The Vampire Diaries Recap: Original Sin.

Thursday, October 17th, 2013

Elena and Katherine share dreams of impending danger, a mysterious woman is all-knowing of Stefan's past and Damon's future, and Matt confronts Nadia.

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Stefan walks into a bar and feeds on the bartender before telling her to run. He walks outside and burns in the sun. Elena wakes up from the dream. Damon decides he wants the play-by-play despite it being about her ex-boyfriend. She gives him the details but doesn't know the name of the bar. Katherine shows up and says, "Route 29 – Joe's Bar." She's had the same dream. Damon can't find a bar named Joe's listed anywhere. Katherine calls shotgun and they take off.


Silas talks to Nadia uncertain if she really killed the traveler. To prove her loyalty he wants her to find Matt and kill him.

Matt sees Nadia outside the Grill and questions what happened to him. She's there to keep him safe from Silas who wants him dead. Nadia touches his face and calls the traveler, Gregor, forward. He's angry at her but she had to kill him and protect him within Matt's body. She asks him to call Elena to ask where Katherine is.

Katherine's asleep when they find the bar. Inside Damon asks about the wound on her neck. She explains what happened and mentions how a woman drove off with Stefan in the trunk. Katherine joins them. Suddenly, Nadia comes in armed after Damon chokes down a drink laced with vervain. She demands to know which one is Katherine. Katherine says Elena is. Nadia knows Katherine is a liar and shoots but Elena tackles her first. Nadia runs off after Katherine and Elena takes off to find them. Elena finds Katherine in the woods. Katherine sarcastically thanks Elena for caring. Nadia swoops in and breaks Elena's neck.


In a cabin, a woman brings Stefan a bag of blood. She's amused by the vampire doppelganger burdened by a conscious. He knows she pulled him in from the sun. She admits saving him from the lockbox in the quarry as well. He wonders how she knows he's a doppelganger. She's seen his face on another – Silas. He's the monster Stefan is after. She remembers Ancient Greece. He wasn't always a monster. She was his one true love. They were both gifted and were known as travelers. He wanted their love to last forever. Stefan thinks he knows the story about the witch trapping Silas' soul but the woman confesses she's Qetsiyah and he only knows the man's side of the story. She came back for Stefan after the Bennett witch lifted the veil. She asks him to call her Tessa before telling him more. Tessa was left at the altar by Silas who chose her handmaiden over her. The handmaiden resembled Katherine and Elena. Silas drank the immortality elixir with his new chosen one and left her behind. Everything needs a balance and the doppelgangers, the mortal shadow selves, were created. She needs his help to take down Silas after she makes him a daylight ring. Silas has had 2,000 years to hone his skills. He's angry with her for killing his love after she gave her the immortality cure. She wanted him to take the cure so they could live together as mortals. Tessa hoped Silas would take the cure and suffer on the other side with his love for leaving her. She's busy with a task in front of the fire. Stefan realizes she's not really making him a daylight ring. Tessa dumps her trust and paranoia issues on him. Later, Damon finds Stefan tied up in the cabin. Tessa's upset, Katherine's supposed to be with Damon since she took the cure. Stefan's surprised to hear about Katherine but wants to get whatever she's doing over with so they can defeat Silas. Tessa begins to chant while holding Stefan's head. She tells Damon she's frying Silas' brain. Stefan collapses in the chair with blood dripping from his closed eyes. She's done.

Silas finds Nadia dragging Katherine from the woods. She wants Silas out of her head but Silas asks her to shoot herself. Before she can he grabs his head in pain. Nadia grabs Katherine so they can get out of there.

Back at the cabin, Tessa wonders if Damon really wants to take Stefan home. Things are going so well without Stefan. The universe is working against them. Destiny has been trying to get the doppelgangers together forever. Damon's the obstacle standing between two fates. With Stefan linked to Silas, there's nothing keeping Stefan from going after Elena. Tessa wants to keep Stefan one would have to know. Damon repeats, "No one would have to know?" He wants to send Tessa back to hell instead. She escapes from Damon's grasp as Elena rushes in to Stefan.

In a hotel room, Katherine can't find out anything about Nadia. Nadia receives a call from Silas who warns that Qetsiyah's heading for Mystic Falls. Katherine grabs the phone. As much as she looks like his love, Silas can't stand the thought of her, but her blood is now the cure.

Elena calls Matt to let him know they found Stefan. She asks if he's okay; he sounded weird when he called earlier. He doesn't remember talking to her. Matt sees his muddy footsteps entering his house and finds a strange knife in his pocket.

At home, Elena thinks Damon's suspiciously quiet. She asks what Qetsiyah told him. The universe dictates that doppelgangers are fated to fall in love with each other. They're a lost cause. Her feelings for Damon haven't changed. Damon won't let someone's idea of destiny stop him from building a destiny with her. She is his life. They're kissing when Stefan wakes up. Damon welcomes him back and Elena says, "Stefan, we missed you." Stefan apologizes. He has no idea who they are.

Violette's views:

The story has so much potential to keep us coming back each week. It is hard to figure if our focus should be on Gregor and Nadia, Qetsiyah/Tessa, or the newly linked Stefan/Silas. Times they are a changing and it looks to be a bumpy ride for most, especially Katherine. I was proud of Damon telling Tessa where to go and for bringing Stefan home. He'll take his chances with her version of the universe. Only time will tell how much of the universe she controls. The woman did create the other, she wields much power. She's sure to make up for the lack of Bennett witches. The best twist, not only is Stefan a vampire and a doppelganger, he has amnesia. Surprisingly, that wasn't the funniest part of the a vampire walks into a bar...

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- Violette DeSantis

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