The Vampire Diaries Recap: Handle With Care.

Thursday, November 7th, 2013

Silas gets a shock when he finds the anchor, Katherine goes looking for some answers and Elena needs to be rescued.

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Katherine chows down at some diner but her meal is ruined when she plays with her hair and notices she has a grey streak. She heads back to the dorm. Caroline comes in and starts rambling about moving out before noticing that who she is talking to. She grabs Katherine's throat. Katherine reminds her that she needs her to help deal with Maxfield. Moments later, they swoop into Dr. Maxfield's lab and knock him out. After tying him up, they drain his blood. Katherine threatens him with a scalpel. He tells them there is a gathering of the secret society today. After Katherine heads off, Caroline quizzes the doctor about the society. He explains that her roommate was killed by the Augustine vampire. She orders him to forget everything and runs.

Pretending to be Elena, Katherine heads to the society gathering and manages to be invited in. She stuffs her face. Aaron giggles. She winks and asks if he's part of the secret society. He's clueless. Suddenly, she gags and spits out a tooth. Katherine heads back to the lab and throws Maxfield's tape at him. She questions him about his vampire experiments and then whips out the tooth. "I think I'm dying and I need you to save my life," she says.


Damon and Elena lounge on his couch, hoping that no one will show up to ruin their special time. Silas strolls in and throws open the curtains. He's looking forward to finally dying. Elena still doesn't trust him so he offers to pinky swear. He assures them Bonnie will be back but he needs to destroy the anchor first. It's in New Jersey. Jer pops up with his arrows out. Silas gets snarky and threatening. "I'm a supernatural Madonna," he quips. He forbids Elena to go with them. She's miffed. The lads leave anyway. Tessa calls Elena and groans when she realizes that her voice is as 'whiny' as Amara's. They trade some insults. Elena calls Damon on the road to complain. She worries that Stefan is mad at them and hangs up.

Stefan wakes up on Tessa's couch. He can't remember last night. She cheerily informs him that Silas is mortal now so she can kill him. Tessa vents about Silas. Stefan decides he needs to be drunk for this conversation. She gets smug, but as they head for the door, she notices there is a spell that won't let her out. Soon, Elena shows up and starts complaining about him sleeping with Tessa. After he tips her off that that didn't happen, she gets embarrassed and tries to leave. She can't.

Silas, Jer and Damon arrive in New Jersey. They bicker as they head into the storage warehouse. Silas has no idea where the anchor is or what it looks like. As they search, Bonnie's ghost shows up and hangs out with Jer. He urges her to have faith that things will work out. Meanwhile, Silas keeps mocking Damon. Tessa calls and asks him to kill Silas. She says she has Elena and threatens to kill her before hanging up. Damon and Jer go outside to talk strategy. "Plan is off," Damon says, running back in. Bonnie pops up and tells Jer it's okay if she stays dead. Back inside, a couple of witches have shown up and begin chanting at Damon until his skin burns. They don't want Silas dead yet. Damon kills them. He calls Tessa and she finally explains that the anchor is actually a 2,000 year old person – Amara. At that moment, Silas finds her in a crate. He gets her to drink his blood and she wakes up. They wander outside. He recaps what's been happening. She grabs a piece of glass and stabs him in the neck. After drinking his blood, she stumbles around until she bumps into Damon.

Out at the cabin, Tessa goes from talking about pizza to explaining Bonnie's death. Elena mopes in the corner as Stefan gets cooking. When Tessa wanders off to make a call, Stefan assures Elena that he has her back. He rushes over and stabs Tessa, throwing her at the ceiling. He and Elena take off. They head back to town. She thanks him for saving her. "With no memory, you're you," she says. He wanders up to his room. She joins Damon and her brother as they mope in the living room. Jer won't give up on Bonnie. Damon worries that they now have to protect Amara. He takes Elena out to the van. Amara is in the trunk. When she sees her doppelganger, she screams in terror.

Stefan heads back to the cabin. Tessa decides to give him his memories back. He gags as he has to relive all of the horrible things he's done. Stefan hits the floor as he relives his drowning. "I rescued you. Always remember that," she says.


Cryptic commentary: Oh man, now there are three of them running around. Why are we still stuck with only one Damon? The humor was great in this episode. I want to see more of Silas and Damon on the road. Stefan saving Elena (again) was a bit of an eyeroller. I'm just afraid that Tessa might turn Stefan back into his old, boring goody-two-shoes self. But it was nice to see Caroline and Katherine teaming up. We need some more of that.

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- Matt Purvis

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