The Vampire Diaries Recap: True Lies.

Thursday, October 10th, 2013

Jeremy and Matt are on the run with Katherine, Silas gets in Elena's head, and Caroline connects with Jesse.

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Bonnie tells Jeremy about Silas killing her father and compelling everyone to look for Katherine. Whatever he wants with Katherine, they can't let him have it.

Along the roadside, Katherine runs out in front of a car. The woman stops. Thinking she's Katherine, the woman maces her. Katherine is taken aback by the pain she feels from knocking the woman out. Matt comes out of the woods with a gun.

Stefan envisions himself lying on the quarry shore with Elena. It's a moment that keeps him from falling apart. Elena tells him he's distracting himself before she starts coughing up water. Stefan struggles in his underwater tomb.

Caroline's surprised at all the faux-drama surrounding Megan's death. Elena saw Megan's death certificate. There's no mention of a gaping wound on her neck. It's a cover-up. Dr. Maxfield, their new applied microbiology professor signed the death certificate. Caroline's angry Elena switched their classes.

Damon and Liz overlook the quarry. She thinks it's too big a project to drain but she'll put some men on it. He receives a call from Jeremy - Matt found Katherine. Damon asks them to hide her.

Katherine argues with Matt and Jeremy. She realizes she's the leverage, 'the moonstone'. She doesn't want to be turned over to Silas. At a gas station, Jeremy avoids being seen while Matt goes in to get a beverage. Katherine's seen by the attendant who recognizes her and pulls a gun. They fight their way out and leave.


In class, Dr. Maxfield arrives and gives a history lesson related to the evening's bonfire. He wants them to imagine the smell of the rotting corpses burned during the civil war. Caroline finds Dr. Maxfield creepy but Elena thinks he's a hottie. He interrupts their chatting and directs the 'freshmen' to the class down the hall. After, Elena shares her mortifying experience of being excused from class with Damon who chastises her for not using violence on Maxfield. Suddenly, she sees Stefan. Damon's confused. Silas asks for her phone and she hangs up in the middle of Damon saying, "That's not Stefan." Silas wanted to apologize in person for not calling. Elena thought something awful happened to him. He claims it did, she fell in love with Damon. She wonders where he went but he knows Damon will fill her in. She just talked to Damon…he didn't say anything. Silas baits her with news that Jeremy was expelled. He wants to know if she knows where he is and repeatedly calls from Elena's phone to reach him until he receives a text from Jeremy about being on Route 9. Elena tells Silas about an old camp ground they went to as kids.

At the dorm, Damon warns Caroline that Silas has Elena. She realizes Elena was right all along about there being something wrong with Stefan.


On campus, Damon finds Silas alone. Silas quips it would ruin the fun for Damon to know why he came all this way to see Elena. He tells him to enjoy the bonfire. Later that night, Damon and Caroline look for Elena. Nearby, Jesse, who invited them to the previous party where Megan died, gets wood with Elena and tells her about Maxfield. He's a jerk, but brilliant. It's rumored he's a member of a secret society. Suddenly, Damon rushes over and knocks Jesse out. Jesse's alone with Caroline when he comes to. She apologizes for her friend and applies ice to his head. She blurts out she has a boyfriend and he talks about his ex-girlfriend.

Back at the dorm, Elena rips Damon's clothes off before pouring vervain down his throat and tying him to a chair. Silas got in her head. Damon asks, "What did Stefan tell you to do?" She's supposed to kill him. He spits vervain up on her and breaks Silas' trance. She can't believe she didn't see Stefan, "What happened to Stefan?" Damon explains but Elena has a murdering look in her eye. She stabs herself in the leg to resist her rage but gets angrier when he tells her what happened since she left. He asks about the feeling in the pit of her stomach over Stefan. Stefan's trying to reach out but she doesn't know where he is. Her anger calms. They have to find him. Damon says, "We will."

At a campsite, Matt gets wood for the fire while Katherine has a mental breakdown about Silas chasing after her. Silas approaches Matt and warns he can't cry out. Matt can and yells, "Jeremy, run!" Silas doesn't understand and touches Matt's temples. He sees Nadia and a man are already in Matt's head. He yells, "Why are you watching me, traveler?" Silas breaks Matt's neck and disappears. Matt gets up. Jeremy and Katherine run by but don't see him. He see's Bonnie who explains he's on the other side, and then admits she's dead.

Jeremy leaves Katherine to start the vehicle and goes to find Matt. Silas finds him and they fight until Katherine shows up and shoots Silas. Bonnie and Matt hug before he comes back to life. Later, Jeremy tells Bonnie he's there for her and will continue the lie about where she is.

Nadia and the traveler find Silas at the gas station drinking the attendant's blood. The traveler wants Silas back where he belongs, but Nadia doesn't and kills her companion. She invites Silas into her head.

Dr. Maxfield says goodbye before Elena leaves campus the next day. He knew her father, Grayson, and invites her for a chat after she asks if he forged fake death certificates like Megan's. She declines. Alone, her and Damon kiss. Elena will leave the campus mystery to Caroline. Liz calls Damon. They found something.

In the woods of Mystic Falls, Damon, Liz and Elena open a safe and find a body drained of blood. It's not Stefan.

Violette's views:

Well, Damon's touch hasn't softened. He's too eager to maim the innocent to save Elena. There's less campus drama than there was at high school and enough intrigue to make us wonder who the travelers are that want Silas back in his tomb. What is Nadia's agenda though? How cozy does she really want to be with the likes of Silas? Caroline moving on from Tyler is nice, but Jessie is no Niklaus. Maybe Jesse isn't a college student and has a hint of supernatural about him though. Elena's already on a road trip with Damon leaving the college mystery in Caroline's care. It will turn up the heat, but will it turn up the mystery dial? Too bad Elena isn't personally investigating the connection between Megan, Maxfield and her father. Final word, the travelers have me hooked this season.

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- Violette DeSantis

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