The Vampire Diares: Bring It On.

Thursday, March 14th, 2013

Elena acts out, Klaus gets close to Hayley and the search for the cure goes nowhere.

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The Salvatore brothers argue about whether putting Elena on 'vampire Prozac' was a good idea. Damon thinks so but Stefan is skeptical. Meanwhile, Elena lies down in the middle of the road. A woman drives up and runs over to her. Elena pounces on her when she tries to help. Damon pops up and reminds her that she can't start killing people. He tells her to show restraint. She groans and mopes off. They go home. She showers in the morning and listens to the brothers bicker about her again. Caroline is there too. She needs their shower because it's the only one in town that filters out vervane. Elena strolls in buck naked as they discuss sending her back to school. Damon asks her to study hard, join in activities and not eat anyone. Caroline drives her over. She calls Tyler while Elena takes a poster about her brother's memorial off the wall. Matt pops up as Elena asks Caroline to get her back on the cheerleading squad. Moments later, they are in uniform and stretching. Elena watches a rival cheerleader head for the bus and follows her. She feeds off of her and steals her ribbon. When she heads back, Caroline guesses what happened and lectures her. Elena tells 'the queen' to back off.


When a vampire attacks Hayley, Klaus swans in and saves her, leaving the vamp half dead. He warns her that Katherine is still out to get her. He offers to protect her if she tells him everything. Later, Damon shows up at Klaus' place to question him about Hayley and Katherine. Klaus advises him to go and find the vamp he left for dead last night if he wants information. Damon goes looking. Stefan calls up after talking to Caroline and tells him that their plan for Elena is not working. He gets off the phone when he spots Beks. She asks him to help her find Katherine. She waves a vial of her brother's blood and says it can help them interrogate the nearly-dead vamp if they find him. They go hunting at the hospital. "You're like Sherlock Holmes with brain damage," she tells him. He notices all of the blood has been raided. They ponder. Outside, he bites a nurse and then sends her walking through the parking lot as bait. When the vamp stumbles out after her, Damon lurches at him. "Will?" Damon asks. They know each other. Damon rips out his heart anyway.


Back at school, Elena uses Stefan as gymnastic equipment while he tries to tell her about how bad mass murder is. "Maybe this is the better version of me," she says. Caroline forbids her from returning to the competition. Elena strides past her. As they do a routine, Elena steps back and lets Caroline fall flat. After the show, Stefan corners Elena to lecture her. He offers to take her to a bar to beat some people up. She lets down her guard for a second so he injects her with vervane. He takes her home. She strips. He accuses her of manipulating him like Katherine used to. She says she has no feelings and plays with her cellphone. He says he can't live with all the people she's going to kill. Suddenly, he nears noise. When he goes downstairs, he discovers that she invited a load of people over. He calls Caroline. She encourages him to have some fun. As they dance around, Elena spots them and stomps over. She abruptly tells them she doesn't care and walks off. Sheriff Forbes shows up. Elena throws her into the wall and is about to bite when Caroline runs over and stops her. Elena runs away. They chase her into the woods. Caroline calls her out. They pound on each other. The blond lectures her for hurting her mom. Elena teases her about Klaus. Meanwhile, Damon and Beks head back to his house and continue arguing about the cure. "Life sucks when you're ordinary," he tells her. He's sure that losing the cure is the best thing that ever happened to her. He gets a text about Elena being on the loose and sulks. He joins his brother in the woods and they stop Elena before she can kill Caroline.

Klaus has Hayley at his place. He quizzes her. She tells him about being an orphan. He offers to protect her if she'll co-operate. She drinks and then mocks his paintings. Klaus grimaces. He explains that painting is for control freaks and the rest of life can be like that too. She makes faces and teases him about Tyler. He prods her to tell him more about Katherine. He gets a call from his sister that Will is dead so she can go. She doesn't. They rip off their clothes and do it on the table. After sex, he notices a mark on her back. He explains that it means she from a long line of werewolves in Louisiana.

At the Salvatore's, Stefan and Caroline wonder how to get the old Elena back. She's not sure her friend has a reason to go back. He says they can't give up on her. They shake on it. Upstairs, Damon is giving Elena a time-out while he looks through old photos. She doesn't want to go back to being a 'scared little girl'. She's sure he likes her better the way she is now. He leaves with her for New York. Stefan calls him to say that he just got a tip from the sheriff that someone has been stealing blood. He assumes it must be Silas. Damon tells him to look after it himself. Meanwhile, Caroline shows up at the Lockwood's. Matt has to give her permission to enter. He hands her a note from Tyler. It says he can't come home as long as Klaus is around but he's left them the house.


Cryptic Commentary: C'mon, biting and stealing ribbons! That might be going too far Elena. But messing with Caroline; that is too much. I have to say, she's actually really good at looking dead eyed and vacant. On another note, I really don't like Hayley, and almost for the same reasons. And I really don't like hearing endless lectures about Elena going to the dark side. All the same, it was a surprisingly funny episode.

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- Matt Purvis

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