After School Special.

Thursday, January 17th, 2013

Rebekah and Kol look for the cure and terrorize their old rivals.

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There is a candle vigil at the school for Carol. The chief gives her eulogy. Tyler's forehead creases until he can't take it any more and leaves. Elena thinks she spots Beks out the corner of her eye. Rudy is introduced as the interim mayor. As he gets up to speak, Elena wanders the halls and finds April sobbing to herself. "This is bringing up stuff with my dad. Oh and I know you're a vampire," April says. Elena's gob-smacked. Beks knocks her out. When Elena comes to, April confronts her for lying to her and compelling her.


Caroline calls Stefan at Mystic Grill to complain about everyone running off on misery benders. She thinks that Klaus killed Carol and asks him to keep it together so they can take care of things. Beks calls him next and says she's holding Elena hostage. He calls Caroline back. Meanwhile, the mayor and the sheriff discuss Carol's death. He knows it wasn't natural but wants the job anyway. Bonnie shows up as the sheriff leaves. She's not that thrilled her dad back but he insists he's there to protect her. Bonnie goes off to see Shane and complain about her father. He gives her a bone necklace from a 2000 year old witch. Shane sends her away. She passes by Kol in the hallway. Once she remembers who he is, she runs back but the professor is gone.


Stefan and Caroline go to the school to ambush Beks. That fails. Beks drags Stefan in to see the rest of her hostages in the library. She rehashes the story of the cure. Things get really awkward when Rebekah mentions that Stefan nearly destroyed himself trying to get the cure for Elena. Caroline says they broke up. Stefan coldly explains why. Beks wonders how 'the trollop' can be so horrible to Stefan. They tell her about the sire bond. Elena tells her to get another hobby. When Beks compels her, Elena admits she loves Damon. That makes Stefan feel worse. Beks calls Tyler to pay her condolences and ask him over... she has his girlfriend. Kol sticks his head in and pulls along Shane. Beks sends her brother off to beat some information out of the professor. She goes back to tormenting the others. Elena is forced to explain her attraction to Damon. She says he makes her feel free and Stefan looks at her like a broken toy. That hurts Stefan's feelings. "Welcome to the last 900 years of my life," Beks says. Tyler runs in. She compels him to turn and then walks off. Tyler tries to fight it, but can't. They run out as he transforms. Elena and Stefan do their best to secure a door while he lunges at it. Eventually he stops. Later, Caroline finds him, human and naked, at the foot of his mother's shrine in the gym. He blames himself for all of this.

Down the hall, Bonnie bumps into April, who fills her in about what's going on. The witch does a protection spell but that makes April start puking all over the place. Meanwhile, Shane makes Kol angry when he tells him he wants to free Silas. He claims he knows where he is buried and admits he had the council blown up to help bring him back. Kol skewers him with a poll. This also makes April start bleeding. Kol shows his sister that he has the spike that can kill them. They plod off. Thanks to Bonnie's spell, Shane isn't dead. Back down the hall, Stefan helps April revive with his blood and then orders Bonnie to get her out of there. Once they are gone, Elena wants to talk to Stefan about how sorry she is. Beks interrupts and offers to erase all of Stefan's memories of Elena. "Do it," he says. She laughs in his face. "I refuse to make you forget her the way Klaus made you forget me," she says.


Bonnie finds Shane in his office. She lectures him for nearly letting April die. He promises Bonnie that he won't let anything bad happen to her and insists that 'expression' isn't bad magic. Meanwhile, Stefan calls Beks over to his place. He breaks the news that Shane isn't dead and has been using some very bad magic. She explains that he has a dark agenda and is responsible for mass deaths. Stefan thinks they should team up and find the cure together. After all, they both hate their brothers and have no one else. Across town, April tells the sheriff and the mayor about Shane.


Out at the cabin, Damon listens to Elena's mushy messages while Matt and Jeremy work out. Jer complains that the vamp isn't being useful so Damon grabs him by the throat. Pizza arrives. Damon makes the boys take a jog and then bickers some more with Jer. Klaus shows up and isn't happy that Jer hasn't killed any more vampires. Damon shoots Klaus for killing Carol. Klaus grunts. Later that night, Damon whittles by the fire. Klaus criticizes his technique and then suggests they go and vampirize the local town. Back at the house, a pizza delivery girl (who Klaus has turned) shows up and tries to eat Matt. Jer stakes her. His mark grows. Damon has to bury the body. Elena calls to say Stefan knows about them. She thanks him for looking after her brother and then says she loves him and it's the most real thing she's ever felt. He promises to get the cure for her and asks her to come to him. Joining up with Matt and Jer, the three head into town. They find Klaus in a bar full of people he just killed.


Cryptic commentary: Finally Rebekah and Kol are back in the mix. "The Breakfast Club" references were fun and not forced. For a few minutes, this episode even felt like a horror movie for once. I'd have liked to see a little more of Tyler dealing with losing his mom. That was pretty short shrift. Shane continues to give me the creeps more all of the time. But the highlight was more of Rebekah and Stefan getting together.

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