabs Matt and says he'll be fine. The knife was the only thing that would kill a traveler. Later, Stefan stumbles out of the bar afflicted with drowning flashbacks. Katherine follows and he chokes her. She asks for the names of the people he killed and reminds him he's in control. He names them until he lets go of her neck, and then thanks her. Nadia comes outside and tells Katherine to rot in hell for killing Gregor.


Elena and Caroline decorate the hall until Caroline gets a desperate call from Jesse to come before his roommate gets home. At his dorm, Jesse attacks his roommate before Caroline rushes in and yells, "Who the hell turned you into a vampire?" Jesse tells her everything he remembers about being locked in a cell and taken out for experiments. He left Maxfield locked in the lab. Elena arrives with blood bags and Jesse feeds. Caroline shows him how to heal his roommate and invites Elena to teach him about compulsion. At the party later, Bonnie makes small talk with Jesse and shares her mother is a vampire too. Nearby, Caroline worries that Damon will kill Maxfield but Elena says he's just questioning him. Alone, Bonnie senses the old woman who died and steps over to the other side. The woman's happy the pain is gone. Bonnie confirms it's the other side and shares she's the anchor when the woman admits she was a witch. Jeremy touches Bonnie and she's pulled back to the living. Meanwhile, Caroline and Jesse enjoy each other's heightened vampire senses while dancing. He remembers she was freaked the last time he tried to kiss her. She kisses him hard until he bites her. He rushes out, alone. Elsewhere, Aaron finds Elena who asks how he knows Maxfield. He's been Aaron's guardian since he was six. His parents died after they were found with bite marks on their necks…a bear got them. Caroline can't find Jesse but catches Elena rushing to call Damon.


Maxfield's strapped down in his lab while Damon explains how he will inject him with a flesh eating disease. To get healed he should answer Damon's questions. Damon asks why Maxfield's turning students into vampires. Maxfield spews the necessity of human trials. Damon injects him with rabies and asks what his greater good is as he prepares Ebola next. Maxfield confesses he's creating a vampire that doesn't need human blood. Soon Jesse will crave vampire blood. Damon receives Elena's call to keep Maxfield alive. Suddenly, Jesse arrives and demands to know what Maxfield did to him. He craves the girl he likes. Maxfield tells him they're monsters. Jesse's smells Damon's blood and attacks. Damon grabs him and warns he's older and stronger but Maxfield confesses Jesse's different as Jesse overpowers Damon. Elena rushes in and Damon begs for help. She stakes Jesse as Caroline runs in screaming. Jesse dies in her arms while Damon exclaims Elena had no choice. He leaves to deal with Maxfield. Elena apologizes but Caroline thinks the Elena she used to know would have given Jesse a chance.


Back in The Grill, Stefan finds Katherine's suicide note to Nadia. She can run from the travelers but she can never escape time.

Katherine jumps from the Mystic Falls clock tower but Stefan catches her before she hits the ground. She confides she's dying when he asks what problem brought her there. He reminds her she's Katherine Pierce, "Suck it up."

Bonnie's alone with Jeremy at the dorm when she sees Jesse. She knows he's dying. He doesn't want to but he touches her. When he disappears Jeremy sees her pain. It's worth it to Bonnie to be with Jeremy. Meanwhile, Caroline apologizes to Elena at the hall but she's still angry that Elena's with Damon.

Damon asks Maxfield about blood bag number 12144 at the lab and remembers that he was 21051. Maxfield's surprised – Damon's an Augustine vampire. Damon hasn't heard that name in the 60 years since he thought that operation was shut down. He decides to kill Maxfield who breaks free and activates vervain vapors. Damon's overcome as Maxfield tells him Augustine will be thrilled to have him back. Later, Damon awakes in a cell he used to occupy and touches the carving 'DS 53' on the wall.

Violette's views:

I'm reeling from the few surprises this week. Not a lot of them, but major ones. If having Silas and Amara dead was a worry to the entertainment factor, worry no more. Augustine – should this send shivers down our spines? I hope so. It was good to have Bonnie back and to peer into the life an anchor. She embraces anything life gives her from being a witch to being an anchor. We've hardly gotten to know Jesse and he's gone. Caroline can't catch a break in the dating department. Matt's free, but why are these travelers after Katherine and what on earth does it mean that Nadia's grandfather was one? More importantly, why did Stefan save Katherine's sorry butt this week? Okay, maybe the doppelganger for him is Katherine. It might be a suitable romance but short-lived if she dies in a few months. I'm still not disappointed yet this season.

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- Violette DeSantis

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