Vampire Diaries: Catch Me If You Can.

Thursday, January 24th, 2013

Kol compels Damon, Stefan and Beks get together and Elena has a brainstorm.

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At the bar packed with people Klaus just killed, Jer calls him a 'd*ck' and refuses to kill their vampire selves. Klaus gives him a two minute head start and sends Matt out to the woods as bait. As Matt runs through the woods, a vampire attacks him. Jer kills him. Damon shows up and tells them they'll have to fight their way out of this. The boys start running. Damon kills a few newbie vamps. Another one lurches out and attacks Matt. Elena appears and saves him. The three of them run into the house. They hide out for the night. In the morning, Elena and Damon bicker. Damon tells her to take Matt home while they hunt. They grab their weapons and head back for the bar. The floor is covered in blood. They find a heap of dead vampires in the cooler. Kol comes out and admits he did it. He warns them that waking Silas is dangerous. His return could cause time to end. He suggests they call off 'the imbecilic treasure hunt'. When he threatens to tear off his arms, Damon lunges at him and Jer runs.

Elena drives Matt home. He's not thrilled that she left her brother with Damon. Jer calls to say Kol is after them and has Damon. She runs off and asks Klaus for help. He's finding this hilarious. She says they want the same thing. He calls his brother and orders him to leave Gilbert alone. Kol gives in and then compels Damon to slowly skewer himself as he teases him about Elena. He compels him to kill Jer and lets him go. Back in Mystic Falls, Jer gets his weapons ready and warns his vampire sister that his hunt instinct is in overdrive right now. Damon shows up. They head to The Grill. Damon's about to attack Jer but Elena momentarily snaps him out of it. Jer noticed this and runs off. Damon realizes what Kol must have done. He follows Jer into the caves, yelling at him to run because he's coming to kill him. Jer stops and bleeds on the ground. Damon corners him. Jer shoots him a few times. Damon later comes to and pulls a bullet out of his head. He grumbles and starts staggering after him again.


Bonnie is nodding off in Shane's office. He gives her a pep talk. The cops show up and arrest him. At the station, Forbes questions him while Bonnie and the mayor watch by video. He worries Shane is preying on her. Bonnie intrudes and Shane admits to her that he did convince the pastor to kill all those people. The witch isn't impressed but he argues it was necessary. Besides, Silas will bring them all back from the dead. "You're full on crazy," she says. He tantalizes her with the promise of seeing her Gran again. When he suggests that her use of magic is torturing her Gran, she starts torturing him until her dad interrupts. Shane gets her to focus and calm down. The prof warns the mayor that, without guidance, Bonnie is a time bomb. Bonnie and her dad go to The Grill. He wants to get her some serious help.

Stefan finds Beks lounging in his bed and reading his diary. He insists that he'd done with Elena. She has a plan to steal Silas' headstone from Shane so the prof will have to work with them. They head off to his office and dig around. She wishes he was more like his old, psycho self. He admits they used to have fun. They smoke some herbs. She lectures him about how love ruins your life. He tells her the sex was good because she's crazy. "You're hardly the model of sanity," she says. They hide when some dude shows up. He finds the headstone. Bek grabs him. They start torturing him. He bites off his own tongue and stabs himself in the head. They wonder whose handiwork that was. Elena calls and tells them what's going on with Jeremy. Beks goes home and finds Kol. She knows he must have sent Damon after Jer and threatens to dagger him. He says that the race for the cure is ruining the family. He nearly kills her but Klaus shows up. Kol races off.

Out in the woods, Elena chases down Damon as he stomps after her brother. She says he's strong enough to resist the compulsion. He's not. He can hear Jer bleeding and chases him down. Stefan suddenly appears and snaps his brother's neck. "You're welcome," he tells Elena. Damon later wakes up in a crypt. His brother had bled him out since they have no vervane. He locks him up and leaves. Upstairs, Stefan tells Elena she can't see Damon because he will make her free him. She questions him about Beks but he throws that back in her face, claiming he doesn't care what she does now. She thinks he's out of character. "You don't know what I look like when I'm not in love with you," he says, kicking her out. When she gets home, Klaus shows up and announces that Jer will be safer with him. Jer refuses to budge. Klaus smugly leaves. Elena realizes that if her brother kills one original, he'll kill his whole sire line. He only has to kill Kol. Meanwhile, Stefan shows up at Beks'. She isn't telling him where the headstone is. They agree to 'no feelings, no attachments' and then leap into bed.


Cryptic commentary: Another bloody episode, but finally Elena did the math and figured out how to grow the mark without killing thousands of people. I understand why the rest of the originals didn't suggest it, but what's the Salvatores' excuse? Stefan is back to being an interesting character again now that he has some distance from Elena. He and Beks actually are fun together. Damon chasing Jer through the tunnels and the woods like a zombie was probably one of the most hilarious bits all season. And Kol says that Silas' return could end time? Shouldn't everyone be a lot more worried about that?

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