The Vampire Diaries Recap: For Whom The Bell Tolls.

Thursday, October 24th, 2013

Stefan struggles through his confusion with Elena and Damon's help, Jeremy shares startling news, and Caroline and Jesse spend more time together.

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On the road with Damon, Stefan reads his old journals but still has no memory. He's not satisfied with the blood bag. He's under the impression he's the fun brother and Damon speeds up and crashes the car. Damon laughs as Stefan sits up and recognizes that Damon's the fun brother.

At home, Elena calls Caroline on campus and discusses whether leaving Stefan in Damon's hands was a good idea. Caroline catches up with Jesse for a study date and invites Elena to the remembrance bell ringing.

In a bar, Stefan has an urge for the waitress's blood. He wonders if being a ripper is not a problem with amnesia. Elena arrives but he doesn't know her. Damon hasn't caught Stefan up that far. Stefan leaves them and Elena tries to reach Bonnie. In the back of the bar, Stefan compels the waitress and wants to feed on her. Damon rushes in and grabs him. Today he's the safe brother.

Bonnie watches Jeremy work out at home. She disappointed he's upset but she can't help Stefan. Jeremy's concerned that no one knows she's dead. Matt calls freaking out. Jeremy meets at his house and questions why there are cameras everywhere. Matt doesn't know where he's going and believes whatever Silas saw in his head is still there. He doesn't understand why Bonnie hasn't called back to help him.


Damon and Elena take Stefan to the Salvatore crypt for the remembrance bell ringing. Damon rings the bell for relatives and notes which ones Stefan killed. Damon leaves when Jeremy texts him. Outside, Damon calls him. Jeremy knows where Bonnie is and needs to see Damon alone. Back in the crypt, Stefan asks Elena about her family. He wonders how he doesn't remember her. She's the strongest woman he knows after all she's been through. Elena takes him to the place they met at school. He realizes they dated and wonders why they aren't together anymore. It was her…becoming a vampire changed her. She takes him to the place where it happened. Stefan thinks he's an idiot for not saving her instead of Matt. He tells her it's working. She thinks he's remembering but he's just distracted and doesn't want to feed. He understands how he was different around her. She touches his face like she used to. He doesn't want her to pull away and goes to kiss her. She stops, "I'm with Damon." He thinks they should have told him. Before disappearing, he says, "Just like that, the hunger returns."

In the cemetery, Caroline and Jesse study while she rings a bell. He thinks she invited him there to prove she doesn't need her boyfriend anymore. She denies it and tells Jesse how nice he is. He kisses her and apologizes before getting back to studying.

Damon arrives at home. Jeremy is tired of lying. Bonnie begs him not to. Damon doesn't want him to say it. Everything will be ruined for Elena. Jeremy says it. "Bonnie's dead." Damon hugs him and later calls Elena. He needs to talk but she tells him Stefan knows about them and is gone.


Matt wakes up at home with his hand bleeding. He reviews a video and sees himself speaking in a different language. He picks up the strange knife. Speaking into the camera he tells 'Matt Donovan' that he's the passenger inside him. Matt needs to protect the knife at all costs or he will slit his throat. Matt watches as he cuts himself. Later, Jeremy stops by to talk about Bonnie.

Caroline thinks Stefan recognizes her in the woods but he's just been told she's his best friend. She realizes his desperate to feed and compels Jesse to hide. Stefan asks for blood bags but disappears on her. Moments later, Jesse leaves Caroline a message confused about being in a crypt. Stefan bites him from behind. He's happy he's a ripper who can stop. Jesse wants to leave but Stefan complains about his brother stealing his girlfriend and his girlfriend letting him. Caroline pulls Stefan off of Jesse and tells him he's not this person and once Stefan leaves, Caroline feeds Jesse her blood.

Damon and Elena find Stefan at home burning his journals. He doesn't want to be that person or live in the house. Stefan trusts Caroline who promised to call him every hour to make sure he doesn't go on a ripper binge. He leaves. Damon believes they just got dumped. Elena thinks Bonnie can help. Damon knows she can't. He's sorry – Bonnie's dead. Later, Elena can't believe this is happening. Damon holds her as Bonnie watches them from outside.

Caroline finds Stefan alone in an abandoned home. He asks what's wrong. Their friend Bonnie is dead. He wishes he could remember her. Caroline wishes she could trade places Stefan and have no memories. She can't move on and feels she has no one. Stefan says, "You have me." She's always there for him. He wants to be there for her.

Dressed for a funeral, Jeremy, Caroline, Matt, Elena and Damon gather in the woods to leave momentos for Bonnie. Elena leaves white feathers and Damon leaves her Grimoire. Bonnie tells Jeremy, "It's okay. They need this. I need this." Jeremy rings a bell. He doesn't know what else to say and repeats what Bonnie wants him to. Tyler shows up with a white rose. In the end, this is all Bonnie wanted. She'll be okay. They'll all be okay. Bonnie's father takes her hand as her friends mourn her.

In his office, Dr. Maxfield tells Jesse he has vampire blood in his system. It's good news. That's step one to becoming a vampire. Jesse's confused. Dr. Maxfield gives Jesse a shot as 'step two'. Jesse dies.

Violette's views:

That was a bittersweet tear jerker and very exciting. It was wonderful to see all the love for Bonnie, what a perfect tribute to her. Damon seemed so mature and a real friend. He seems to have grown a lot. Stefan has too when all is said and done, even if he doesn't remember much. It was certainly an episode of moving on. I wonder if Tyler will stay or if it's his last hurrah. Final thoughts...what is up with that knife Matt has to protect and who the heck is Dr. Maxfield? Favorite action scene to replay...crashing the car.

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- Violette DeSantis

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