The Killer.

Thursday, November 8th, 2012

Connor takes hostages and Elena takes a life.

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Elena wakes up in bed and writes in her diary about how much she hates becoming a vampire. She's depressed and scared. Damon barges in, looking for his brother. He teases her about their 'dirty dancing' and says she's in a 'shame spiral'.

Connor returns to his RV with a head in a bag. He recalls his chat with Professor Shane about Klaus and the hybrids. Shane asked him to keep Bonnie out of harm's way. Connor wouldn't promise that. He heads over to The Grill and holds a blade to Jer's throat. Meanwhile, Matt is getting the place ready when April bursts in. She's looking for Beks. Connor comes out with Jer. The hunter makes it clear he's there to lure their friends out. He sends them a text to speed it along. April starts to freak out. Jer can't remember anything that Connor keeps alluding to. The hunter shows him the werewolf toxin bombs he's making and explains how his tattoo grows with killing. Matt and April go into the locker. She admits there is something familiar about Connor. He starts to hammer at the bricks over the entrance to the tunnels beneath.

Klaus calls Stefan from Italy and informs him that Connor has escaped with a head so he's got werewolf toxin. He needs the hunter captured alive. They argue about it. Stefan goes to meet his brother, friends and the hybrids. Stefan insists on doing reconnaissance first to avoid walking into a trap. Stefan goes off and calls Klaus to update him and request hybrid help. He checks out The Grill and calls his brother. They bicker. Elena hears Jeremy is there and wants to go over herself. Damon thinks she'll just get herself killed. They throw each other around and she says she needs to get her brother back. Stefan returns and starts bickering with his brother about Klaus. When Damon threatens to kill Connor himself, his brother vervanes him. He insists on doing this his way and promises Elena he will get Jer out. They kiss. He goes out to the woods and calls Connor, telling him that Klaus still wants him alive. He offers to tell him why if he'll release the hostages. Meanwhile, Damon wakes up. His brother took his daylight ring so he's stuck. He guesses Stefan is working with Klaus. Elena decides to go herself. Damon tells her to make sure she gets close and kills Connor.


Bonnie meets with Shane in his office. They have tea and he wants to put her under hypnosis. She doesn't think that will ever work. They do it for seven hours. He prompts her to light a candle with magic, telling her that she doesn't need to be afraid of anyone. She lights all the candles in the room.

Caroline goes to Tyler's and meets Hayley. They're not friendly. "I don't do teen drama," Hayley groans. Meanwhile, Tyler and hybrid Dean argue about following Klaus' orders. Dean challenges him to call Klaus. Ty does. Klaus starts teasing him about Hayley. Caroline hears this of course. Tyler plods off. Caroline looks heartbroken. Dean heads to The Grill and Klaus calls to repeat his order to keep the hunter alive. Inside, Connor gives Jeremy a lecture about killing. They hear Dean coming. When he enters, he trips the bomb. Nails and venom fly into his face. Once he's on his knees, Connor blows his chest out. Stefan has slipped in the back. Connor starts taking shots. Stefan offers him a deal. Elena bursts in. She begs for her brother. Connor isn't sympathetic. Stefan distracts him long enough for Elena to leap at the hunter. As he goes down, he shoots Jer in the side. Stefan drags him to cover before the bomb goes off. The hunter throws Elena down and is about the kill her when Stefan speeds over and drags him away. Later, Elena has a hard time looking at her bloody brother. He tells her about being able to see the hunter's mark. It becomes clear that someone has been compelling him to forget things and she guesses who it was.

In the tunnels, Stefan is dragging Connor along when Damon comes out from the septic tank. They start arguing over killing the hunter. Stefan lets hims captive run and then Damon tries to rip his brother's heart out. Stefan confesses about the cure. Damon backs off. Down the tunnel, Elena catches Connor. After she bites him, he stabs her. She snaps his neck. Later, the brothers find her burying him in the woods. She confronts Stefan for working with Klaus. "I killed someone," she begins repeating to herself in tears. That evening at the Salvatore house, Stefan catch Damon reading his diary. They agree it's better not to let Elena know she killed her last chance at being human. Stefan still has hope and wants to search for the other hunters. Damon asks him if he can still love Elena as a vampire. Stefan says he'll always love her, but she's not supposed to be a vampire. "I'm fine with her ether way," Damon says. If he helps, it will only be to help his brother. Across town, Elena writes in her diary that she has lost herself. Blood begins dripping from the ceiling. She follows it into the bathroom where 'killer' is written on the mirror is blood. This is hallucination.


Back at Tyler's, Caroline walks in on him hugging Hayley over Dean's death. Hayley wanders off. Caroline lectures Ty. He says that Hayley saved his life but nothing else happened between them. They want to help other hybrids and they can't do that if Klaus knows what's really between them. Meanwhile, April and Matt meet up with Jer. They're all disoriented. Jer gives her a vervane bracelet as she goes. As he and Matt walk off, Jer sees a tattoo on his hand.


Cryptic commentary: That was an action filled episode, although it felt a bit disjointed. Did they really need to drop that Bonnie stuff in the middle of everything. Poor Caroline. I'm not so sure I totally believe what Tyler told her. I'm looking forward to seeing her in some scenes with April though. They should have an interesting dynamic. There were a few nice bits between the brothers. Especially at the end. But I'm not looking forward to this emo-Elena trip that seems to be in the works. And since Jeremy seems to have this hunter curse, I'm guessing double-emo.

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- Matt Purvis

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