The Vampire Diares: Stand By Me.

Thursday, February 21st, 2013

Elena has to face her brother's death and Bonnie is pulled deeper into Silas' plan.

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At home, Elena stares at a photo of her brother and flashes back to his death on the island. Stefan explained to Damon that Jer was one of The Five. Becoming supernatural meant that the ring wouldn't work anymore. In the morning, Elena sits with her brother's body while Caroline cleans Kol's guts off the kitchen floor. Stefan whispers to Caroline about how denial is the only thing keeping Elena going now. They'll have to get Damon to use his sire bond to fix things. Elena interrupts to try and put a positive spin on things. She refuses to accept that her brother is dead. She plods off. Caroline tries calling Tyler. Stefan tells her that Katherine likely stole the cure to bargain with Klaus. The blond doesn't know if she should be baking casseroles or planning a funeral. They can smell Jer decomposing and decide to call Meredith. When she gets there, Elena babbles about how many times he's died before. She worries he could go crazy like Ric. The doctor explains that he is really dead. Elena freaks out and screams that they need magic. Matt arrives and stares at his dead friend. Elena tells him everything will be fine. Later, Elena and Matt have tea and chat about the love/hate relationship between Bonnie and Damon. Matt makes her take a walk. Back upstairs, Meredith and Stefan discuss people in denial.

Back on the island, Beks trails after Damon and demands to know where the cure is. He explains that Katherine took it and Jer is dead. He trudges off to find Bonnie and warns her that Silas is on the loose. They wander the woods. She babbles until she is shot with an arrow. Damon chases down Vaughn. Once he has him tied up, Beks joins them. They begin torturing him until the hunter admits that Katherine found him. She was working with Hayley and Shane. Damon wanders off to look for Bonnie. Beks drags the hunter into a cave. He warns her that Silas is running around but no one knows what he looks like. "If you don't use the cure to kill him, it doesn't matter if you're human or vampire; you're doomed," he says.

Bonnie wakes up on the ground. Shane is there and magically healed by Silas. He tells her that Silas will bring back the dead. Then he tips her off about Jer being drained. She cries. He offers her tea and tells her Silas can help them bring Jer back. The prof explains they need to kill another 12 people to bring back all the dead. She runs, but trips over Jer's corpse. She tries to revive him. This is a hallucination. That's enough to convince her to work with Shane. She tracks down Damon and tells him she can bring Jer back.


In Mystic Falls, Matt takes Elena to the stoner pit to see the graffiti Jer did for Vikki. He tells her that the dead aren't always totally gone. "It's okay to have hope," he says. She thanks him. Stefan calls to say Damon is heading back with Bonnie. They get to the Gilberts' when night falls. Damon tells his brother about Shane's plan to 'raise the veil' and bring back all of the dead supernatural beings from history. Bonnie goes inside and tells this to Caroline and the others. The blond thinks this is nuts. April calls looking for Jer. "I'm sorry… he's dead," Elena says. She goes upstairs and looks at Jer's body. Damon catches her shuddering. It's sunk in that he's dead. They take the body downstairs. She declares that she is going to burn down the house and douses her stuff with booze. There is nothing for her there but memories of the dead. They try to make her calm down. She collapses in tears. Stefan pushes his brother to help her. Damon orders her to turn off her feelings. Her eyes deaden. Later, Stefan thinks this was a mistake. Damon tells his brother that he is not enough for her. They share a close moment together. When they return to Elena, she sets the house on fire and the three of them walk out. Across town, Caroline calls Tyler and leaves a voicemail about Jer dying. She asks him to call her. Meanwhile, Matt drives Bonnie home. She assures him that everything will be okay. When she walks to her door, Shane is waiting. He admits that the mortals he's killed won't be coming back. Down the road, Matt pulls over and bursts into tears. And back on the island, Beks goes out to the woods and finds Shane on the ground. "Silas…" he gasps.


Cryptic Commentary: That was rough. I think this may the first time I've ever felt much for Elena. On the whole, it was a very strong, emotionally delicate episode. Not quite that episode of "Buffy" where she found her mom dead but close. As for the Silas stuff, I guess this is all feeding into the potential spin-off as well, since all of the relevant characters and places have now been dropped in.

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- Matt Purvis

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