The Vampire Diaries: Graduation.

Thursday, May 16th, 2013

Bonnie closes the veil while the undead fight to stop her and Katherine finally gets what she wants.

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The football field is set up for graduation day. Kol calls all of the victims of Mystic Falls' 'heroes' together to plan revenge. Meanwhile, Lexi and Stefan are at the Salvatore's listening to Bon Jovi when Damon shows up. She grabs him by the throat and says she won't waste time on him. Stefan's drunk and mocks his brother as they discuss what went wrong. Vaughn shows up and shoots Damon. He lectures him until Stefan creeps up and rips out his heart. Stefan goes back to drinking with Lexi. They discuss Elena's feelings and he admits that he'd go back to her if it's what she wanted. Suddenly, Vaughn revives.

Dead Bonnie calls Caroline to say that she's trying to store up energy for another spell. She suggests they cancel graduation. Caroline says Hell will freeze over first. Bonnie leaves her body with her grandma. When she gets to school, Katherine shows up, looking for her immortality. Bon-Bon says she's out of luck. Katherine threatens to kill Elena. The witch snears. Meanwhile, Elena, Ric and Jer are drinking in the graveyard and joking around. Elena gets maudlin. They make her stop. Connor suddenly calls to say that he and the hunters want the cure or they will start killing random people. Ric heads to The Grill and starts threatening Connor, who is wearing a bomb. Ric drags him out and they explode. Back at the Salvatore's, Damon offers Elena the cure and insists that she take it. She refuses. Jer tells her he'll love her no matter what she chooses. Damon starts to cringe and reveals that he was wounded with a bullet dipped in werewolf venom. He teams up with Vaughn and they head off to find Silas. They go out to the woods and Damon claims that he dumped Silas in the river. They start bickering. Vaughn shoots him a few more times and demands to know where Silas is. Ric runs over and throws him off the cliff. He has the cure but Damon won't take it.

Alexander takes Matt and Beks out to his trailer in a parking lot. Matt's strapped to a bomb. He urges Beks to go. She promises to show him the world. Alexander hurls a dagger so she jumps on the bomb with Matt. She kisses him off the bomb. "I can't be killed and you can't miss graduation," she says. He runs and she takes off after him. The parking lot blows up. Matt jogs over to the football field. Caroline has been calling Klaus so he can come back and save Damon. Elena, Stefan and Bonnie arrive. Everyone hugs. The ceremony starts. Everyone graduates. Kol's in the audience with all of the other dead people who were sacrificed. He threatens Bonnie and tells her he wants the veil dropped completely. She takes Kol to see her corpse and tells him that she wants the same thing he does... then she traps him in an invisible box. Back on the field, the dead witches go after Caroline. Klaus suddenly shows up and starts decapitating them. Caroline gives him a smile. After everyone else leaves, Klaus tells Caroline that he has freed Tyler to return. "He's your first love, I intend to be your last," he says.


At the Salvatore's, everyone gathers around to talk about the other side. Lexi and Ric get philosophical. Elena thanks Stefan for never giving up on her. She gives him the cure and says he's an even worse vampire than she is. When she meets up with Damon, he tells her that he would rather die than be human. He's all wrong for her. She tells him that he's terrible but, even being dead, he made her feel the most alive. She loves him. They kiss. Stefan listens to all of this from the next room. He packs up his stuff to go. His brother comes out. "I'm not happy for Elena but I'm not not happy for you either," says Stefan. Damon goes inside and Ric congratulates him on getting the girl before he disappears. Stefan and Lexi drive away. She assures him that Elena will always be his epic love but vampires get lots of those. He just needs to move on. She vanishes. Meanwhile, Jer goes down to see Bonnie and her corpse so she can start her spell. Elena trails after them but Katherine corners her. They beat each other around the school. Katherine shoves a stake into her throat. Elena remembers her last words with Stefan. When Katherine tries to rip out her heart, Elena shoves the cure in her mouth, makes her swallow it and then kicks her off. Down in the caves, Jer and Bonnie kiss. The veil closes but he's still alive. She cast a special spell for him. He can't feel her. She's a ghost. "Tell Elena and Caroline I'm spending the summer with my mom," she says. The witch promises she'll be fine and leaves with her Grams. Back in town, Beks drops by to see Matt. Things are awkward. He says he needs to keep his love life a 'low vampire zone' but agrees to go traveling with her so she can show him how to live. Out in the woods, Stefan pulls over and discovers that Silas is still alive. When Bonnie died, the spell she cast broke. He can't be killed. He reveals that Stefan is actually his doppelganger, shoves him in a coffin and dumps him in the river.


Cryptic Commentary: The first forty minutes felt like they were hacked together out of two or three full episodes... but the last twenty minutes were mind-boggling. Nice little Klaroline scene and it finally looks like we might get some Beks and Matt action. So what will happen now that Katherine is human? Will she reach human-Elena levels of dull? Will they become friends? Either way, it looks like Silas is here to stay now that Klaus is heading for New Orleans.

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- Matt Purvis

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