The Vampire Diaries: Down The Rabbit Hole.

Thursday, February 14th, 2013

Shane is crushed, Katherine is back and Damon is tortured.

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Elena calls Caroline to fill her in about Shane running off and Damon being grabbed. Elena needs Klaus to give up the sword. Beks thinks that will never happen. Caroline is sure she can find it and bustles off. She soon returns to the Gilberts' with Tyler. They have the sword. She starts cryptexing. Klaus warns that the engraving on the sword is in ancient Aramaic. He speaks it of course. He decrypts it. Later, Tyler starts to get antsy. He's beginning to doubt that this plan will pan out. Then Klaus will kill him. She begs him to let her fix things. Caroline asks Klaus not to kill Tyler. They argue about the cure. He guesses she actually likes being a vampire. She challenges him to show some mercy. He gets her hopes up for a moment. For her sake, he tells her to make Tyler run… It's a head start before he kills him. Caroline joins Tyler outside. He says goodbye and promises that they will still find away. She sobs and makes him promise to run and forget her. They kiss and he shuffles away. Klaus comes out and tells her that he has shown kindness, all for her.


On the beach of the island, Elena mopes. Stefan assures her that everyone is there because they want the cure. Being a vampire sucks. He's wanted to be human for a long time. She hopes they can be friends. Beks groans as Elena molests his hand. Caroline calls Beks. She's surprised to hear her brother has been helpful. He wants her to live and die as she wishes. He tips her off that there is only one dose. She keeps that to herself. After joining the other two, they head to a cliff, Elena leaps over and Beks tells Stefan what she just learned. "There's still hope for one of us," she says. He admits he would still give it to Elena. She snaps his neck and runs off. Elena sees this and returns to him. He fills her in. She doesn't think that she can go back to being human again. She'll just have to live the rest of her life sired to Damon. They realize that if they can't cure Klaus, he will kill them all.

Shane, Bonnie, Jer and a witch head into some caves. The witch takes the tombstone he was promised and leaves. The other three shimmy down the caverns. Jer is worried. Bonnie promises she won't let Shane raise Silas. She'd kill him rather than let him hurt Jer. They move along. Jer gets shirtless and she starts a spell. Boulders begin to fly. Shane's legs are crushed. Bonnie and Jer head through the hole that just opened. Her Grams appears and tells her that bringing Silas back will bring her back. Jer tells her that isn't real; it's a hallucination caused by Silas. She snaps out of it. They go further in and find Silas. The cure is stuck in his frozen hands. She realizes the only way to get it is to wake him up.


Damon is tied to a tree and squirming on the island. Galen Vaughn teases him and shows off his hunter's mark. Vaughn shoves a poker in Damon's throat and tells him to start talking. He pulls him along, saying that he's using him to get to Bonnie. He needs the cure so he can kill Silas. But there is only one dose. Damon gets grouchier. They find a dead witch. Vaughn guesses someone else has been running around. They go down to a cave to fight. Beks shows up. The vampires attack him. He has some very fancy weapons and guts start flying. Stefan and Elena arrive. He sends her ahead while he pulls skewers out of his brother's neck. This is time consuming so Damon sends his brother ahead. Stefan soon stumbles on Shane but leaves him. Shane begins hallucinating visions of his wife. She promises that everything will be fine. Meanwhile, Beks congratulates Damon on doing something selfless for once. Further down the caves, Elena is attacked. Even further in, Vaughn finds Bonnie and Jer. He tells them that they have to raise Silas now. The witch keels over after the hunter stabs her. He and Jer start fighting. Vaughn is about to gut him when Elena rushes in and rescues her brother. It's not Elena though, it's Katherine. She rips open his neck and feeds him to Silas before grabbing the cure and running. Silas' hand revives and snaps Jer's neck.


Cryptic Commentary: Poor Jeremy. That lad just isn't meant to be with the living. This means that Elena will go into melodrama overdrive. But the real question is: why does Katherine want the cure at all? Is she working for Silas? Does she suddenly hate being a vampire? It wasn't all nagging questions though. Damon is the most fun while he's being tortured. This week, he re-enacted some sort of homoerotic version of "Black Snake Moan" with a Scotsman. Meanwhile, Caroline and Klaus arguing over Tyler was great. Just the way he led her on showed great comic timing. But I don't like Klaus becoming so nice, not even for Caroline.

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- Matt Purvis

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