The Vampire Diaries: Into The Wild.

Thursday, February 7th, 2013

Shane leads the crew out to an island in search of Silas while Tyler and Caroline battle with Klaus.

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Shane arrives on the mysterious island, a desolate spot near Nova Scotia, with the rest of the Mystic Falls crew. Beks starts giving Elena the evil eye. The vampire ladies throw each other around. Beks taunts her about Stefan liking her again. Damon teases Elena. She asks him if he'll take the cure. He doesn't want to speculate. Down the beach, Bonnie is feeling Jer's tattoo. He's enjoying that. She begins interpreting it, explaining the legend of Silas and how he was buried alive in a cave. Shane joins them to explain that the hunters were created to find Silas so they could cure his immortality and kill him. As the group trails along, Beks complains about how useless Elena is. At least Damon, 'has a nice behind'. As night falls, Shane tells them more stories, this time about magic caves. He explains that his wife and child died so he went down to the caves and poured his own blood into a well. It let him see his wife again. Suddenly, someone tries shooting Jer. An axe flies into their back. The group plods on. Damon and the professor bicker. Atticus suggests that Elena will drop him once she's cured. Elena tries assuring him that's not the case but Damon’s not so sure. He doesn't think it will be 'all unicorns and rainbows'. She kisses him. Meanwhile, Beks and Stefan sit down by the fire. She wonders if he still plans to get old with Elena. Beks admits she would give anything to be normal. He says he would take the cure only for himself.


In the cabin, Shane confesses to Bonnie that his wife was a witch. He taught Bonnie the magic that killed her. Only he can keep her alive and that means she has to return the favor. Out in a tent, Jer is grabbed. When morning comes, everyone else notices he's gone. They begin searching around. Damon corners Shane in a shed. The prof explains that his wife told him how to release Silas and how he had to commit three massacres. Damon just wants the cure. He ties him up and begins beating him. Shane tells him that his relationship with Elena is doomed. Outside, bonnie casts a spell that spreads a line of fire through the wood. Meanwhile, Stefan is stuck in the middle of Beks and Elena’s bickering. Beks saves her from a booby trap. Elena gulps and runs off. She gets to the shack and stops Damon before he can kill Shane. She lectures her boyfriend. He doesn't care about Bonnie or 'the lame ass cure'. He doesn't want her to be cured. Even if she really loves him, she'll just get old and die once she's cured. She asks him to be cured with her. "That's not me Elena. That's Stefan," he says, walking away. Back in the woods, Beks and Stefan debate about her Elena hate. She reminds him that Elena helped kill two of her brothers. When they get back to the cabin, no one is there but Elena. Beks notices the tombstone is gone too. She freaks out and accuses Elena. Gilbert offers her the stake as a peace offering. Meanwhile, Shane meets with Jer, Massoc the witch and Bonnie. "Silas awaits," says Atticus. Not far away, Damon Is attacked and subdued by a hunter.

Back in Mystic Falls, Tyler drops by the Gilbert house to tease Klaus about being trapped in the living room. Tyler is sure that he'll be able to kill him as soon as the cure is found. Klaus recommends he try drowning him. "Your mother was a fighter," he taunts. They insult each other all day. Caroline arrives when it gets dark. They begin clearing up the remains of Kol's body.  Klaus reminds them that he's saved both of their lives before. She reminds him of all the people she cares about who he has killed.  After she says he's not worth the calories it takes to speak, he pulls her in and drinks off her. Caroline freaks out. Tyler promises to fix her and asks that Klaus heal her. He forces Tyler to beg him to save her. Klaus taunts him. Tyler offers to be his slave again. Klaus refuses. Caroline asks Ty to take her away. When he gets her home, he apologizes and comes up with a plan. He takes her back to Klaus and leaves her at his feet so he can watch her die. Ty leaves. Klaus refuses to help. She's sure that part of him is still human. She knows that he’s in love with her and that means he can be saved. When she starts convulsing, he caves and cures her with his blood.


Cryptic Commentary: That island didn't look too desolate to me. So it was mostly Shane's backstory tonight. If it's to be believed, it was actually a bit disappointing. The Elena and Beks dynamic was good and even the Damon and Elena fight was nice. But I was a little traumatized by what they did to Klaroline.

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- Matt Purvis

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