We'll Always Have Bourbon Street.

Thursday, December 6th, 2012

Stefan and Damon look for a way to break the bond.

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Damon wakes up in bed. Elena leaps in. After sex, she worries about what to tell Stefan. He just wants to enjoy the day before facing that. Meanwhile, Caroline tells Stefan that Elena being sired is a disaster. Elena's a lapdog. She wants to talk to Tyler about what to do next. He heads home as Elena leaves. Stefan tells his brother about the siring. Damon thinks that's crap. They bicker about it and Stefan challenges him to get her to drink from a bag. At school, Elena asks Caroline and Bonnie if they can have some girl talk later. She spots Damon down the hall and follows him into a classroom. He offers her a bag and encourages her to suck. On his orders, she has no problem drinking it. She's relieved and runs back to class. He's disappointed. Over at the Salvatores, Damon is looking through his archive when they start recalling New Orleans in 1942. He remembers Charlotte, who he loved and turned back then. She was sired to him too and kept leaving bodies everywhere. He had to get a witch to break the bond. Damon tells his bro they're headed back to Bourbon Street.

Out at the Lockwood estate, Tyler and Hayley are trying to force Adrian, the last of the hybrids, to break his bond. Kim stops them and they walk out. Hayley heads to school and fills Shane in about the last holdout. He needs twelve hybrids for what he has planned. Without them, she won't get the information he has about her birth parents. Later, she meets up with Tyler at The Grill and pushes him to prove he's the Alpha of the pack. He walks across the room and starts a fight with Kim. He threatens her and orders her to take Adrian home.

Caroline, Bonnie and Elena are drinking at the Salvatores. Elena asks Caroline to lay off the Damon hate. They get wasted and dance. Then they hang out in the bathtub and Caroline worries about all of Damon's cooties. Elena disappoints both of them by admitting she slept with him. When she says she's falling in love with him, Caroline blurts out that she's sired. When Elena tries to boot them out, Adrian and Kim burst in. They fight and grab Caroline before vanishing. The ladies calls Tyler. They search the woods for her. Tyler tells Elena that the sire bond changes how you act, not feel. They find Kim torturing Caroline in the barn. She calls in the other hybrids and threatens to kill Caroline. Elena offers herself instead. Tyler leaps in and stakes Kim, ordering her to submit or die. She backs down and so do the others. Caroline and Elena hug. The blond feels like a jerk. Elena tells her to keep quiet about Damon. Meanwhile, Hayley heads to see Shane. He says her parents are dead but hands her the info he has. "Just because they're dead, doesn't mean you can't see them again," he says.


The Salvatores arrive in New Orleans. They soon begin arguing over Elena and how Stefan thinks he's all wrong for her. He recalls being with Lexi back in 42. She forced him to make nice with his brother. Then she lectured Damon for being unbalanced and having no restraint. Charlotte showed up with a corpse on her arm. It bled all over Stefan and that set him off. Back in the present, they go looking for Charlotte. They bicker until Charlotte leaps out of the alley where Damon ordered her to wait 70 years ago. They asks for her help finding the witch. They wind up finding the original witch's great-granddaughter. She claims not to be a practicing witch and says all the grimoires were lost in Katrina. Damon doesn't buy that. When he challenges her, she knocks him down and explains that the bond can't be broken with magic. Vampirism only heightens emotions. If he wants her free, he has to dump her. Damon meets up with Charlotte again and asks her to forget about him and find someone new. He chokes on all of this and walks out. On the street, his brother wonders if he can do the same thing for Elena. Damon flashes back to enlisting in the army and then bickering with Lexi about his influence on Stefan. She asked him to let his brother go. He did.

When the brothers get back to Mystic Falls, Caroline and Stefan catch up. He assures her his brother will do what he needs to do. Meanwhile, Damon heads home. Elena knows she was sired and asks if it can be broken. She insists that what she feels for him is real and begs him not to do what he's about to do. "I don't do the right thing... but I have to do the right thing by you," he says. She touches his face and asks if it feels wrong.


Cryptic Commentary: 1912 and 1942. Does that mean next season we get to see them with handlebar moustaches in 1972? That last scene with Charlotte and Damon was hilarious. They needed more of that to flesh out what he's doing with Elena. I'm not happy to see Team Klaus on a losing streak. These reformed hybrids are about as interesting as a group of recovering alcoholics. But Shane bringing people back from the dead... that sounds fun.

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- Matt Purvis

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