The Vampire Diaries: Because The Night.

Thursday, March 21st, 2013

Damon searches for the cure, Elena teams up with Rebekah and Caroline slips up.

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In New York, 1977, a couple strolls down the street and finds Damon's body on the sidewalk. Damon leaps up and kills them both. Back in the present, Damon has brought Elena to the city to stop annoying people in Mystic Falls. He tells her death goes unnoticed in a city that big. They look for lunch. Stefan keeps calling his brother, who assures him that he is actually on a cure hunt. He and Elena head to Billy's and he tells her about the old punk scene. He recalls feeding in the club only to be interrupted by Lexi. His story is interrupted when Beks shows up and smashes his head into a table. She lets it out that Damon is looking for the cure. He tries to cover and goes back to his Lexi story. Elena doesn't want to hear it because she already knows it ends with him turning his humanity back on. He mopes away to drink. Elena admits to Beks that she knows Damon is out for the cure but she's going to get it first. Time goes by and the club fills up. They dance. Damon and Elena feed off a woman together. He remembers doing the same thing with Lexi. Damon wanders off while the women bicker some more. He searches an old friend's office, assuming there must be clues about Katherine in there. As he gabs to his brother on the phone, he finds some of Katherine's old addresses. Elena interrupts and he goes back to talking to her about Lexi. He complained to her about loving Katherine and she pushed him to remember his feelings so he could turn them back on. Damon has to admit that Lexi turned his humanity back on... and then they did it on the bar. Elena cringes and then takes him up to the roof. She tries tempting him with sex and reaches into his pants. He says that won't work. He knows she's after the address list and she can't have it. He recalls trapping Lexi on the roof to burn and revealing that his humanity was never actually back on. Damon avoided her for decades after that. Elena doesn't understand how he could have hated Lexi so much if his humanity was turned off. She still refuses to take the cure. Beks pops up and snaps his neck. They steal the list and his car and drive away.

Caroline is grouchily cleaning up the Salvatore house. Klaus shows up. They begin arguing about Tyler. Stefan pops up to say he called Klaus over because he thinks that Silas is in Mystic Falls. Klaus drinks as Stefan recaps the Silas story. The three of them wander around, looking for clues. They find some of Shane's old spell books in his office and read up on 'expression'. When Stefan goes off to talk to Bonnie's dad, Caroline gets out a map and tries to figure out where the next massacre will take place. After she and Klaus get a tip from Stefan, they head out to the woods, bickering all the way about 'the allure of darkness'. "People who do terrible things are just terrible people," she says.

At Bonnie's, Silas/Shane is trying to convince Bonnie that he is really Silas. He reminds her of her ancestors and insists that they need to kill twelve people to bring everyone back... including Jer. He needs her to kill some witches. She's not wild about that. Silas tells her how hard it will be. Her father arrives and Silas goes back to being Shane. The men bicker until Bonnie blows up a window. "We need witches. A lot of them," she says. Bonnie goes out to the woods and meets her mom's friend, Asia. She calls out a coven to start the cleaning. Bonnie lies down at the centre of a pentagram and the chanting begins. Bonnie convulses until Stefan shows up and warns the witches that Silas brainwashed Bonnie. Asia decides to kill Bonnie and throws Stefan into a tree. Klaus and Caroline show up. The original won't let them save Bonnie because that would mean killing the witches and would give Silas what he wants. Caroline ignores this and kills Asia, which kills all the other witches too. Stefan takes Bonnie home. When she wakes up, she can't remember anything that's happened since just before Jer died on the island. Stefan has to break the news to her. When he gets downstairs, his brother calls him to explain his screw-up. Stefan explains his. Meanwhile, Klaus and Caroline spend all night burying witches. He lectures Caroline for killing twelve people and dooming them all. She starts crying. "Why don't you find someone less terrible you can relate to," he tells her. The blond runs away. When he turns around, Silas appears and thanks him. Silas wants the cure. Klaus isn't eager to give it to him. Silas pulls out the magic stake and tells him to reconsider. He gives Klaus an excruciating little stab and strides away.


Cryptic Commentary: So Damon and Lexi? I don't think I needed to know that. And that had to have been the cleanest punk club I've ever seen. But it was really nice to see that Beks and Elena now have some rather entertaining rapport. Speaking of which, Caroline can pout and spout morals at Klaus all she wants but she clearly wants something else. She really stuck her foot in her mouth when she ignored him and let her feelings get the better of her. Caroline, that was not cool.

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- Matt Purvis

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