The Vampire Diaries Recap: Death And The Maiden.

Thursday, November 14th, 2013

Katherine looks for an anti-aging remedy, Silas comes back to kill and the two worlds get a new anchor.

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At home, Stefan has nightmares about dying until Elena wakes him up. She's been missing him and hopes they can start afresh. He explains his memories are back. She's thrilled. They go downstairs where he and his brother go over their history. After suffering a flashback, Stefan breaks a glass in his hand. Amara starts kicking in the basement. They head down to visit. She's yelling at the wall while Damon explains the situation to his brother. They need to keep her alive until they get Bonnie back. Amara tries chewing off her hands. Meanwhile, Jer tells Bonnie that keeping Amara alive might be harder than they thought. He thanks her for sacrificing herself for him. He's about to say he loves her but she stops him. They pay a visit to Amara and hand her a sandwich. She recognizes Jer as a hunter and puts things together. She can see Bonnie and touch her. That gives the witch an idea.

In Philadelphia, Silas sits with two random people at a bus stop telling them how much he loves love. He tells them the tale of his love affair with Amara. "Dude, are you okay?" asks the random dude. Silas continues and then shows them the gouge in his neck. He advises them to live it up. Bored, Silas liquefies the guy's intestines until he pukes them out. The bus drives up and Silas departs. Damon calls and begs him to hurry back. Silas has decided that Amara needs to die. They can spend the afterlife together. He teases Damon and hangs up. The vampire spreads the news. Elena doesn't want to give up. Stefan tells her that Silas needs to die and he wants to kill him. Jer pops up and tells them Amara can touch Bonnie. He suggests they make Bonnie into the anchor. Later, Elena tries to convince Stefan not to kill Silas. "If I don't kill him, I'm going to lose my mind," he explains.

At the university, Dr. Wes tells Katherine that she's aging... and fast. She probably has a few months left. Downstairs, Caroline runs into Nadia. She's been looking for Katherine, who wanders in and claims Nadia is her stylist. The blond walks off. Nadia forces her mom to sit down and reminds her of their bond. "Estrangement is so much easier," Katherine muses. Caroline drags her off.

Damon pays Tessa a visit at her cabin. He fills her in and suggests they make a deal to transform Bonnie a 'human tollbooth' between the dimensions. Tessa needs some doppelganger blood to do a spell that big. They head to Mystic Falls. Tessa cracks some jokes at Damon's place as they go down to see Amara, who starts begging the witch to kill her. When Tessa gets upstairs, Katherine arrives and complains about aging. She demands an anti-aging serum. The witch shrugs and gathers the doppelgangers together around a grimoire. They bleed all over it and Tessa starts to chant. Lights explode and the wind blows in. Amara disappears. Tessa grabs some candles and corners Silas in the library. They throw insults back and forth and then he impales her on a fire poker. Stefan calls and threatens to keep Amara alive if he doesn't come to meet him immediately. Back upstairs, Katherine won't stop bleeding. Caroline offers her some blood but Katherine can't drink it. Elena runs downstairs, rips the poker out of Tessa and drags her upstairs.

Silas finds Amara in the woods. She loves him but can't go on living. With some difficulty, he agrees to cut her throat. Before he can, Stefan rushes up and grabs him. Silas pushes him off and starts torturing him. Stefan grabs a knife and throws it into Silas. Amara starts convulsing. After pulling the knife out, she stabs herself right as Damon arrives. He grabs her and tries to feed her his blood. She's dead.


Back in the house, Bonnie tells Jer that they need to say goodbye. As they exchange their "I love yous', he notices that he can touch her. Caroline and Elena can suddenly see her. "I'm back," says Bonnie. Everyone hugs. The witch complains that it was never warm on the other side. Jer kisses her. Meanwhile, Katherine prods Tessa for a serum but the witch refuses. She drops dead in a pool of her own blood. Tessa's spirit then drops by to see Bonnie. She explains to the new anchor that every death in the world will have to pass through her and she'll have to experience it. Bonnie screams. Out in the woods, Elena finds Stefan and hopes he has managed to get rid of his suffering. He wishes she'd been the one to find him. Alone, Stefan buries Silas and collapses gasping, "No! It's over. It's supposed to be over!" Over at the school, Caroline and Katherine agree to keep hating each other. Nadia pops up with her mom's bags packed. She asks her to come to Prague with her. "I don't want to know you," Katherine says. She walks away.


Cryptic commentary: Silas was hilarious. How could they kill him off? Somehow I really hope he's a long way from gone. I'll admit it was actually kind of touching to see him with Amara. That's a backstory I would have liked to have seen more of. As usual, Stefan still can't catch a break. And poor Bonnie is kind of back but being more or less alive is a fate worse than death. At least she and Jer can hold hands now.

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- Matt Purvis

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