The Vampire Diaries: She's Come Undone.

Thursday, May 2nd, 2013

Katherine makes a deal with Bonnie and the Salvatores get desperate with their intervention.

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At school, Caroline tries getting Elena to help write her valedictorian speech. Elena doesn't want to be there. Damon appears. They are really in her head. He thinks nostalgia will bring back her humanity. She says that won't work. Damon and Stefan pull her out of the Salvatore safe. She tells them to go to hell so they lock her up again and threaten to leave her there for years. Caroline arrives upstairs, eager to see Elena. Stefan won't let her. She begs. He gives in. She's brought Elena some blood. Elena drinks it and tells her she's not 'BFF material anymore'. She starts lashing out and tells her how pathetic she is for caring about graduation. When Elena attacks her, Caroline snaps her neck. She tells Stefan to do whatever he has to. The brothers take Elena upstairs and remove her ring. She doubts they'll really let her burn. Stefan pulls the drape back and she starts screaming. They let her burn and then use the fire extinguisher. "I'm going to kill you," she groans and taunts them. Stefan continues talking like a therapist before burning her some more. When they close the drape, she starts mocking Damon and then leaps at the window. They use the fire extinguisher to put her out again. Elena points out that they just proved she has no reason to fear them. The brothers go outside. Damon fumes about how hard this is. Stefan suggests they get someone who will really hurt her, like Katherine.

Matt finds Beks drinking at the Grill. She tells him she's finally free of her brothers. She says it's tragic how everyone is trying to fix Elena. He doesn't know why she's sticking around anymore and suggests she leave. Meanwhile, Caroline calls Bonnie and asks her over. She claims she's busy. Bonnie's actually meeting with Katherine. The witch wants Silas' tombstone. The vampire is reluctant but Bonnie promises to make it worth her while.

Outside of the Salvatore's, Matt meets Caroline and they talk. He tries assuring her that they will get Elena back. Beks shows up and offers to help him study. Caroline runs off to get flashcards and energy bars. She finds Klaus at her car. They take a walk. He says he can't stop thinking about her. She's afraid of him. Klaus thinks she's afraid of her own desires... But he's really Silas and he grabs her by the throat, demanding to know where Bonnie is. He shoves a stake in her and warns her there will be more if the witch doesn't come through for him. He leaves her there for awhile before re-appearing as Matt and then Klaus. He throws her on the ground and threatens to kill her mom. She drives off. When she gets home, she worries that her mom might be Silas. Eventually, Bonnie shows up but Caroline won't let her in. Bonnie opens the door and Silas suddenly appears. He's miffed with Bonnie and threatens to hurt the people she loves if she doesn't do his spell. Caroline runs into the other room and finds her mom on the floor. She tries to heal her with her blood but it doesn't work. She begs her to wake up to see her graduate. Eventually, Sheriff Forbes coughs awake.


Back in the Salvatore house, Beks helps Matt with his home work. Katherine shows up. They aren't happy. Damon appears and defends calling her in. Katherine goes downstairs and shoves her fist into Elena chest for a minute. She asks her what she said to Elijah. Elena mocks her as 'damaged goods'. Katherine doubts she could last a week on her own as a vampire. She leaves the safe unlocked. Katherine goes up to drink with Damon. She says that Elena will go straight to Stefan when she gets her humanity back. Stefan runs in to say Elena's gone. Damon calls Matt. Later, Elena's wandering the woods when Matt drives up. She threatens to attack him. He reminds her that they are friends. "But I'm really hungry," she says, biting into him. She only drinks a little before the Salvatores appear and pull her off. Damon threatens to kill Matt if she doesn't turn her emotions back on. When she accuses him of bluffing, Damon snaps Matt's neck. She's horrified. Damon shows that he's wearing the magic ring. As she cries, Damon tells her she's got her humanity back. She freaks out as she remembers all of things she's done. Stefan tries calming her. She walks off in tears. Later, Matt revives on the Salvatore couch. Beks assures him that Elena will be back to her 'dull self' again. He felt like he owed her. She apologizes for everything she's done to him. In the other room, the brothers tell Elena she should take it easy for a few years. She hates Katherine so much and just wants to kill her. Meanwhile, Katherine meets with Bonnie and asks her why she wants to 'drop the veil' to the other world. Bonnie won't explain but promises to get Katherine her freedom. She offers to make her immortal. Katherine agrees to that deal.


Cryptic Commentary: It was nice to see someone other than Damon getting tortured. The Katherine and Elena scenes were fun, but I have to admit that I cringed a little when she got her humanity back. Is this the return of dull Elena? I hope not. I'm amazed that she fell for the Matt trick though. It was far more believable when it looked like Caroline's mom was really dead. But am I alone in finding it hard to take Silas seriously whenever we see his 'true face'?

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- Matt Purvis

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