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Thursday, April 25th, 2013

Klaus and Elijah head to New Orleans and discover something they were not expecting.

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At the Salvatore's Elena starves in the basement. Damon wonders how long this is going to take. Katherine pops up. She tells him that Klaus is out of town for good. Over at Klaus', Elijah tells his sister that their brother has gone to New Orleans to hunt the witches he suspects of being after him. Elijah is mildly concerned but she doesn't care. "I'll stop them or help them. Depending on my mood," he says.

Hayley is at a bar in new Orleans. The barrista tells her that people like her were run out years ago. She suggests that she head out to the bayou to find the other Loup Garou. Hayley drives out to the woods. The barrista was actually a witch, Jane Anne. She heads to a cemetery to start a spell. Using magic, she sets Hayley's map on fire and makes her car break down. Once the werewolf is knocked out in the woods, a bunch of witches crowd around her.


In New Orleans, Klaus corners a fortune telling witch and demands that she tell him where Jane Anne is. She says Marcel forbids witches to give out information. Klaus heads to a bar and finds Marcel. They haven't seen each other in a hundred years. They taunt each other, but it's only in fun. The vampires start drinking and Marcel catches him up about getting the local witches wrapped around his finger. Marcel's army of vampires follow them as they go out to look for Jane Anne. They hunt her down quickly. Marcel begins interrogating her. She won't say anything so he slits her throat. Klaus is annoyed but his protege promises to find out whatever she knew. The original gets a tip about where Jane Anne's sister Sophie is. He tracks her down at the bar. She spots two vampires at the bar so she's not talking. Klaus tells them he will remove their spines if they keep following them. They go out to the alley and start harassing Sophie. Elijah pops up and pulls out their hearts. She's terrified. He wants to know what business her family has with his brother.


Klaus goes to a vampire bar looking for Marcel. When Marcel's minions aren't helpful, Klaus nearly rips their heads off. He's not happy and asks why he's being followed. Marcel rescues his minion and takes Klaus on the roof to tell him what he's done with the town. They spot a woman walking home alone. Marcel says he'll only kill her if she's dumb and jumps down on her. Elijah suddenly appears and informs his brother that he's found out who is conspiring against him. They head to a cemetery. Sophie is waiting for him. She tells him that Marcel is out of control and she wants his help stopping him. Klaus doesn't want to listen to this. Hayley shows up and says he should listen. Sophie warns that nature is cooking up something new. She tips him off that Hayley is pregnant. Elijah almost starts laughing. Vampires can't procreate but werewolves can. Klaus got stuck in one of nature's loopholes. Sophie explains that her sister's death was a sacrifice so they could get control of the baby. They threaten to kill it and the mother if Klaus doesn't help. Klaus does not like being threatened. Elijah calms him down. Klaus uses his superhearing to hear the baby. "Kill her and the baby," he declares, walking off. His brother follows him. He says this is their chance to start over. "Family is power," Elijah advises. He thinks they can build a home together. Klaus refuses. Elijah calls his sister to fill her in. She couldn't care less but he still thinks his brother can be redeemed. When Beks gets off the phone, Katherine is there and she's been listening. She's sure that Klaus is lonely and will want the baby.


Klaus goes back to Marcel's bar. He wants to know what his hold over the witches is. Marcel refuses to say. They begin getting territorial. Marcel insists that it is his town and his rules. He orders Klaus to show him some respect. Klaus turns around and kills one of his minions. He reminds Marcel that he is the only one who is immortal and no matter what rules he breaks, there is nothing that can be done. Klaus goes out and watches a band on the street. He spots the woman who Marcel pounced on, Camille. They talk about painting. He gets emotional. Klaus takes off and sits alone in a square. His brother joins him. They reminisce about how happy they were there. Klaus admits he's always been afraid of being hunted down by their father. He built this town and created Marcel, but Marcel took it over and bettered him. "I want to be king," says Klaus... and every king needs an heir.

The next day, Sophie tells Elijah her plan. Klaus needs to settle into Marcel's world. Klaus goes to see Marcel and offers to make peace. He offers his blood to heal the dying minion. After he and Marcel embrace, Klaus goes out to the Quarter and calls Caroline to tell her how much he wants to show her his favorite places. Elijah goes back to Mystic Falls to get his sister. She's not thrilled about his offer. Beks refuses to go anywhere and stomps off. Katherine tells Elijah that his brother is irredeemable and they should forget him. He says goodbye to her instead. Across town, Damon visits starving Elena and offers her a blood bag. Its full of vervane so she pukes it up. He tells her things will only get worse. Stefan joins them. She threatens to break both of them.

Cryptic commentary: I think Elijah telling his brother that he was going to be a daddy was the closest he's ever come to bursting out in laughter. That was a good episode. Noticeably different. It has a completely different mood but they set up the new dynamic very well very fast. I'm intrigued. I want to see more.

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- Matt Purvis

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