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Thursday, May 9th, 2013

Bonnie drops the veil and Mystic Falls is swamped with spirits.

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Katherine goes out to the woods by the Young farm to meet Bonnie. The witch is charging up on energy so she can drop the veil. She hopes that Katsia can give her advice about how to put Silas down. Katherine doesn't want to deal with a flood of supernatural creatures. She can't walk away though because the witch cast a linking spell on her. They head down to a cave under the school. The witch starts conjuring and winds come to town.

At home, Stefan helps Elena train. She's still determined to kill Katherine. He wishes she'd fixate on something else. She heads off to see Caroline. They make a pretense at being polite but Elena's still obsessing about killing Katherine. Meanwhile, Stefan goes to see his brother at the hospital. The sheriff shows them that vampires have been feeding on patients. Damon tells her about the veil and Silas. The power goes out. The brothers look at a map and figure out that Bonnie must be using the triangle to cast her spell.

Beks is at The Grill discussing graduation with Matt. Caroline and Elena join them. Beks tries talking to her but Elena doesn't want to be her friend. Caroline wonders if that applies to her too. The lights go out. They head outside and the whole town is in a blackout. The Savatores pop up looking for Bonnie. Elena doesn't care about Bonnie. She just wants to kill Katherine. "They're together," Damon explains. They trudge off, bickering about Katherine. She remains sure that killing her enemy will make her normal again. He doesn't believe it. She stabs him and runs. Meanwhile, Stefan is inside the school searching with Caroline. They guess Bonnie must be underground. Bonnie is. After Katherine gives her the tombstone, the witch channels her expression to drop the veil. Katherine complains until Bonnie sends her away. Elena grabs her, stabs her in the stomach and then starts burning her face. Since she's linked to Bonnie, the witch suffers too. Stefan and Caroline find her convulsing. Stefan manages to break the fight up and explains she almost killed Bonnie. He offers to help her face her grief instead of distracting herself. She slaps him and plods off. Back in the cave, Silas pops out of his Caroline disguise. He's been able to get into Bonnie's head all along. Silas orders her to finish the spell so he can pass on. He leaves her to choke. Her grandmother appears and saves her. She tells her she can still stop Silas. Upstairs, Alaric pops up to see Damon. Ric confirms that he isn't Silas so they hug. Ric explains that the veil is only down in the expression triangle.


Beks stays at The Grill with Matt. They light candles. Kol wanders in. His sister cries. He drinks and explains that he's planning to kill Elena. Kol throws a broken bottle into Matt's shoulder and strolls away. Looking for a first aid kit, Beks finds Caroline cutting herself in the kitchen. Matt calls Damon and fills him in. Beks slaps Caroline until she snaps out of it. Back at the school, Damon realizes the Ric he's with is really Silas and starts to strangle him. Bonnie appears and begins casting a spell on him. He turns back into his true self and freezes.

Elena visits her brother's grave and weeps. She can't handle him being gone. Kol startles her and then begins pounding on her. Jer pops up before Kol can kill Elena. They are about to fight when Stefan runs over and snaps Kol's neck. The siblings reunite. Bonnie and Damon arrive. Elena apologizes to her and the witch promises to give the brother and sister as much time as she can. Stefan returns to The Grill and visits with Lexi, who teases him about Caroline. Meanwhile, Damon and Ric shove Kol in a trunk and drink. Ric hands him the cure he nabbed from Silas. "Get the girl," he tells him. Bonnie goes back underground. Her grandma orders her to put the veil up again. Bonnie refuses and black magic courses through her veins until she collapses. She's dead. Her spirit looks at her body. "I'm dead," she realizes. Back at The Grill, Beks and Matt wander into the street and spot her ex, the vampire hunter. The lights come back on and all of the other hunters appear.


Cryptic Commentary: This episode was a lot more horror movie than usual. Unlike last year's episode featuring people coming back from the dead, this time it was a lot less emotional. It was nice to see Jer and Kol and Ric. There were a few nice moments here and there but something felt kind of off. I guess this means we'll get all of the bloodshed next week.

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- Matt Purvis

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