We All Go A Little Mad Sometimes.

Thursday, November 15th, 2012

Elena battles her hallucinations and winds up coming to a big realization.

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At the Lockwood's, Tyler finds the hybrids drinking. Hayley flirts until Klaus interrupts. He's not happy about what happened to the hunter. Caroline drops off Tyler's stuff. Klaus calls his minions off so the breakup battle can continue uninterrupted. It was all a ruse. Caroline, Tyler and Caroline plot.

Elena shudders in bed and can't sleep. When she goes downstairs, she hallucinates that Connor is there. He taunts her. "You're a ghost," she says, calling for Jer. He grabs her. She stabs him in the neck. Snapping out of it, she realizes she just stabbed her brother. She calls Damon over. Elena paces. She complains about Stefan's betrayal. Damon called him anyway. Elena goes up to shower. Jer comes back to life. Stefan heads after Elena and offers to help. They bicker about Klaus. She doesn't want to talk. She gets in the shower. The water turns to blood. Once she gets dressed, Connor shows up and taunts her again. She runs around the house. Downstairs, Klaus calls. Damon teases his brother. The original says they can find another hunter and shows up at the door. Klaus explains to Stefan that killing a hunter doesn't stop them from making their killer the final kill. He's sure that if they leave Elena on her own, she'll kill herself under torment. Elena runs out. Klaus speeds over and whisks her away. The Salvatores call Bonnie and start asking her about the witches' curse. She offers to talk to the professor.

At school, Jeremy is still seeing the marks. Matt can't see them. April and Shane show up. He's organizing an exhibit and putters off. April asks about Beks again. Later, they go to the professor's lecture. Damon and Bonnie drift in. He trails off to Ric's old room and drinks his booze until Shane and Bonnie arrive. Damon starts quizzing him about the hunter's curse. He says the curse lasts until a new hunter comes to take over. When the prof goes off to get info, Damon calls Jer. He jogs over. They tell him he has to kill a vamp.

Stefan goes to see Tyler and Caroline. They tell him that Hayley taught him to break the sire bond and other hybrids are doing it too, like Chris. They send Caroline off to distract Klaus at The Grill. He assumes she's after her friend but he says he can't let her go. She admits why she's really there and says they've figured out how to stop the hallucinations.

Klaus takes Elena to a hiding place. He tells her that he was tormented by dead hunters for 52 years. He says she should have listened to Stefan. Klaus offers another warning and then has Chris lock her in. Connor shows up to taunt her again. She admits she enjoyed killing him. He pushes her to kill herself. Katherine shows up next. "You miss me?" she asks. She starts mocking her, suggesting she's becoming worse than she ever was. "I was you before you existed," she sneers. Elena lunges at her. Stefan is smuggled in by Chris. She imagines he's Connor and shoves a stake in him before running out. His brother calls. Stefan tells him to track her down and talk her down before she kills herself.

Chris is about to leave the Lockwood's. Klaus shows up and grabs him by the throat for letting Elena go. Hayley takes the blame. As Chris heads for the door, Stefan steps in and stabs him. Jeremy chops off his head. His mark grows. Tyler's shocked.


Elena winds up on the bridge. She stares into the water. Her mom appears and tells her she should have died there last time. Elena drops her ring into the water and then tries talking herself out of it. Her hallucinated mother convinces her that she should be dead. Damon interrupts. "I can't live with myself," she says. He notices her ring is gone. She sees Connor again. He vanishes as the sun starts to come up. As she begins to burn, Damon leaps off the bridge with her. Later, she wakes up in bed. Damon fished out her ring too. Her head feels clear and she thanks him for saving her. They hold hands. He admits that everything Stefan has been doing has only been to help her. There may be a cure for her yet. He heads for The Grill for a drink. Matt tells him he's found out some information about the explosion. He found out that the pastor called the professor ten times on the day of the blast. Meanwhile, Elena apologizes to Stefan for stabbing him. He admits that she trusts his brother in a way that she doesn't trust him. She loves him for wanting to cure her, but the girl that she's become is different. "Something's changed between Damon and me," she explains. He admits that he can't do this anymore.

Caroline goes to Tyler's. He's drinking and complains about how they killed Chris to save Elena. She admits she agreed to go on a date with Klaus in exchange for a hybrid's life. He smashes his bottle. Meanwhile, Bonnie is in Shane's office. He assures her that he is her biggest ally and he is the only one who can help with the new hunter.


Cryptic commentary: As usual, everyone should have listened to Klaus. At least we've seen some friction on the Caroline and Tyler front this week. Elena lurching between good and bad is nice, but I now have the aching suspicion that killer Elena is going to be as much of a drag as goodie-two-shoes Elena was. Something to look forward to: Matt and Damon working together on some level could be fun.

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- Matt Purvis

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