Vampire Diaries: I Know What You Did Last Summer.

Thursday, October 3rd, 2013

Elena and Caroline lose a roommate, Stefan talks to imaginary Damon and Elena, and Matt meets a strange fate.

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Elena texts Bonnie, filling her in on everyone's summer, including news of Tyler helping a wolf pack in Tennessee. Matt and Rebekah have sent postcards but she can't keep track of where they are. Meanwhile, Jeremy responds for Bonnie who thinks Katherine ingesting the only cure and having to adjust to living as a human is justice. She wonders if they've heard from Stefan. Alone with Damon, Elena has a feeling something bad is about to happen. He jokes it's college.

Before Elena leaves, Jeremy practices his story about burning down his house and faking his death. Damon promises to take care of him and jokes he'll forget about her as soon as she leaves. They kiss and exchange 'I love you's'.

At school, Jeremy thinks Bonnie's avoiding the inevitable and leaves her for class. Two classmates joke about him rising from the dead and shove him around. Jeremy retaliates and leaves them on the floor.

Rebekah tracks down Matt eager to take him with her. He's back in the real world. She asks him not to call, write, or miss her. Nearby, Silas sits with Sheriff Forbes and makes himself a drink of blood from her wrist. He's outing himself as Stefan's doppelganger and insists she never call him a vampire. He can see she can't help him and compels her to believe she saw Stefan.


On campus, Elena confesses to Caroline that she's dreaming about Stefan. Caroline thinks it's not too late to admit she's made a horrible mistake. They can't believe they made it. They can't hear but Bonnie says, "We're all here together." They're ready to celebrate when their new roommate Megan arrives. Elena calls Damon to complain about the mix-up with Bonnie not being there but knows they can't recreate everything they had in Mystic Falls. The roomies walk the campus and set ground rules before returning to the dorm to get ready for a party. Caroline snoops, irritated by Megan's stuff while Megan showers. She drinks one of Megan's beverages and chokes on vervain. Megan runs out worried in a towel, thinking someone's dying. Caroline's sorry, the water went down the wrong pipe. Later they meet Megan at the party and can't get into the house. They are certain Megan knows about vampires and plan on grabbing her when she leaves. Moments later they receive a frantic call from Megan screaming for help before she falls from a window above in front of them with a vampire bite. A police officer responding at the scene claims Megan left behind a suicide note. Elena and Caroline don't give up Megan's phone when the officer asks about it. They review it later and see a picture of Megan with Elena's father on it.

From Stefan's underwater grave he has an imaginary conversation with Damon telling him to turn off his humanity switch.

Damon sees that Katherine's a mess. He offers his blood, promising to make her a vampire again. No one has ever taken the cure so she doesn't know if that will work. She has nowhere else to go and worries about her enemies finding out she is human. They're interrupted when Jeremy's principle calls. Katherine says they'll find him and then lets Damon know he's been expelled. Damon finds Jeremy at the bar and reprimands him. Silas arrives and Damon welcomes him home with a weak hug as they exchange awkward glances. Damon's surprised Stefan knows Katherine is at home. Jeremy's tattoo feels funny when Silas touches him. Bonnie realizes the spell is broken and Jeremy warns Damon who doesn't believe him.


Katherine is bathing in Damon's room when Silas comes in. She invites him in thinking he's Stefan and he tries to drown her. She slashes him and escapes downstairs as Damon arrives. He shoves her into Jeremy, telling him to take her somewhere. Silas reaches him and wonders if he really thought his brother would leave him with the girl for three months without calling. Damon calls Jeremy to bring Katherine back at Silas' request.

Jeremy turns the car around and Katherine panics, grabbing the steering wheel. They crash and she leaves him alone on the pavement. Bonnie begs him to wake up until a car arrives. Damon rushes to his side and gives him his blood to survive.

Matt sees Nadia from his threesome with Rebekah at the bar while asking the mayor if he's heard from Bonnie. He catches her outside and she returns his ring. Someone grabs Matt from behind and utters a spell causing him to collapse.

Caroline listens to Tyler's message. The wolf pack needs him….he's not coming. Elena's on the phone with Damon explaining about Megan and the picture of Megan with her father. He lies about why he couldn't call sooner, not wanting her to come back to help.

Stefan has another imaginary conversation with Damon. He's afraid knowing how long it took him to come back before. Damon is telling him to turn it off when he hears Elena telling him to stay with her. His humanity is the one thing that makes him who he is…'Don't let go Stefan, for me'.

Bonnie listens to her father address the crowd at the Mystic Falls block party when Silas joins him on the podium. He announces his need for great quantities of blood and slashes the mayor's throat. Now that he has their attention he asks them to help find the girl that looks like Elena Gilbert.

Violette's views:

The season premieres never seem to be a letdown and we are dragged back into the thick of things in Mystic Falls. Last season may have left us wondering if we would hear from Stefan and his dialogue with Damon and Elena keep him in our minds. The threat of Silas is more real than last season and he's bringing down the house. Damon trying to keep Elena out of it is so Damon, and lucky for us, she and Caroline have their own mystery to solve. Great start to the season and glad to see more than one storyline to keep us on the edge of our seats.

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- Violette DeSantis

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