The Vampire Diaries: American Gothic.

Thursday, March 28th, 2013

Beks and Elena hunt down Katherine, but she has more tricks up her sleeve.

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Beks and Elena pull over in Pennsylvania to bicker. Elena feels hungry and is about to bite some woman but she blurts out Katherine's name. Beks tries talking to her but she's compelled only to speak to Katherine. The woman babbles but doesn't know anything. They head down the street. The next person they find saw Katherine two minutes ago. They start to search. Katherine grabs Elena but Beks knocks her over and they drag her into a restaurant. Beks sticks a fork in her hand when she tries to leave. They argue about the cure. Katherine thinks she can sell it to Klaus for her freedom. They swipe her datebook. Elena decides to take her appointments. They take her jacket and shoes before doing some Katherine impressions. Elena leaves for the meeting. Beks stays behind to mock Katherine. "The cure will only take away your immortality. Everything else you hate about yourself will still be there," Katherine taunts back.


Stefan and Damon drive out to get his car since it was abandoned by the side of the road. They debate strategy. Damon doesn't trust vampire Elena at all; she pisses him off. They drive to PA and take a stroll. They head into the restaurant and find Beks with Katherine. She tells them that Elena is meeting with Elijah and they are more than friends. Everyone cringes. Outside, Elijah meets Elena. He starts kissing her but he doesn't buy her Katherine impression. Moments later, Stefan calls. They bicker over the women. Elena tells Elijah he's an idiot if he's hooked up with Katherine. She spills the news about his 'girlfriend' killing her brother. He's shocked Katherine lied to him. "Duh," says Elena. She tells him the girl he loved is gone.

Katherine takes Damon and Beks to her house. She claims the cure has been stolen from her safe. Insults flow. Damon guesses it is in the fish tank filled with vervane. She shoves his head in but Beks stops her before she can escape. Katherine drops it in her hand and runs. She swallows it as Stefan walks in. The brothers bicker until Beks gasps. She says that she feels alive. When she grabs a dagger, the wound heals. They realize the cure was a fake. Meanwhile, Katherine races over to Elijah and snaps Elena's neck. He lectures her for killing Jer and then doubts her love for him. He walks away from her. She heads off and picks up the cure from one of her minions. Then she tracks down Elijah and shows it to him. She wants him to trust her and puts it in his hand. He wanders off and meets his sister. Beks tells him she just wants to be a person again.


Klaus is at home ripping the rotting flesh off his back when Caroline drops in. He tells her that Silas stabbed him with the stake and part of it is stuck inside. It's actually Silas in disguise and he warns him he won't be getting anything but misery until the cure is returned. Later, the real Caroline comes. He asks for her help and points out that if he dies, so does she. The blond digs through his back with a knife. She tries bargaining, insisting she will only help if Tyler can come back. They argue. Suddenly, the pain disappears. He guesses Silas was in his head but she brought him back to his senses. This scares her. He calls his sister to check in. She hands the phone to Elijah, who announces he is coming to town with the cure. Klaus says they can settle things like a family. He then points out to Caroline that he isn't scouring the earth for Tyler. They exchange awkward smiles. Back in Pennsylvania, Damon tells Stefan that endlessly repeating themselves is 'their thing'. Stefan doesn't want that anymore. He thinks things should change. They agree to continue trying to make Elena take the cure. When they join her, she challenges them to accept that she will never take the cure. They refuse. She says there will be consequences and then brutally murders the waitress. Elena threatens to kill hundreds more if they don't do as she says.


Cryptic Commentary: I guess it was only a matter of time before Elijah kissed Elena one way or another. It was so nice to see him again. I forgot all about his Katherine connection. Loads of comedy in this episode and it was a lot of fun to see Elena pretending to be Katherine. The Klaroline scenes were also very good. On the whole, a really well-balanced and more character driven episode than usual.

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- Matt Purvis

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