The Vampire Diaries: Pictures Of You.

Thursday, April 18th, 2013

The prom comes to Mystic Falls, Silas makes many appearances, and someone gets their hands on the cure.

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At home, Beks gushes to her brothers about how great being human is. They have a laugh about that then the three of them argue about Silas. Elijah sides with his sister. Klaus is furious and tells his sister he'll laugh in her face as she dies. After Niklaus walks off, Elijah demands that she live today as a human being. If she can, he'll make sure she gets the cure. Beks runs off to get Elena so they can go shopping for prom.

Bonnie goes to the cemetery to visit Jer's grave. She kicks herself for being so lame the last time he saw her. He suddenly appears and yells at her to open her eyes. She wakes up in flames. Later, she goes shopping with Caroline and tells her about her dreams. The blond thinks she needs some time off from mourning. Elena and Beks show up. The others abruptly leave. Elena steals the dress Caroline wanted. After learning this, Caroline drops by Klaus' place to complain. He chuckles. She begs him to get her a royal caliber dress. After he takes care of that, he spends some time with his brother. Elijah gives him the stake but Klaus is still worried about Silas. Elijah asks him to spare Katherine so he can love again. Klaus isn't sympathetic and gets threatening instead.

The Salvatore's are at home playing with a ball and counting how many days it's been since Elena killed someone. They argue about how to make her want the cure. Later, the Salvatores pick her up and insist on escorting her to the prom. They walk her through the picture yearbook. She hurries away and tries to start drinking but Damon keeps interrupting. She's uncomfortable when he refers to himself as her 'boyfriend'. "You're nothing to me," she says. He reminds her of her feelings. She insists they weren't real. Bonnie and Matt bump into her next. Elena tells her she's a walking reminder of everything horrible that's happened to her. The witch is upset and heads outside. She sees Jer again. He dances with her and tries convincing her to do the spell. She guesses he's really Silas and he gets threatening. Back inside, Beks chats to Matt and asks if she'd make a good human. He doesn't think so. Meanwhile, Stefan forces Elena to dance with him and tries reminding her of how that used to make her feel. She repeats that she has no heart. Damon squints at them. Elena spots Caroline and goes over to taunt her. The blond controls her rage. Stefan takes her away to dance. He admits that his feelings for Elena keep resurfacing. She's sure he'll move on without even realizing it. When she stands around with Damon, she complains about how much this prom sucks. Bonnie runs in. Across the room, Beks tries convincing April to make her prom queen. Elena threatens to kill her if she doesn't. April runs away. Beks sits alone and begs Matt to dance with her. As they dance, she tells him he's everything she wants to be. "I'm a busboy," he says. When she joins up with Elena, she fills her in about how annoying her friends are. Matt and Bonnie are declared prom queen and king. Elena decides that if they can't kill Silas, at least they can kill his witch. As soon as Bonnie is off the stage, Elena attacks her. Bonnie battles her off and runs. April and Matt appear. Elena smashes April in the head and bites her. Beks comes out. Matt begs her for help. He challenges her to save April's life, even if that means using her vampire powers. She does. Matt promises not to tell anyone. After he and April leave, Klaus comes out and teases his sister. He refuses to let her whim for being human cost him his sanity and orders her to tell their brother what really happened.

The Salvatores go outside. Damon is miffed with his brother for his little dance with Elena. Stefan taunts him until Damon lunges at him. Stefan stabs him. He's really Silas. "The witch is mine. Stay away from her," he warns. Damon runs off to the woods and finds his brother, who has also been stabbed. Meanwhile, Silas keeps following Bonnie around, warning her that she won't be able to control her magic. She yells at him until, he vanishes. Elena lunges at her and takes a bite. The vampire starts puking blood. Bonnie crunches her into a little ball. The Salvatores run over and beg her to stop. After the witch stops and storms away, the brothers knock Elena out. They realize that terrifying her is the key to getting her humanity back and lock her up in their basement. Meanwhile, Silas goes to see Elijah as Rebekah. He hands her the cure and she walks off. The real Beks calls in a panic.

Tyler shows up at the Lockwood's and Caroline runs into his arms. They dance around. She kisses him and he slips out. Klaus catches him on the porch. He offers him five seconds head start for Caroline's sake. Tyler runs. Klaus goes home and finds a letter from Katherine, warning him that a witch in New Orleans is out for him. Meanwhile, Bonnie tracks down Silas in a cave. She wants him to die and demands to see his face.


Cryptic commentary: Matt got most of the good lines tonight. Good for him. Silas got a few in too. And evil Elena has really taken over. That's the most convincing this character has ever been. Poor Beks... she messed up again. Even when she tries to be good it goes horribly wrong. All in all, a good episode, although the Caroline and Tyler reunion was pretty anti-climactic.

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- Matt Purvis

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