Vampire Diaries: A View To A Kill.

Thursday, January 31st, 2013

Abby tries to stop her daughter and Kol's rampage comes to an end.

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Bonnie is at school blowing up balloons for the decade dance. Elena's babysitting Jer and Matt. She tells Bonnie her plan to kill Kol. When she tries doing the dishes, her hands burn. Bonnie calls her dad who explains he had vervane dumped in the water supply and he's cancelled the dance. When he orders her home for a family meeting, Kol lunges out and threatens to kill her. She fights him off with magic and runs.

Stefan wakes up with Beks. He gets his pants on and heads for the door. Klaus is there. His sister accuses him of being a 'creeping Tom'. Klaus is more worried about their brother being on a rampage. He wants some white ash. He's out of luck. Klaus asks Stefan to help him dagger Kol and solve their problems. They go home and Stefan asks him to babysit his brother. Klaus tells Damon that Stefan has already moved on from Elena. Stefan wanders off. Elena calls to tell him about Kol attacking Bonnie. She explains her plan to kill Kol and thinks they should get Matt to dagger Beks. She calls Kol next and says they need to talk about Silas. He shows up on her doorstep. She sends Matt out the back and insists he can only come in if Jer goes. Once the hunter is gone, she lets Kol in. They jibber-jabber about his brother. He makes drinks and she sends texts. Kol tells her he's known a lot of witches and Silas would destroy the earth. He thinks that would be bad. She caves to his claims. He's unimpressed and exits.


Stefan goes to see Beks. She's looking for some 80s clothes. He tells her the dance is cancelled. She asks him if he regrets what happened between them. He doesn't and suggests they go to the dance on their own. After they leave, Matt and Jer show up to dig around. Meanwhile, Stefan and Beks head to the school gym. He puts on The Cure and they discuss the 80s before dancing. Listening to Bon Jovi makes him happy. He recalls spending the decade with Lexi. After noticing she has the dagger, he manages to send a text to Matt, who hurries over and watches in the shadows. They start sliding around in the hallway. She has to take off her boots to do it properly. She realizes Stefan wants the dagger and hands it to him. Beks admits she wishes she was human and corny. "Let's go find the cure," she says.

Back in the Salvatore basement, Klaus lectures Damon. The topic turns to Klaus killing Carol. Damon suggests that Klaus is afraid Caroline will never forgive her for being 'a d*ck' without a purpose. They spend all day bickering. Klaus is disappointed by what a 'potato' Damon is. He teases him about having to live up to Stefan's example. He's sure that Damon also suspects that Elena will end up with Stefan again once she's cured.


Bonnie isn't happy when her dad takes away her keys and phone. He already lost her mom to witchcraft, he won't lose her too. Jer barges in. Her father tells her not to go. Before Bonnie can storm out, Abby suddenly shows up. Bonnie starts questioning her about Shane and telling her not to waste time with Elena. Jer nearly kills her. Bonnie reminds him Abby is her mom and sends him out. There's a family argument. Bonnie tips her off about the cure but Abby thinks she's the one who needs to be saved. They knock her out. Before Abby can drug her, Bonnie comes to and storms out.

When Jer gets home, Kol kicks open the door. Jer and Elena hide. Kol calls his brother and accuses him of selling him out. Klaus doesn't like that. He throws Damon around and runs over. All the while, Kol is busy chasing Elena and her brother around the house. He manages to shove a railing through her guts and drags Jer down the stairs. He straps him to a table and gets ready to chop off his arms. Elena runs down and attacks him. Jer stakes him and he bursts into flames. Klaus arrives as his brother turns to ask. He's upset and wants to kill them both. Before he can, Bonnie arrives. Using her magic, she traps Klaus in the living room. Meanwhile, Stefan fills Beks about Kol's death. She's furious he let her brother get killed. He says the cure is for all of them. Stefan asks her to take a leap and trust him. Over at the Salvatores', Damon greets Bonnie, Jer and Elena. Stefan comes in with the headstone. They wait for the mark to grow. Stefan says he didn't dagger Beks. Elena has a fit. Damon lets it spill that his brother has been sleeping with the original. The brothers bicker. They're about to start pounding on each other when Jer screams and tears off his shirt. The mark spreads all across his body.


Cryptic commentary: So Beks is the second woman the brother's have shared, or is this just a general creepy trend with them? Bonnie's scenes were actually really good tonight. That's what she's always need – a real teenage family melodrama. They got dangerously close to being scenes from and 80s sitcom. On a similar note, I'm a little disturbed that listening to Bon Jovi was enough to convince anyone that it's worth possibly destroying the world just to be human again.

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- Matt Purvis

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