My Brother's Keeper.

Thursday, November 29th, 2012

Jeremy starts to lose control, Elena doesn't have any, and Shane gets more of what he wants.

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Caroline is on the phone harassing Stefan to come to her Miss Mystic Falls Party. He'd rather kill someone. She tells him to 'sublimate' but she's pissed when she hears Elena has feelings for Damon. Klaus ambushes Stefan in the woods and lectures him for letting his secret out. Stefan heads home to get some stuff. He runs into his brother and they bicker. Stefan breaks the news that he and Elena broke up. "Ohhh," says Damon, before explaining what he's learned about the professor. He offers to 'brother bond' with him but Stefan doesn't think Damon should be pretending he isn't happy about the breakup. Stefan goes over to the hospital and finds a convicted murderer cuffed to a bed. He forces him to feed on him and cracks his neck.


Caroline questions Elena's choice to dump Stefan. Elena admits her feelings for Damon have become more intense. The professor wanders by. He's a judge for the contest. Klaus shows up as Caroline barks orders. He reminds her that she owes him a date. Meanwhile, Matt and Jer are discussing their dates to the party. Jer shows off the super keg lifting strength he now has because he's a hunter. This worries his friend, who reminds him he lives with a vampire. When Jer goes to bed that night, he dreams of gutting his sister and wakes up with weapons in his hands. As the day goes by, Matt arrives and he fills him in about the nightmare. Matt tells him that he needs to tell Elena that being a hunter is changing him. Jer gets a text from Stefan, asking to meet. He arrives in the caves where Stefan has taken the killer he turned. He hands Jer a stake and tells him to kill the guy. It doesn't take much convincing. After his mark grows a little, Jer refuses to tell the vampire about. When Stefan tries to compel him, Jer stabs him and walks out. Jeremy goes off and loads up his weapons.


In a barn, Hayley is training Kim to break her sire bond. Tyler shows up to mope about Caroline going to the pageant with Klaus. She thinks they should go too, just to keep up their ruse. In the Lockwood house, Damon crashes in on Caroline and Elena to give fashion advice to April. Elena swoons. Caroline is miffed. Her friend stomps after Damon. He won't say he's sorry about the breakup. She admits it was because of him. They stare at each other until Shane pops up. He and Damon go outside to discuss hunters. He starts quizzing the prof about the pastor. As the pageant begins, Klaus arrives. Caroline grudgingly tells him he looks perfect. They spot Hayley and Tyler arriving. Matt wanders over to Elena and tips her off about her brother's nightmares. Matt runs up to escort April into the competition since Jer isn't there to do it. Elena sends Damon to look for her brother. Caroline flips out at Elena and tells her that seeing her with Damon makes her 'want to barf'. After Elena stomps off, Caroline vents to Klaus. She wonders if he would take the cure. Nope. He pours her champagne and teases her as he reads her old Miss Mystic Falls application. Tyler watches and cringes. He runs into Damon, who is staring at Shane and cringing. Damon follows the professor inside. He questions him some more about the hunters and starts to threaten him. Shane admits that only Bonnie will be able to access what they need to uncover the secret behind the mark.


Jeremy arrives at the pageant and chats with April. As she talks, he stares at his sister before making some cryptic remarks. Moments later, April is named Miss Mystic Falls. Elena spots her brother stalking off and runs after him. She finds him inside playing with his stake. "All I can think about is killing vampires," he says. When he shows that he's bleeding, she's tempted to bite him. They push each other around and then he stabs her in the neck. Matt arrives as he's about to finish her off. Stefan speeds in and sends Jer out. Stefan takes Elena outside and tells her what's going on with her brother. She says the old Elena is gone and he doesn't need to fix her.


Tyler and Hayley discuss when they became werewolves. They listen across the field to Klaus telling Caroline about the only moment he ever thought about being human. The bonding is annoying Tyler. As night falls, he goes out to the barn to check on Kim. She's broken the bond. He sends a text to Hayley, who just happens to be meeting with Shane. They've been in cahoots all along. Meanwhile, Matt finds Jeremy packing his stuff. Matt explains that Elena has moved out and he'll be living there to keep an eye on him from now on. Elena moves into the Salvatores. "Pick a room," Stefan says, walking out. Elena complains about how everyone hates her. Damon doesn't think he's ever seen her more alive. She admits she wanted to dance with him today. They dance before the fire. They kiss. She tears off his shirt and they leap into bed. Stefan has gone to Caroline's to drink and vent. She just thinks that Elena is lost. As they chat, she lets it slip that Tyler has been unsiring all of the hybrids. "Oh my God!" she gasps. They look over all of the evidence. "Elena is sired to Damon," they realize.

Cryptic Commentary: Thankfully we got some Klaus and Caroline tonight. Jeremy is really getting that killer look in his eyes. So everyone's moving house. Matt and Jeremy should make good roomies, but things didn't go so well at the Salvatores. Stefan left before it could turn into a bad sitcom. I'm really enjoying his scenes with Caroline, but I'm surprised it took them this long to figure out that Elena is basically Damon's slave.

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- Matt Purvis

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