Vampire Diaries Recap: O Come, All Ye Faithful.

Thursday, December 13th, 2012

Jeremy gets some therapy and Tyler's plan goes all wrong.

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Elena wakes up in bed with Damon. He made them keep all of their clothes on and reminds her that everything she feels might not be real. It still feels real to her. He threatens to break the bond but doesn't. Her phone rings before he can throw her in bed. She has to meet Bonnie and asks him to tag along. They head out to the lakehouse. Buff Jer chops wood until his sis and Damon drive up. Bonnie takes away his axe. Damon notices 'Professor Shadypants' is there. Jer has a hard time inviting his sister in. He nearly beheads her but she fights him off. Atticus Shadypants hypnotizes Jer. Elena reminds him of their family vacations and says their parents would want them to support each other. That doesn't go over well. Elena goes outside to mope. Damon joins her. She wishes re-programming people was easier. When she touches his face, he gets an idea. He goes inside and encourages Jer to try transferring his feelings. When Jer talks about his feelings for Bonnie, Damon runs away. Back outside, Shane tries to gossip with Elena. He mentions his wife and son are dead. Damon interrupts with an axe and gets threatening. The professor says he can take them where Klaus is trying to go. They go back inside and Shane pulls out his ancient rock. He explains that they need to dig up Silas so they can get rid of immortality and the need for blood.


Klaus is at home painting snowflakes for charity. Stefan arrives and Klaus sends his painting away. Stefan wants the cure to the sire bond. Klaus explains he got the sword, but he's waiting for Stefan to get the full hunter's mark. Meanwhile, the hybrids are whining in the caves about Klaus being the boss of them. Hayley shows up to say she's found a witch to save them. Tyler runs off to see Caroline in the park. He tells her they are going to push Klaus out of his body again. Tyler is going to use his own body to do it. Caroline pouts. She calls Stefan to complain about her 'dumb ass' boyfriend. He fills her in about the sword. She says they better get before the hybrids take Klaus down. She heads over to The Grill to stare at Klaus' snowflake. "There's something lonely about it," she says. He flirts. Meanwhile, Stefan goes looking for the sword but it's nowhere to be found. He calls Damon, who thinks he should just kill Tyler. They discuss Elena. Damon is evasive. Stefan meets with Caroline and tells her the plan needs to be called off. Tyler magically appears to say that won't happen. He calls his hybrids together and tells Stefan they can't be stopped. The hybrids take the vampires down to the cells and lock them up. Later, Damon calls and says he has a solution to their problem.

The snowflake party starts up on the Lockwood estate. Tyler tells his mom what's going on. She tells him to do what he has to do and be a leader. Caroline shows up and starts a fight with Tyler. She suggests they dump Klaus into Bekah's body. He likes that plan. Hayley doesn't and sends Shane a text. When Tyler walks away, Hayley snaps Caroline's neck. Eventually, April nearly trips on her body. Caroline snaps back to life and calls Stefan to warn him. She compels April to forget all of this but she's wearing a magic bracelet. Outside, Klaus asks Stefan what he's been up to. He tells him honestly and then Klaus opens up about the loneliness which killing people brings. Back at the lakehouse, Damon starts accuses Shane of the explosion. Bonnie and Jer come in with a stake to test his willpower. He passes. There are hugs. Damon stays outside while they play with Christmas decorations. Elena goes outside and tries to tempt him under the mistletoe. He refuses. She tells him to stop fighting his feelings. He just wants her to be normal again. He commands her to go home. "I'm setting you free. This is what will make me happy," he says.

Klaus arrives in the woods where the twelve hybrids have gathered. He chops them all to pieces. Back in town, Hayley tells Tyler that the hybrids are all dead. He goes out to look at their bodies. April is standing in the shadows. She opens up Bekah's crypt. Klaus has gone back to the party covered in blood and asks Carol where her son is. She doesn't know. He drowns her and walks into the field of fake snow. Meanwhile, Caroline shows up at Stefan's to complain about the chaos. They both feel bad, assuming Klaus has been killed. She tips him off about his brother sleeping with Elena. Stefan smashes his chess set.


Cryptic commentary: I know how you feel Jer. I always want to knock your sister's head off too. I think that episode was the most fun so far. Obviously some tension between Tyler and Caroline. That's okay, she'd be better with Klaus or Stefan. But Klaus, did you really have to kill Carol? That was nasty. Does everyone from "Y&R" have to die a horrible death on this show? But what I do like is that the brothers keep moving further away from being opposites and where they are the same keeps becoming more dominant.

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