The Vampire Diaries Recap: Monster's Ball.

Thursday, October 31st, 2013

Tyler sticks around for a while, Dr. Maxfield sends Elena a disturbing message, and Damon screws with Stefan and Katherine.

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Dr. Maxfield tempts Jesse with blood in his lab and records his observations. He notes that subject 62547 is focused on his hunger and appears to be a perfect candidate.

On campus, Elena wonders if her diary's sick of her writing about death only four days after learning Bonnie died. Stefan has it the easiest; he doesn't remember Bonnie, while Caroline and Tyler are distracted with each other. Elena's distraction is to find out what happened to Megan and if Dr. Maxfield is involved. Maxfield walks by, welcoming her back. He hopes she's going to the Whitmore Historical Ball. Bonnie watches Elena cry. Elena ignores Damon's call, and then he shows up. He hasn't replied to her invitation but learns Caroline got them costumes. After leaving, Elena finds a guy staring at Megan's memorial picture. He doesn't believe she committed suicide. He leaves without telling Elena his name. In the dorm, Caroline begs Tyler to go with her to the ball as Bonnie and Clyde. Even Stefan is going.

At a motel, Nadia argues with Silas on her cell. He wants Katherine back but Nadia's not done with her yet. Silas threatens he can still find her without his supernatural powers. She hangs up and is ready to move. Katherine wants to give Silas a sip of her blood and be done. Nadia warns that Silas needs every last drop.

At home, Damon confides to Jeremy, and Bonnie who he can't see, that he wants to work with Silas to bring Bonnie back. Bonnie thinks Silas has a plan B to destroy the other side. Damon considers Silas might cure himself, become a witch and swap his life for Tessa's once he kills himself. Bonnie warns there could be consequences and isn't interested. Damon can't hear her. Jeremy lies and says Bonnie's in. Alone, Bonnie reminds Jeremy there's always a price. Seeing Bonnie this way isn't enough for him anymore. He wants Damon to try.

In a bar, Damon offers Silas his help. Silas may want to break the mystical anchor of the other side but Tessa wants to protect it. He'll help if Damon kills Stefan.

At a restaurant, Nadia admits she would hate for Katherine to die on an empty stomach. She had herself turned into a vampire to haunt Katherine because she killed her mother in 1645. Katherine breaks a chair and stabs Nadia before running out of the restaurant.


Caroline and Tyler meet Stefan at the ball. Caroline went easy on him, he's James Dean. Damon sees him and texts Silas. Elena shows up as Anne Boleyn to great Damon, her Henry VIII. She notices Megan's friend and goes over to compel him to tell her if he killed Megan. He didn't but admits everyone around him dies. He tells her his name is Aaron before he leaves. Tessa arrives as Cleopatra and tries to buy Stefan a drink. He doesn't know who she is. Damon warns Stefan to stay away from her and takes him to another room. There, Silas says, "Hello, me," before Damon breaks Stefan's neck. Silas dresses in Stefan's clothes and explains to Damon he killed his brother to break their link. He wants Damon to keep Stefan dead as long as possible. Silas goes to Tessa to woo her. They dance but she realizes he knows more than he should. He admits his ego needs to hear how much she still loves him and asks where the anchor is. She's compelled to tell him she's at the dance to find a necklace spelled with a locator spell to find it. He compels her to forget their conversation. Damon texts Silas to hurry after breaking Stefan's neck again. Nearby, Elena finds Maxfield dressed as Dr. Jekyll. While dancing, Elena questions him about Megan. She laughs when he claims she was killed by a vampire. It doesn't matter what she thinks. People have noticed Elena and her friends. It's time for her to go back to Mystic Falls. Elsewhere, Caroline realizes Tyler came back to say goodbye. He's hung up on Klaus and wants to destroy his life like he did Tyler's. Meanwhile, Silas finds Tessa chanting with her newly found necklace. She thinks Stefan came to see the show. Silas collapses as Stefan wakes up in another room where he surprises Damon and breaks his neck. Stefan finds Tessa and punches Silas. Tessa reaches into Silas' chest and stops his heart. He will never find the anchor. At the end of the night Maxfield takes car keys from Aaron, his son, and warns him against talking to Elena. Upstairs, Elena thinks Damon found Stefan dead. It's Silas; Tessa had her way with him. Elena thinks this is good but Damon warns it's not.


Katherine finds Nadia in an alley and asks why she made up the story about her mother. It was a test, but she did kill her mother in 1492. Her name is Nadia Petrova - Katherine is her mother. Later, in a hotel, Katherine's sure Silas doesn't need her yet and tells Nadia it's nice to meet her. She shares how she went back for Nadia but never found her.

At the dorm, Caroline wants Tyler to stay and be the love of her life. She warns him not to walk away or they'll be done. He leaves her crying.

Silas sits dead in a chair at the Salvatore's while Elena shares Maxfield's warning with Damon. The wrong people are going to start asking questions if she doesn't drop out of school. Damon's happy when Katherine arrives. She's happy to see Silas dead but her feelings change to fear when she realizes Damon wants to feed her to Silas. Silas feeds until Katherine collapses but they hear her heartbeat. Katherine wakes up and asks, "Am I in hell?"

Violette's views:

Now I'm really interested in Dr. Maxfield. How creepy is it that he's discussing 'subject 62547'. Are there 62,546 other subjects? Between the addition of his son and Katherine's daughter appearing – WOW. Katherine being featured in this episode was great and the ending had highs and lows. Oh no, she died....oh man, she's alive! A heartbeat….really? One could only think that Katherine's daughter turned her before she returned to Mystic Falls. This episode could not have been any better. It was great having Tyler about. I'm disappointed he broke Caroline's heart but I'm glad she stood up for herself…and I hope we see Tyler on "The Originals." Did you love this episode as much as I did?

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- Violette DeSantis

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